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{ ..Caught In The Act…}


By, Emery Princess J.









“Time starts now baby girl” She smirked, playing
with her phone.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Aneesa laughed historically for the second time
since Axel was releasing jokes.

“Nah, I’m not” She said,still laughing so hard as
they both licked from the ice cream.

“Of course, you’re chubby” He said with a
chuckle and she laughed.

“Stop it I’m not” She said, trying to look serious
but she ended up laughing again.

“I love chubby girls tho” He shrugged and she
stopped laughing, staring at him.

“Okay” She smiled and licked from her vanilla

“Hey man, here’s your change” The ice cream
seller said, giving Axel back his change.

“Thanks” Axel winked at him and he smiled.

Throughout their stroll, those walking around
couldn’t help but take a thorough look at them
most especially Axel.

“Was he this cute?” A woman asked.

“He’s so cute ahswear” Another woman replied.

“I’ve been meaning to ask. Where are your
parents Aneesa? What made you come to
VCSU?” Axel suddenly asked and She stopped
licking from her cone.

“Well, it’s a long story” She muttered, looking
gloomy and Axel sat upright.

“I’m all ears” He smiled at her and she sighed.

“What I know is that, I never grew up with my
mom. My dad doesn’t stay around this country.
We live in France and I came here as a transfer
student. My dad once mentioned to me that I
was a twin but till date I haven’t even see or
know how my twin would look like” She replied,
trying to hide her sad expression.

“You aren’t from America? You don’t know who
your mom is? And you have a twin?” He asked,
trying to process all what she just told him.

“Yunno what, let’s just go. I might I’ve said too
much” She quickly said and stood up.

“Aneesa…” He trailed off.

“Let’s go” She forced out a smile. He nodded
once before standing up too and they walked to
where his car was parked.

They both hopped in before zooming away.



After hanging up on the call, Samira fidgeted a
little before turning back only to see Lyric
behind her.

“Ahh! You scared me!” She exclaimed
shockingly and Lyric laughed.

“Okay back to base. Who was that earlier? I
clearly remembered you mentioning your
mom?” Lyric said and Samira smiled nervously.

“No that was my aunt. She only called to ask
how I was doing” Samira lied and Lyric nodded,
observing her.


“It’s okay then. C’mon Blackpink is up next” Lyric
said excitedly as they rushed to the living room.

“Huh? Really?” Samira smiled. Truly,the
Blackpink were up next on the TV show there
were performing one of their songs on stage.

“Lisa!!!!” Lyric screamed and Samira laughed.

“Rose is my bias!!!” Samira screamed back.



“What’s up Quincy? You’ve been pacing around
for a while now what’s wrong?” Both Neon and
Emma asked at a time.

Quincy could be seen walking go to and fro,
stamping her feet on the ground angrily.

“Quincy?” Emma called again.

“Gosh! I hate her!! I so much damn hate her!”


“That @sshole bîtch pretending to be innocent
when she’s just a slut!” Quincy said, clenching
her fist and jaw fiercely.

“Lemme guess,Aneesa or Samira?” Neon asked
and Quincy smirked.

“She’s just ruining all my plans! I f**king hate
her!!!” Quincy screamed angrily.

“Chillax girl, we can still cool off you don’t have
to waste your time thinking on that half horse-
half human” Emma said with a smirk and
Quincy slowly turned to her.

“You’re right. Let’s do our fun”

“Neon… Call five boy students of VCSU. We’re
gonna have them all to ourselves” Quincy
smirked and Neon smiled as she put a call
through them.

“Five boys? Isn’t that too much Quincy?” Emma
asked, surprised.

“You’ll take one,Neon takes one while I’ll handle
three” Quincy winked sexily at her and Emma

Within a minute, Quincy’s clothes were already
off. She was starked naked and sane goes to
her minions.

They smiled when they heard their dorm door
squeaked as five tall guys walked in.

“What do we have to offer again?” One asked,
smirking at Quincy who was already fingering

“This” She gestured her p**Sy towards them.

“Horny thing” The other one said, spanking
Emma’s bûtt.

“F**k!” Emma moaned.

“I’m grabbing this one” She said and took the
guy who spanked her to her room.

Neon did the same and took a guy to her room
and moans could already be heard.

Quincy and the rest of the three guys was only
left to handle the room.

“Get on the floor and widen your legs!” One said,
authoritatively and Quincy immediately get on
the floor as she widened her legs so wide
making the whole view of her wide hole show
towards the three guys.

She smirked, licking her lips sexily as her left
hands went down her hole and she inserted her
fingers into herself.

“Ohh….” She moaned in ecstasy.

“Bitch!” The third guy spat. He was the first to
walk closer to her. He knelt down and started
removing his belt and immediately his huge
d*ck pounced out.

“So wide” The second one said and took off his
trousers too,his whole length coming to view

Quincy smiled secretly as she brought out her
fingers before taking it back to her mouth,
licking off her juices.

“F**k me as you like. I don’t care” She muttered

She grabbed the first one c*ck on inserted it into
her mouth from behind as the other one worked
on her p**sy.

As if she wasn’t wide enough,they both widened
her legs again as if trying to split her into two
and the third guy began screwing her so hard.
The wetness of her p**Sy sounding inside the


“Yeah_right there**”

“F**k it!”

“Screw me like that!”

“Faster* H_der!”

The guy fûcked her deeply and fastly but that
wasn’t enough for her. She removed his d*ck
from her hole and gestured the other one to
come closer.

“The two of you, I want you both c*cks in me at
once” She replied and widened it more for them
as she returned back to the blowjob she was
giving the first one.

Instantly,the two guys plunged directly into her,
tearing her up like a well and she was forced to
scream out since their i*ches were so long and

“Ahhh!! Don’t stop please!”

She moaned out, despite the pains she was
feeling mixed with pleasure.

They continued banging her just the way she
wants it and she gave the complete blowjob
and the guy continued groaning.

“I’m gonna make you mine alone Drew
Leonardo. Just mark my words”

“I’m gonna do everything to make you crawl
back to me. You’re mine forever Drew!” She said
in her mind.




After having a long day with Axel, Aneesa finally
got back to her dormitory.

She hesitated a little before walking inside to
meet the silent as a graveyard house. What
shone in the dorm was only the lights and fans.

“Where’s Drew? No party?” She muttered aloud.
She dropped her jacket on the kitchen table
before going to his room but she couldn’t find
him anywhere.

“Where’s he?” She thought.

She made to call him but his line says switched
off so she decided to call Cisco since Nicole
and her weren’t in good terms.

“Cisco!” She called when he finally picked up.

“Hello Aneesa” Cisco said from the other side.

“Where’s Drew? He isn’t back yet why?” She
rushed her words.

“I thought he told you. I’m not sure if he’d be
coming back to the dorm tonight. He decided to
stay over at the club” He replied.


“What club?” She asked.

“Frat Club” He replied and She sighed.

“Thanks” She said and hang up.

She couldn’t get her mind straight knowing he
wasn’t gonna be by her side tonight. She doesn’t
even know what she fells anymore but she
knows was that she has to get in touch with

“Frat Club” She muttered.



Aneesa got into the clubhouse only to be
welcomed by the booming music coming from
the loud speakers and the lights from the disco

She walked fully,her eyes taking a wide tour
round the huge range of people. People were
already having a good time with their lovers
while some were already having s*x but she
care less as she continued walking.

“Damn! Where the hell is he?”

She was about turning to other angle when she
suddenly bumped into Nicole. She was already
looking half drunk and holding unto a guy who
was beside her.

“Watch it neesa!” She snapped at her and
Aneesa rolled her eyes.

“Where’s Drew?” She asked instead.

“Don’t ask me. I don’t care” Nicole replied and
swayed away with the guy who was already
preparing her with kisses.

“Thought she was Dylan’s girlfriend?” Aneesa
thought before continuing her eye search for

She walked to the other angle which was little
bit darker than the outside. She Mets dozen of
couples and sl*ts already having fun with their
partners. Her eyes fell on the person she has
been looking for… Drew.

He was already half drunk but still was still
drinking even after taking ten shots.

“Drew!” Aneesa exclaimed when she saw him
and she rushed to meet him on the small couch.

He turned to look at her for a while then a
smiled out before returning back to have
another shot of vodka liquor.

“That’s enough” She said and snatched the
drink away from him.

“Hey give that back” He said, trying to grab it
from her.

She placed the vodka liquor on the table and
cupped his face in her palms.

“Andrew…” She called slowly and he stared at
her pouting out his lips,his eyes glistening under
the disco balls.

“It’s funny how I love my full name on your lips
more than anyone else” He muttered,his eyes
falling on her lips.

Aneesa gulped hard and tried moving back from
him but he was quick to grab her waist, holding
one of her hands as he slammed his lips on

The kiss wasn’t rough this time but a gentle
one. He didn’t even have to bite her lips as she
gave into him and he slide his tongue into her at
once making her taste the vodka he drank.

“Drew…” She moaned his name,her hands
moving to his neck.

Even in his drunk state, his kisses were still so
hot and sweet. He savaged her mouth with
thrusts of kiss earning moans from her as she
tried to meet his pace.

“Oh Drew…” She moaned again when he slide
his tongue deep into her throat, making them
exchange spits.

His hands moved to the gown she was wearing,
his hands moving underneath and immediately
they came in contact with her thighs,she

She was suddenly feeling eccentric knowing he
was moving into her region but it was damn so
hard to stop him from his touches.

“You don’t how much you make me go crazy”
He mumbled into the kiss and she swallowed
his words and she smiled into the kiss.

His hands drifted to the pant she was wearing
and he was already rubbing the surface of her
walls from the pant.

“Ahh” She gasped and Drew broke the long
addictive kiss to stare at her.

Their hot breath fanning on their face as they
stared at each other,eyes mixing with pleasures.
They both want pleasures and they knew it.

He continued rubbing her region and that’s the
more she moaned for him,his eyes not leaving
her lips a second.

She bit her lips hard when her eyes met with him
again and she threw her head backwards due to
what he was doing to her.


He suddenly withdraw his hands and her eyes
flew open as she stared at him.

“Why did you stop?” She asked without thinking.

“Do you want this? I won’t be able to stop if I
loose it and I don’t wanna hurt you” He

“I’m ready Drew… I’m badly horny. Besides you
out me in this state you can’t leave me hanging”
She replied and he chuckled.

“You’re fragile…” He mumbled.

“You said what?” She asked.

“Nothing” He said and crashed his lips on her



Aneesa had just finished wearing her clothes.
She grabbed her notebooks before walking out
of her room.

She flinched when she Drew standing in front of
her door, fully dressed.

“Good morning” They both said at once and
Drew chuckled.

“Off to classes?”He asked and she nodded.

“Too bad I’m not coming” He said and She
quickly looked at him.

“Why?” She asked and he smiled.

“I’m going over to the studio today” He replied
and age smiled sadly. Though,her expression
said otherwise which he really saw.

“About last night…” He trailed and before he
could blink again Aneesa stood on her toes and
kissed him.

She broke the kiss but almost immediately he
pulled her back and kissed her more deeply.

His lips was her addiction, his mouth was
something to be addicted and she knew she
was already going insane for him.

Her hands fingered his hair as they kissed
madly. She didn’t even know when her room
door opened and they began moving back
inside her room to her bed.

He suddenly pressed her soft breast and she
burst into a loud moan which made his d*ck
stood at attention immediately.

“Press me please” She whispered into the kiss
and he smirked before pressing her b**bs again.

“Mhm…” She moaned.

“Have anyone touched you before?” He asked in
-between the kiss.

“No” She replied adding to the kissing pace.

“Why not?” He asked again.

“I don’t like it especially guys” She replied and he

“But I’m a guy…” He whispered on her lips and
She kissed him again,her hands clutching on his

“Because I want you…” She said senselessly and
he instantly broke the kiss.

“F**king say that word again” He said, biting his
lower lips hard as he bent to plant kisses on her


“You are surely not going for lectures today…”
He trailed off.

“I want you ultimate partier” She whispered into
his hearing and stood properly to glance at her.

He brought out a smile before…

<><><><>TBC ✎<><><><>

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