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{ .. Caught In The Act…}


By, Emery Princess J.










She glanced back at Drew only to find him
already sinking into the couch.


“Drew… What’re you doing?” Aneesa stuttered in

“It’s like what you said. I don’t know you well
enough to speak for you so I’m letting you
decide for yourself” Drew shrugged.

“I… Can’t do this” Aneesa interjected feeling

“I’m surprised. C’mon let’s get out of here” Drew
said, trying to cover up with a smile.

She followed Drew out only to meet Nicole,Dylan
and Cisco already grabbing their things.

“Wait, you’re leaving?” She asked.

“,Yeah, it’s a first night in campus and you know
the usual part night. We call it Tour De Frat and
it’s lit!” Cisco replied, happily.

Nicole pumped Cisco and Dylan out of the door,
Aneesa hesitated and turned back to see Drew
holding out his hand to you.

“The part isn’t for you and I know you’re already
tired. Let’s go out” He said and Aneesa nodded



Aneesa woke up with bleary eyes and found
herself on a couch of a dorm room. She stood
up properly only to see a table in front of her
with a sticky note on a cup of coffee.

“Thank God it’s still hot” Aneesa smiled not
bothering if the coffee might be poisoned, she
took the note reading as she took a sip.

MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME” She read aloud.

“Thanks to Nicole” She smiled. She quickly
scanned the living room and kitchen before
going to poem the nearest bedroom.

Her eyes widened with her mouth when she ran
directly into Drew who was only in his towel,
hanging impossibly low around his waist,
revealing the deep hip muscles.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,Aneesa”
Drew smirked, teasingly and she gulped.

Seconds later, a room door slammed closed as
Nicole came into them.

“Oh, good! You’re both here. Aneesa, Drew. Say
hello to your new roommate” Nicole smiled.

Aneesa looked back and forth between Drew
and Nicole as if they just landed from space.

“Nicole,what do you mean Drew us my
roommate?” Aneesa asked in shock.

“I mean, he’s a guy. Can the housing department
even do that?” She continued.

“Townsend wasn’t kidding when he said there
weren’t any rooms left and in emergencies like
this, roommate are mandated to house
residents” Nicole said.

“Drew! You let me take off your clothes in the
entire school in the org fair!” Aneesa said.

“That isn’t an orgy… That’s just how we party in
VCSU” Drew replied.



After having the first lectures of the day in
VCSU, Aneesa made her through the crowded
hallway as she rushed back to her dormitory
when she mistakenly bumped into a guy
making her books fall.

“Oh! I’m sorry” The guy quickly apologized,
helping her pick the books.

“It’s okay” Aneesa smiled, taking the book from
him as she stared at him.

“Axel Braun!!?” Aneesa eyes blinked repeatedly
and he let out a low chuckle.

👥 Damn! That’s Axel Braun!!!

👥He attends VCSU too??

👥Heard his song is at the top stream in New
York and Australia!

👥A model and a singer is of course something
to be proud off!

“Hi” His gentle voice melts into Aneesa’s heart
just like how he speaks on TV shows.

“H-Hi” Aneesa waved back shyly. Her eyes not
leaving his smiling face.

“I’m your biggest fan… But of course Andrew
Lustre is also my top too. I’ve never seen or
heard your voice in reality before.” She rushed
her words and Austin chuckled.

“Steady girl” He said in an angelic voice. He was
well known for his melodious voice among his
band. The artist with vocals.

Before she could reply, The rest A3 came in
through the hallway and the screams went

👥 Austin!!!!

👥 Abigail!!!

👥 Adrian!!!

“C’mon man, we need to go find our dorm”
Adrian said, brushing past them.

“Adrian Rodgers! Abigail Mac! Austin Miller!”
Aneesa called them one by one. Alex threw her a
wink while Abigail and Aaron just ignored her.

“See you later sexy” Austin winked hotly at her
as he walked away with his group.

“Gosh. They are so cute!” Aneesa blushed as
she rushed out of school.



Aneesa finally got back to the dorm after Drew’s
absence from school. She turned and made to
question Drew only to see him still in his towel.

“Drew! Why are you still naked!?” She half yelled
at him. Her gaze shifted over his bare chest and
abs to his muscular thighs and the huge bulge
just below his towel.

“Do you always walk around in nothing but a
towel!?” She fired at him.

“Considering this place was all mine until you
showed up. You’re even lucky I’m wearing this
much” He said and smirked, naughtily.

“Well since it’s our place now, I feel like we
should set some ground rules” Aneesa replied to

“No walking around the dorm in the nude. No
using the bathroom for personal activities. No

“Why am I starting to feel like I should call you
headmistress?” Drew interrupted her.

“Don’t joke, I’m serious!” She fired at him.

Drew stepped closer to her, reaching out as if he
was trying to comfort her but Aneesa pulled
away, crossing her arms under her b**bs.

“I came to VCSU to finally have a real shot at
becoming a director. I can’t afford to get
distracted again Drew!” Aneesa said. He went
closer to her as he brought the warmth of his
body and the fresh smell of his body soap

“I know I was trying to help but that isn’t the end
of the world” He spoke.

“No? Last night you were a guy who I kissed at
a party and now you’re my roommate. How are
yiu casual about that!?” Aneesa asked.

“Casual isn’t a weird thing. We just had fun and
we moved on and for your record, I never kissed
you” He replied and Aneesa felt a wave of hurt
flush through her.

“Of course you did,you stole the lime off my
mouth last night” She replied,with a low chuckle.

“Kisses are personal, sensual. That was part of
the game. Trust me,if I kissed you for real, you’d
know it” Drew replied with a serious look and
Aneesa nodded awkwardly.

His eyes strayed to her lips and she swallowed
heavily as she fought the urge to squirm before
his eyes went back to her gaze.

He immediately stood up and went to his room
and soon, he came back with a paper .

“A roommate agreement?” She asked and he
nodded once.

“Basically,yes. It’s a list of mutually agreed of
rules for living together. And I think the first
should be no snitching” He replied.

“We keep all our secrets a secret… Agreed?” He

“Agreed” Aneesa nodded.

“Then it’s official, what else did you have in
mind?” He asked as his thighs grazed hers and
something stirred deep inside her so warm and

“It wasn’t just a part. Drew is a big distraction. I
need to make sure we keep our distance”
Aneesa thought in her mind.

She quickly pulled away from him and grab a
pen from the coffee table.

“Ahem! No touching starting now,you and I don’t
come into any physical contact” She addressed.

“I know I’m self proclaimed shameless flirt like a
jerk, but do you really think I can’t control
myself?” He said.

“It’s not you. It’s just easier to remove
temptation and no drinking” Aneesa said and

“So you plan is to behave like holy Mary in
Naomi Cindy’s story and pretend you like any of
the things you clearly do?” Drew asked, flashing
a brow at her inquisitively.

“I don’t know who this Naomi Cindy is not the
holy Mary you’re talking about it’s just called
discipline” She rolled her eyes at him.

“Infact….” He trailed off, picking a pen and
started something on the paper and Aneesa
raised her hair high up above his shoulders to
read it.

“Roommate should expect overnight guests at
least three times a week! I’m not agreeing to
that!” She half yelled and he slide his eyes to
her, smirking in amusement like an invitation in
his gaze.

“Well, it’s a contract and I’m not asking for your
opinion” Drew snapped at her.

“Fine. As long as you uphold to ‘No Touching’
rule, I’ll deal” She replied to him. Aneesa grabbed
her pen and made to scribble her name but he
held her hands.

“Hey,I didn’t mean it that way, here’s is your
suite too” Drew said, looking concerned and for
a moment,they locked eyes together but it was
cut short by a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it” Aneesa said and hurriedly went for the

She opened the door to find a teen damsel
standing outside. Her left rubbing her hair as
she chewed her gum sexily.


“Uh… Who are you and what are you doing
here?” Aneesa asked her.

“You don’t have to whisper. I’m Drew’s girlfriend”
The girl replied, flaunting her hair bitchily at
Aneesa’s face. Aneesa swallowed hard as Drew
appeared behind her and suddenly his
willingness to stay in the towel began to make
sense to her.

“Oh. I forgot to mention. Aneesa, meet my
girlfriend, Quincy” Drew introduced Quincy who
forced a smile and Aneesa was forced to nod
her head.

“Hey Aneesa, mind making yourself scarce for
few hours?” He asked, grabbing Quincy’s waist.

“Actually,I still need to go to class and…” Before
Aneesa could finish, Quincy leaned into Drew
and whispered something in his ear and before
Aneesa knew it,they were going back to his
bedroom. With a sigh, Aneesa nodded.

Drew’s bedroom door closed and the next thing
that followed was series of feverish moans.

“Mhm… Drew!”

Aneesa opened and closed her eyes as she
rushed out.



After unpacking their things and luggages,
Adrian was the first to jump on the couch.

“Finally! America we’re back!” Adrian, the player
of the band exclaimed, happily.

“Australia was so stressful” Abigail sighed,
getting her nail brush. She sat on the chair
across the huge mirror and began applying her

Austin took a pillow and threw it on Adrian’s
body and he quickly jerked up.

“Go take a bath dummy!” Austin rolled his eyes
at him and Adrian scoffed, unbuttoning the first
three buttons of his shirt.

“Bad boys don’t smell” He replied and Axel rolled
eyes with him.

“C’mon jerk! We all know that is a lie” Axel said,
pushing his long hair back and they all nodded
except Adrian.

“Keep your long hair to yourself stop
showcasing it for us Axel” Austin replied with
jealousy in his voice.

“Just say you’re jealous I’m so hot” Axel joked
sliting a laugh as Austin scoffed.

“VCSU girls will still allow me fûck their p**sies”
Adrian shrugged and Axel laughed.

“I should I have told Manager Kim to threw off
when we landed on Australia so we won’t have
to bring you back” Austin said and Adrian gave
him the middle finger.

“At least I’m better than Axel who’s a gay!”
Adrian defended himself. His eyes landed on
Axel who was already glaring daggers at him.

“I told you, I’m not a gay! I’m a straight guy for
Christ sake!” Axel yelled.

“Then when are you going to get a girlfriend?
Since I’ve known you you aren’t interested in a
girl!” Adrian asked.

“Close your mouth Adrian” Austin cut in.

“Says a boy who’s ex broke up with on his
birthday night” Adrian rolled his eyes and Austin
threw him his bathroom slippers this time

“Where did you see date a girl in the holy bible?”
Axel immediately said. Austin and Abigail
groaned and quickly stood up at the same time
as they rushed their room when they knew
what’s next to come.

“Please… Don’t start with your Bible verses”
Adrian pouted but it was too late.

“And the lord took Moses into Egypt to save his
people. He didn’t say Moses should go find a
girlfriend in Egypt….” Axel began preaching.

Adrian immediately stood up from the couch
and ran into the bathroom and Axel went with
him.. right inside.

“And the lord said… Adrian! Don’t chase Moses
into finding a girlfriend!” Axel said into Adrian
ear’s. Adrian was already shivering as he heard
the bible verse of Axel.

“AXEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He screamed out, rushing out
of the bathroom with wet clothes to his room.

Axel came out of the bathroom, laughing his
@ss out on the floor.



Aneesa could no longer pay attention to the
teachings in class as she walked to her best
friend’s dormitory.

Samira just finished with her laundry while her
roommate was helping with the kitchen
preparation for meal.

Aneesa knocked once before opening the door
only to meet Samira’s roomie coming out from
the kitchen.

“Oh, Hi Aneesa.” The Chubby blondie girl waved
with a smile.

“Wait,you know my name?” Aneesa asked,
dropping her pair if two books on the small
couch as Samira broke out of the laundry room.

“Of course. Just yesterday and Samira told me
much about you. I’m Lyric” Lyric said.

“I bet you are as crazy as her” Aneesa said,
pointing at Samira and Lyric laughed.

“Trust me,our energy matches” Lyric said and
Aneesa chuckled.

“Tell me, you found a roomie right?” Samira
finally asked and Aneesa turned to her.

“Yea, a guy.” Aneesa pouted.

“Who?” Lyric asked.

“Drew Leonardo/ Lustre” Aneesa replied and
Samira immediately stood up, attentively.

“Andrew Lustre! The popular masked singer in
America before the A4 band!?” Samira
questioned with excitement.

“I knew I shouldn’t have tell you. You’re still
having a crush on him since highschool”
Aneesa rolled her eyes.

“C’mon gurl. Drew is everybody’s crush when it
comes to VCSU!” Lyric replied.

“Then why the hell do you seem frustrated that
he’s your roomie. I mean, you should by now
score him into your net! Gosh babe, let’s just
change our dorm right now!” Samira said,
beaming with happiness.

“He’s a jerk Samira! Trust me, you won’t wanna
end up with a baddie!” Aneesa snapped at her.

“You say Baddie? Dating a baddie is the
sweetest when it comes to romance. I badly
need to see Drew Lustre” Samira blushed cutely.

“Could you believe he wore towel throughput
today in the dorm? We even made ground rules!
And now he brought his so-called girlfriend to
fûck with in the same dormitory!” Aneesa

“You’re jealous?” Lyric asked.

“No way!” Aneesa quickly answered.

“Oh.. he has a babe?” Samira asked as her face

“Yeah, Quincy Armstrong. VCSU number one
female favorite” Lyric answered.

“No after I just met with the A4 band in school
today!” Aneesa broke the news with excitement.

“The A4 are back!? Thought they were out of the
country for a concert?” Lyric said.

“That’s what I thought too until I saw Axel Braun
in front of me!” Aneesa said and Samira
shrugged feeling uninterested.

“Just as how Drew has always been Samira’s
high school crush, that’s just how Austin has
been my highschool crush too” She continued.

“Drew is the handsomest tho” Samira suddenly

“No way. Axel is the hottest!” Aneesa fired at

“Andrew is the hottest and handsomest!” Samira

“No! Axel is the sexiest, hottest and
handsomest!” Aneesa argued.

“Andrew is the sexiest, hottest, handsomest and
cutest!” Samira argued.

“Axel is the heir to sexiness, handsomeness and
cuteness!” Aneesa argued again and Lyric just
watched them intently.

“Truly, vawulence is dah key!” Lyric muttered,
shaking her head repeatedly as the two friends
continued their arguments.



Seeing the night wasn’t getting any younger and
curfew almost place at every dorms, Aneesa
barged into her dorm only to be welcomed by
music blasting and half crowd of people
partying their@ss out.

And in the middle of the center of the living
room, caught in the middle of a toast to the
party goers…. Drew.

“I may be your roomie but that doesn’t mean we
can’t still party right?” Drew said, shining his
white set of teeth as he dance to the tunes of
the hip hop music. It was one of his songs
playing “TWILIGHT LOVE ”by Andrew Lustre.

“This going to be harder than I thought” Aneesa
muttered,her butt landing on the tiles of the

<><><><>TBC ✎<><><><>

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