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{.. Caught In The Act…}


By, Emery Princess J.









“This going to be harder than I thought” Aneesa
muttered,her butt landing on the tiles of the

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Her face boiled with rage as she fumed to the
extent of blowing up any moment. She stood
and walked straight to the middle where Andrew
was dancing with his friends. She jacked him
from behind and started taking it out.

“Hey! Hey!” Drew called coldly as he got himself
off from her grip and turned to face her. The
music blasting in the living room.

“Tell this motherf*ckers to leave this dorm right
now!” Aneesa half yelled at him.

“Don’t you love parties? It’s cool yunno” He said,
rubbing his temple as his eyes collided with

She hissed, pushing him off as she walked to
where the music was booming from. The Mp
player and switched it off.

“Hey, we’re just starting to enjoy!” Dylan said
and Aneesa scoffed.

“Party time is over. Everyone ascend you to your
dorms” She said, rushing to open the door for

They all grumbled and groaned as they partied
their way out of the dormitory.

“Where’s Francisco?” Aneesa asked when she
couldn’t see him.

“Oh, he went on a date” Dylan said and laughed.

“Just shut up” Nicole rolled her eyes with a

“With who?” Aneesa asked.

“With his girlfriend again” Drew said and
scoffed silently.

“And why are you laughing about that?” She
asked again staring at the three pals.

“You won’t understand. Cisco is a lover boy and
girls are his weakness” Dylan said.

“Just go out. It’s late” Aneesa told them. Nicole
eyed her for a minute before walking out.

“Catch you later sexy” Dylan winked at her and
Drew shot him a glare. Aneesa saw it and
giggled silently. He was glaring at Dylan till he
went out.

“I can’t believe you’d turn our dorm to a party
ground!” Aneesa faced Drew.

“Gosh, enough of the nagging” He groaned,
going to sit on the couch.

“Oh, I’m nagging now? Fine, goodnight!” She
shot angrily and went straight to her room.

Drew ruffled his hair in frustration as he went to
her room but it was locked from inside.

“Hey,open up” He said softly.

“Goodnight Drew!” She said from inside.

From her voice,Drew could sense that she was
angry with him partying around when it’s
supposed to be private. He stood there for a
while before going back to his room.



After eating the freshly cooked pasta sauce,
Drew checked his wristwatch for the umpteenth
time. He was waiting patiently for Aneesa to
show up but she still wouldn’t get out of her

He was fully prepared for class but he couldn’t
leave till he sees her face. He bit his lips hard as
he went for her room.

He didn’t bother to knock as he entered into her
room fully. His eyes widened as he saw her
clothes lying freely on the ground but she was
absent. He heard the sounds of water from the
bathroom and he knew she was bathing.

His eyes flipped through the clothes lying on the
floor and it caught a net pant. He smirked as he
picked it up.

“So she does wear bitchy pants as well” He
muttered with a chuckle.

“What are you doing?” Her voice broke I to his
ears as he quickly stood up straight to glance at

His eyes roamed her body in the towel she was
wearing,her hair so wet that they stick to her
face till his eyes met with hers.

They were both staring at each other like the
world revolves only around them.

“You own this?” Drew broke the suffocating
silence and Aneesa’s eyes widened in shame as
she saw the pant in his hands.

“What… What are you doing with that?” She shot
him a hard glare and he smirked.

“Nothing” He shrugged.

“Gimme that!” She made to take it from him but
he raised his hand up,much higher than her
height. Her hands on his chest.

“Gimme back Andrew!!” She yelled at him.

“Get it if you can and by the way, your pant
smells nice. I love your scent!” He whispered to
her and suddenly she could feel her heart
skipped a beat.

“That’s an offence Drew! Give me back. I’m late
for class!” She shouted at him.

“And how funny I was waiting for you to show
up”He said and finally released her underwear
to her.

“F*ck you!” She gave him the middle finger as
she went to her dressing table.

He stood still placing his hands in his pockets
as he watched her.

“Go out jerk! Will you watch me dress in front of
you!?” She fired at him and he shrugged.

“It’s not bad if I watch you dress up” He
muttered to her hearing and she scoffed.

“Just get out!!” She half yelled and this time,he
went closer to her.

“Yunno I could give you more reason to scream
and shout my name” He whispered into her. His
dark hot eyes met with hers in the mirror. His
mint breath fanning her neck as she gasped

“D-Drew” She stuttered his name. His right hand
wrapped around her thin waist and his left hand
went for her towel. He was about pulling it off
but he stopped himself as he stood a distance
away from her.

Aneesa could feel herself squirm, her walls
clenched in anticipation as she glared at him
from the mirror view.

“Why is he this tempting?” She mumbled under
her breath.

“Dress up. You don’t wanna be late” He said that
and walked out of her room, giving her some



Aneesa rushed past the crowded hallway,
making her way through the crowd as she
searched for her phone in her backpack.

“Where did I drop my phone?” She muttered as
she searched for it while walking until she
bumped into a shoulder,her back falling down in
the process.

“Can’t you watch where you’re going?” The first
one said, arrogantly. Aneesa picked up her bag
slowly, recognizing the voice and she stood up
straight and it was Quincy (Drew’s girlfriend )

“Sorry” Was all muttered as she made to walk
away but another arm pulled her back. She was
skinny so it was easy to pull her back.

“I guess you’re the newbie everyone is talking
about stays with Andrew” Emma, Quincy’s
friend said, chewing her gum sexily.

“And apologize!” Neon, the shortest one also
said. Aneesa glared at them one after the other

“I’m late for class and I don’t have time for you
guys nonsense” She hissed and Quincy gasped.

Aneesa made to Walk away again but this time,
Quincy held her hair and began pulling her back.

“Ahh! Let me go!” Aneesa cried out. By now, the
students of VCSU were already taking videos
and pictures of what was happening. Some
were even posting it on the school blog.
#Quincy and the newbie in a hot fist.

Aneesa angrily held back Quincy’s hair and
Quincy screamed out as she quickly let go of

“Don’t mess with me!” Aneesa spat at her face
as she walked out on Emma and Neon.


The first lecture was over as some of the
students were retreating to the cafeteria but
Aneesa chose to stay back.

She was so engulfed in her reading that she
didn’t know when Adrian came in with a female
student. He was smooching, kissing and
rubbing the girl’s huge @ss as he sat on a desk.

“Mhm… Ouch!” The girl moaned softly when he
squeezed her boobs hard and Aneesa was
forced to raised her head up.

“Adrian!” She exclaimed and he quickly broke
the kiss to glance through the back.

“Oh hi” He winked at her and Aneesa rolled her

“Can’t you both get a place instead of here?”
She said.

“We found here empty so we came here. Don’t
act holy. If you’re aren’t comfortable with us
then just find your way out” He replied and
focused back on the b**ch.

He placed her on the desk and widened her legs
as she wasn’t putting on any underwear.

Aneesa felt irritated as she watched him finger
the b**ch in her presence.

“I never expected VCSU girls to be this cheap”
She muttered, standing up as she walked out of
the class.

She was still walking through the hallway when
she started hearing cheers and murmurs from
the student.

🗣️Is the rumor true? Axel Braun is gonna be
holding a welcome concert from Australia?

🗣️ Not only him but his whole band!!!

🗣️F**k I can’t wait! Let’s go get our tickets!!

🗣️ Happening tonight by 7pm!!

“A concert?” Aneesa muttered when she heard
the students murmur.

“Hey, girl! Going for the concert tonight?” She
heard a voice from behind and she turned to see
Lyric grinning at her.

“I don’t know. I haven’t gotten any ticket” Aneesa
pouted as they went for their lockers.

“Before I forget,I can clearly remember you
saying Axel Braun is your favorite singer.” Lyric
chuckled and Aneesa giggled, inserting her
notepads inside her locker.

“Apparently yes” Aneesa nodded.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you bestie!!”
Samira exclaimed happily when she saw
Aneesa with Lyric.

“Hey, don’t try steal my bestie away from me”
Samira said as her face turned serious.

“Whatever” Lyric rolled her eyes.

“Heard about the concert?” Samira asked and
Aneesa nodded.

“Lemme guess, you haven’t bought your ticket?”
Samira laughed and Aneesa rolled her eyes.

“This is the third time you’ve been missing your
favorite artist show! You only watch him online
but not in live performance ” Samira smirked at

“C’mon Samira. Don’t mock her” Lyric said and
hit Samira’s arm playfully.

“You’re boring” Aneesa scoffed angrily and
brushed past them.

“Hey,hold up! I was just joking!” Samira ran after
her with Lyric.

“Why is she so mad?” Lyric asked, trying to
catch her breath as they kept on running.

“Guess she’s having mood swings” Samira
shrugged,still running after her.



Aneesa made her way inside the lab after trying
to hide from her friends but the yelling and
complains from the other side seems to stop
her from taking another step.

“Andrew…” She muttered, recognizing the
familiar voice. She went further so she’d listen
very carefully to his convo.

“I’ll pay you back in sum just do what you have
to do!” He half yelled over the phone that
Aneesa almost flinched.

She has never seen him this angry before only
flirting sides.

“The deadline is tomorrow or we can’t do
anything again Mr Leonardo” A voice said from
the phone and Andrew gritted his teeth.

“Fine!” He said and hang up.

“F*ck!” He cussed and ruffled his hair as he
turned back and made to go out only to find
Aneesa shooting him glares. His eyes widened
but he quickly acted normal.

“What’s happening? Who was that earlier?” She
asked at once and he sighed.

“It’s nothing” He lied and made to go away but
she held his arm.

“You can share. Who was that?” She asked

“I said it’s nothing! Just mind your business!” He
fired at her with anger that she flinched.

He glared at her till he went out of the lab.

“What the hell just happened?” She thought


Aneesa almost missed the next lecture but it
was her lucky. Mrs Sonia the English teacher
wasn’t in yet.

She hurried to her seat and her eyes went
almost wide when she saw the A4 were in same
class as her. Her eyes scrolled to the other side
of the big classroom and she gasped when she
saw Francisco and Dylan waving at her while
Nicole just focused on her phone.

She was still looking around when the least she
expected walked in… Drew.

His eyes roamed the class as if searching for
someone and when his eyes caught who he
was looking for, he smirked as he walked to her.

“I guess your roomie is coming your way” Lyric
whispered beside Aneesa.

“Mind joining you?” His deep voice said and
Aneesa looked at him. She wasn’t chanced to
reply as he sat beside her.

Quincy’s glaring eyes almost burst out as she
watched them hatefully. Axel on the other side
couldn’t focus as he watched Andrew get close
to Aneesa.

“You’ve been staring at that girl for a while now
what’s up?” Austin asked, bringing him out of
his thoughts.

“It’s nothing” He forced out a smile and Austin
nodded,still looking at him.

“Where’s Adrian?” Axel asked, trying to change
the topic.

“There” Abigail pointed at the other side and
their eyes followed her direction. Axel dabbed
his face when he saw Adrian kissing two chicks
at the same time.

“That @sshole!” Austin gritted his teeth. He
made to stand up from his seat to Adrian’s but
Axel held him back.

“Just let him be. He’ll find his match soon” Axel
said and chuckled.

Soon, Mrs Sonia, the English teacher came into
the class and the lessons started. Meanwhile,
Aneesa couldn’t focus completely since Andrew
was so close to her. She could perceive his nice
cologne scent into his nostrils and the thought
of what happened back at their dormitory
flashed through her mind.

“Can you believe he’s sitting with this thing
while I’m in class?” Quincy said, jealousy.

“Remember he’s only yours to begin with”
Emma replied.

“You’re correct. I almost forgot” Quincy replied
and smirked.

Aneesa closed her eyes when a new feeling
sank into her immune systems. She could
imagine Andrew’s hands on her, doing
unimaginable things to her. Drew caught a
glimpse of her.

“Hey” He called, hitting her thigh softly, trying
hard not get distracted from the lessons.
Aneesa quickly opened her eyes from
imaginations as she stared at him.

“What were you thinking about?” He whispered
to her. She gulped nothing. She couldn’t bring
herself to tell him that she was thinking about
him this whole while instead of focusing on the
teachings being taught.

“No one” She quickly replied and Drew smirked.

“If you say so Baby Bird” He said and she



Lectures were over and the students were
already making their way to their dorms. Aneesa
was trailing the streets with her friends when
they came across the A4. They were just about
returning to the dorm to prepare for the concert.

“Aneesa! Aneesa! That’s Axel, go talk to him!”
Lyric said joyously and Aneesa blushed when
she saw them.

“Your crush” Adrian whispered to Axel and

“Not mine” Axel replied.

“Oh,I forgot. You’re a gay” He said and Axel

“Hi Axel” Aneesa waved at him and he winked at

“Wassup beautiful” He complimented and
Aneesa almost went wild seeing his full hair.

“Can I get an autograph?” Lyric and Samira
interrupted at the same time.

“Samira! Thought you said you weren’t gonna
interject!?” Aneesa shouted at Samira.

“I love him too” Samira rolled her eyes and Axel

“Fine ladies” He smiled cutely. He got their pens
and did his signature for them.

“Don’t miss my concert tonight tho” He
reminded them.

“Oh. About that, we don’t have any yet” Lyric

“No worries, come. It’ll be free” Abigail said from

“Abigail!!!!” Lyric went wild with excitement.

“Calm down guys” Abigail smiled.

“Wassup guys” Francisco and Dylan came out.

“We’re cool bro” Axel smiled as they did
brotherly hug.

“I thought the A4 band were having a beef with
you guys?” Aneesa asked, referring to Dylan and

“No, that’s between I and Andrew” Axel replied.

“Then you guys should get over it. Andrew is a
good guy” Samira said, siding with Drew.

“I’ll think about it” Axel nodded awkwardly.

“Bye guys!” They waved at them as they took

They all got into their cars and they drove out of
the premises.



It was already time for the concert tonight at
Rock Villa. Aneesa came out, rocking in her
boyfriend jean with a pink crop top. She held her
small handbag to herself as she found her way
to the living room.

She stopped abruptly when she saw Drew
drinking an oatmeal.

“Aren’t you going to the concert?” She asked him
and he scoffed.

“You and I know Axel is my rival in the music
industry” Drew replied, harshly.

He turned to her properly to check out what she
was putting on. Aneesa on the other hand
wondered why his eyes were on her body as if
he was inspecting her.

“Are you going? You’re leaving me here
tonight?” He finally asked when his eyes met
with hers again. They were sudden humor in his
eyes this time.

“I’ll be back before you know it” She said and
smiled at him.

Drew returned his eyes to his oatmeal jealously
as she walked out of the suite.

“I can’t watch her go out there alone. She’s too
fragile” He muttered and dropped the oatmeal
as he rushed to put on his jacket.

He grabbed his car keys and made to walk out
of the dorm only to meet Quincy at the

“Q-Quincy?” He called.

“I missed you baby” Quincy said and before He
could relent, she grabbed his collar and
slammed her lips on his.

“Let’s enjoy tonight baby” She said on his lips
and Drew gasped.

She was taking full control of him and he
couldn’t do anything. He wanted to join Aneesa
tonight but Quincy was another thing to solve.

He grabbed her @ss as they walked to his room.



Getting into the concert hall, Aneesa could
already started hearing the booming of music.

She actually came with her friends.

“Jeez! It’s too loud in here” Samira shouted,due
to the loud songs playing. Unfortunately,they
were a bit late so they just occupied the second
to the last seats.


“At least we managed to get in without tickets”
Lyric giggled happily. Aneesa eyes focused on
the stage, excitedly waiting for the band to
come up stage.

“Can I hear a big scream if you can’t wait for the
comeback song of A4 band??” The entertainer
screamed to the crowd full of VCSU students
and outsiders.

👥We can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Now let’s give the stage to them… Welcome…
A4’s!!!” The entertainer screamed as they band
rushed up the stage.

Austin was rocking in his sexy blue bangs and
crazy trousers.

Abigail was rocking in her ponyponk hair and
giving bangs with ear stud.

Adrian came out next rocking in the hottest
bangs ever. He was shirtless with an ear stud
placed on.

Axel came out lastly and the screams when
higher. He didn’t bother to pack his hair this
time as he let them fall out. He was rocking in
his lips piercings with an ear stud.

Aneesa’s heart skipped a moment immediately
she beheld him and his handsomeness and she
couldn’t take her eyes off him.

👥 Abigail!!!!!!!

👥Words can’t describe how hard I fell for

👥 Adrian being giving me the wetness!!

👥 Austin is damn so cute!!!

Adrian screamed from his mic.

👥 It’s gonna be lit!!!🔥🔥

COMEBACKS??” Axel’s voice came cool from
the mic and almost all the crowd jumped up
from the seats, some already even fainted
merely by his voice.

“Damn! He’s hot” Lyric bit his lips.

“They are always hot” Aneesa smiled, clapping
her hands.

“F**k! I never knew Axel was this hot!” Samira
finally confessed as her jaw dropped, falling
head over heels immediately.

<><><><>TBC ✎<><><><>

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