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{ .. Caught In The Act…}


By, Emery Princess J.












“Put that down Aneesa” Quincy said, trying to
act cool but Aneesa laughed off.

In-between that laughter one could tell she was
deeply hurt.

“Watch me!” She said and before Neon could
blink, Aneesa cut off half of her hair.

“My expensive wig!!!!!” Neon screamed as her
wig fell down revealing her bald hair.

“Oh, you were even bald before?” Aneesa said
with a smirk.

“Ahhh please!!!!” Neon cried as she picked her
sliced wig from the floor.

Aneesa turned towards Emma and Quincy and
began walking to them.

“Aneesa …” Emma muttered, staggering
backwards like a scared kitten.

“You guys have just gotten on my dark side” She
muttered with hatred. Quincy and Emma closed
their eyes, expecting the worse to happen,when..



“Aneesa!” Cisco exclaimed in surprise and
Aneesa turned to the door. Her eyes widened but
she she quickly hid her shock expression as she
faced Quincy and her minions.

“Today is your lucky day” She muttered and
stepped away from them.

“I’ve you gone insane Aneesa? You can expelled
yunno!” Cisco yelled at her when he got to them.

He actually came to get one of the history
textbook the history asked him to go get when
he saw them.

“I don’t care!” Aneesa fired at him and he blinked
at her like she just said nonsense.

“That’s nonsense!” He snapped at her.
Meanwhile, the argument, Quincy and her
minions took upon themselves to run out of the
library. Neon picked up her fallen wig with tears
in her eyes as she rushed out with her friends.

“You won’t understand Cisco” She said, breaking
into tears again. Francisco sighed and slowly
pulled her into a warning hug.

“It’s fine…” He trailed and She cried more on his

Minutes later, he let go of her after she was fully

“Thanks for the shoulder on Cisco” She said,
trying to bring out a smile.

“You can always count on me” He said and
smiled at her.

“I need to get the history textbook. Prof. Azrael
must be waiting” He said and age joined him in

“C’mon let’s go to class” He said when they got
the book and she nodded as they left the library



Aneesa walked in with Cisco and he handed the
book to the lecturer.

“You delayed me Francisco!” Prof. Azrael said
and Francisco rubbed his temple with a sigh.

Samira and Lyric waved from the middle row
and Aneesa eyes beamed when she saw them.
Though they weren’t in same place though
except Lyric who was with but since it was
history class Samira has to join since it’s close
to her course.

Her eyes scrolled to the seats where she saw the
A4’s seated and same with Drew, Dylan and
Nicole. Quincy and her minions were absent
from class which got Aneesa chuckling when
she remembered the show she played earlier.

“I’m sorry sir” Cisco simply replied and went to
his seat.

“Hey babe” Lyric whispered excitedly when
Aneesa sat beside them.

“I’m surprised to see you here Samira” Aneesa
said and Samira smiled.

“Of course you should. I decided to tho” Samira

“Where did you go to? I and Samira have been
searching round the whole VCSU coz of you”
Lyric said.

“Oh, c’mon we all know that’s a lie” Aneesa
replied and both Samira and Lyric chuckled.

“Samira! Lyric and Aneesa quiet!” Prof. Azrael
shouted from the front when he saw them

Samira and Lyric quickly faked a cough and
focused on the board while Aneesa just blinked.

Her eyes met with Drew who was staring back
at her as if trying to study something from her.

“What?” She mouthed at him but he only stared
at her. He sighed softly and returned his gaze to
the board.

“I really need to apologize to Axel” She mumbled
under her breath, pinching on her fingers.


Lectures were over today as Aneesa and her
friends could be seen going back to their dorms.

“You’ve been eye searching since we came out
from the class sho are you looking for?” Samira
asked when she noticed her best friend severe

“It’s Axel. I really need to apologize to him for
last night” Aneesa answered.

“Yeah, you should babe” Lyric added.

“You wasted an opportunity babe. At times I
wish to be you yunno” Samira said and smiled

“You’re funny at times Sam” Aneesa said and

“I’m serious” Samira muttered but not loud
enough for them to hear.

“You said what?” Lyric asked.

“Nothing” She quickly replied.



The loud bang from the door made Adrian
stopped from the series of pleasures he was
having with a bîtch as he stood up to open the

“Aneesa” He muttered when he saw Aneesa
standing at the doorstep.

She decided to pay a visit since she couldn’t
find Axel immediately after classes.

“Hi” She waved.

“Come on in” He smiled handsomely as she
walked in fully and he closed the door.

“Amber!” Aneesa exclaimed when she saw the
bîtch he was fûcking with.

“Oh, Aneesa” Amber hissed and Aneesa rolled
her eyes.

“You’re one of a kind Adrian” Aneesa said.

“VCSU girls bow for me and trust me you would
to” He whispered to her and she pushed him off
playfully and he burst out laughing.

“Seriously you distracted my pleasures” He said.

“I’m here for Axel anyways. Where is he?”She
asked instead.

“To our studio room over there. Think he’s
practicing with them” He shrugged directing her.

“Okay” She nodded and walked off.

“Back to where we stopped baby” Adrian said
and grabbed the bîtch’s b**bs.

“Mhm…” She moaned loudly when he inserted
his fingers into her.


The A3 members just finished rehearsing one of
their yet to be released album since it’s been
two years since they debuted.

“That was fun guys” Austin said, fist pumping
with Abigail and Axel who was looking less

“Hey bro, are you okay? I noticed you seem off
when we were rehearsing” Austin said and
Abigail looked at him.

“Um… It’s nothing. I’m fine” Axel replied and
Austin shrugged.

“Okay. I need to get some snacks, will be back
soon” Austin said and left, leaving only Abigail
and Axel.

“Axel…” Abigail called, drifting him out of his
thoughts and he looked up at her. He was
sitting on the couch while she was sitting
opposite him but then she stood up and walked
to his front.

“Any thing the problem Abbie?” He asked and
Abigail brought out a smile. He was the only
who calls her that name since she joined the
band and she has grew to love hearing it from


“You know what I wanna talk about Axel. It’s
about us and…”

“Just stop it Abbie! I told you we can’t!” Axel cut
her off, standing up.

“Why can’t we? Huh? Answer me! I’ve always
had a crush on you since I joined you guys and
yiu know it! Just why can’t you give me the
chance to love you!?” Abigail shouted in pains.
Axel sighed, rubbing his temple in frustration.

Aneesa immediately got to the front door of the
studio listening to their conversation.

“We just can’t Abbie… Don’t tryna force…” Axel
couldn’t complete his statement when Abigail
forcefully crashed her lips on his own tasting
his sweetness but it only lasted for a few
seconds as he pushed her away.

“Abbie!” He yelled at her and she just smiled,

“You’ll be mine Axel. Only mine” She said and
started walking to the door. Immediately she
opened it,she saw Aneesa just standing. She
shut her a hard glare before brushing past her.

“Aneesa…” He trailed off when he saw and she
smiled nervously.

“Hi Axel” She smiled, going closer to him.

Abigail’s red lipstick stains were on his lips right
now and Aneesa could clearly see it but that
wasn’t the main reason she was here.

“What… What brought you here?” He asked,
trying to act cool.

“I… I came to apologize for last night Axel.
Seriously, I didn’t mean to walk out on you like
that it’s just that…”

“I know. You wanted to go back to Drew since
you told him you’d be back” He interrupted her.

“Really? How did you come to know about it?”
She flashed her brows at him, confusedly.

“Samira told me about it” He replied.

“Samira told you? Really?” She said and he only

“Anyways, I’m deeply sorry. Don’t be hurt please”
She pleaded with her puppy eyes and hr
chuckled at her cuteness.

“Stop acting cute you’re making me loose
control of myself” He quickly said, blinking at
her and she stopped immediately.

They locked eyes with each other, staring deeply
as if they could stare into their souls that
moment. He was looking more hot with his hair
still down and her eyes couldn’t stop to glance
at his long hair.

“Urgh”He broke the silence and she returned
back to reality.

“Can we go get some ice cream together?” He
asked her, trying to avoid her gaze.

“You mean I and you?” She asked, pointing at
herself and he chuckled again.

“Why is she this cute?” He thought in his mind.

“Yeah or…” He trailed.

“I’m in! I’m free for now anyway. Let’s go” She
smiled and he returned it as he went to wear his

He combed his hair before packing it properly
and Aneesa couldn’t help but gulped at his

“Done! Let’s go” He said and She nodded as they
went off.



Andrew and his friends were playing Water
Combat with each PS on the game Tv when
they heard a knock on the door.

“Sh!t! Just when I was about winning y’all!”
Dylan said, angrily.

“Liar! We know I’m the Queen when it comes to
this!” Nicole argued and Drew rolled his eyes.

Without knocking again, Quincy angrily barged
into the lounge.

“Drew!!”She shouted, rushing to sit on his laps.

Dylan and Cisco immediately burst into laughter
when they saw her and she glared at them.

“What? Get off me Quincy!” He shouted back at
her trying to push her but she gripped him more

“Drew’s woman” Dylan teased, whispering into
Cisco’s ear and Cisco laughed.

“We’ll be going out for a while Drew” Nicole
quickly said, standing up with the rest.

“Guys…” Drew trailed off.

“Have fun!” Dylan and Cisco said at once,
laughing as they walked out of the lounge.

He returned his gaze to Quincy who was still
sitting on his laps and angrily pushed her off.

“Andrew!” She yelled angrily.

“What? What? What Quincy!? For Christ sake
just let me be!” He shouted back at her.

“We both know you can’t Drew! You can’t!” She
yelled back. He ruffled his hair in frustration and

“Could you believe what your so-called roomie
did to I and my friends at school today?” She
asked and he gazed at her.

“What did she do?” He asked, glaring at her.

“She threatened us! She tried cutting our hairs!”
She half yelled and he scoffed.

“She couldn’t possibly do that” He defended.

“Don’t tell me your believing that thing over your
girlfriend!?” She shouted.

“She isn’t a thing Quincy and don’t fûcking dare
call her that again!” He fired at her.

“Drew!” She gasped.

“I’m tried of you Quincy! You complain alot! Tell
me who wanna stick to some like you! Just coz
you’re the Senator’s daughter does that make
you a royal queen!?” He continued angrily. She
blinked with surprise,she has never seen this
other side of him since she knew him which
shocked her the more.

“I just told you she tried cutting off my hair…
“She complained.

“And? What do you want me to do? Go slap her?
Yell at her? I know you Quincy! She won’t go
around looking for you guys except you must
have wronged her!” He snapped at her.

Quincy swallowed trying to cover up her tears.
She couldn’t believe she was humiliated by him
when she thought he would take her side.

“Get out!” He said and She gasped, staring at
him with teary eyes.

“Drew…” She called again, trying to touch him.

“I don’t wanna loose it Quincy! Just take your
fûcking legs out of my lounge!” He replied.

“You can’t do this to me Andrew!” She cried.

This time, he was forced to start pushing her
out of the lounge. He carried her angrily and
dropped her outside, shutting the door on her

“Drew! Drew!” She banged on the door

“F*ck!” He cussed, ruffling his hair as he closed
his eyes taking a deep breath.



The beeping sounds from the monitor could be
heard as faint heartbeats from a young girl was
also heard.

“Will she be fine?” A woman asked, looking at
the girl with a worried look.

“We’re slowly loosing her. She’s a sickle cell and
nothing can be done” The Doctor replied and
tears slipped out from the woman’s eyes.

“What did he say when you called him before?”
The woman asked him.

“He’d be sending money for her but it still under
our control. Sickle cells are tough to let go” The
doc. said, looking sad as he stared at the young
girl on the bed.

“Do something pls! Save her!” The woman burst
into tears, falling on her knees.

“Miss! Miss!” The doctor called in surprise.

“Please doctor!” She pleading,still crying.

The doctor stared at the woman and then
gazed back at the young girl sleeping . He
sighed, shaking his head sorrowfully.



Her lips screamed red, her eyes glowed under
the neon colours. Her clothes were also
screaming in classic red. She was well known
as being the lady in red.

As She walked past the group of maids, they
bow for her, some shivering as they shushed
away giving her space to climb upstairs to her

Her red heels making marvellous noise as she

She made a silly sound with her mouth as she
stepped into her suite. Her scent filled the room
as she went to grab her phone.

She dialled a line and the it got picked on the
third round.

“My sweet daughter” The woman smiled as if
she could see her.

“M-Mom” A voice stuttered over the phone. The
lady smiled already imagining her shock her
daughter’s face would be right now.

“Hope you haven’t forget your deal?” The lady
asked with a side smirk.


“Don’t make me loose it. It’s worse than you can
imagine.” She cut in.

“Screw her up! Remember what I sent you to do.
She can never unveil the secret” She said,
looking more dangerous.

“Yes… Yes mom” The teen voice stammered.

“Good girl, Samira” She smiled over the phone
and hung up.

“Time starts now baby girl” She smirked, playing
with her phone.

<><><><>TBC ✎<><><><>

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