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Chapter One

?Rose ?

Rose POV

“Rose..where is that fucking bitch..” I hear aunty Beatrice yelling my name by this time.

I decide to keep quite thinking that she will stop, to make her believe that I was sleeping

Immediately I heard the sound of her foot step coming downstairs to my room.

I knew that I was done for, I couldn’t lock the door because the she remove the door locks

I use my pillow and cover my face turning my back towards the door as I heard the door open

” Rose… You bitch” she said as she quickly March to my bed and drag the pillow off my face.

I kept on pretending that i was sleeping but the aunty Beatrice I know wouldn’t stop.

I felt something hard and painful hit on my back

” Argh!!” I scream as I get up immediately from my bed rubbing my back to reduce the pain

“You fucking bitch….why did you not fucking answer when i was calling” she said hitting me again with hanger in her hand

” Argh!!” I scream as I wanted to run out of the room

” Try it….and you will never step your fucking foot in my house ever again” she said

” Please mom..” I said, fuck she told me not to call her mom ever again since I was 17,I remembered the last time I mistakenly called her mom she dealth with me

” What the fuck did you just call me…”

” Am sorry…..it.was a mistake” I said stammering

She grab my hair pulling it hard, the pain was too much I couldn’t do anything but to beg

Aunty Beatrice slap me hard on my face before pushing me to the floor, she started kicking me immediately

” Am not your fucking whore of a mother…!” She said as she kept on hitting

“Please …am sorry” I said trying to protect my face as much as I can, I don’t want the teachers to ask questions it will also put me in troubles if their while to call aunty Beatrice

At a point she stop hitting me and glare at me with a pure hatred, this is not the woman I use to love, I don’t even know what changed

“Get the fuck up you pathetic bitch and go get me a liquor”

” But…it already late the store must have close” I said, it already 12 pm, where am I going to find it by now

” Are talking back at me” she said hitting me again, I didn’t Dodge cause didn’t see it coming as the hit landed on my eye

” Argh!!” I scream as I quickly cover my eye the pain was too much

” Get the fuck going and don’t come back here without the liquor” she said pushing me out off her way as she walk out of my room leaving me with the pain in my eye

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