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Chapter hundred-fifteen


Richard POV

” have you connect to him” I ask Max for fift time now, am getting impatient as time pass by

I don’t know what is happening to them or if Patrick have manage to get Rose, I don’t know if they are still alive, not knowing all those things frustrate me to the end

And not being able to do anything makes me mad

” Richard, please stop stressing yourself” Dr Steve said, I sign and lay down on the bed again, my head is beginning to hurt

” Am sorry, I still can’t connect to him” Max said

” I just can’t be laying down on the bed doing nothing,I feel so useless” I said running my hands through my hair

I don’t even feel like myself again, I hate it when people touch me or when I can’t do anything like I use to do

Like how those maids help me to the toilet, clean my body or feed me ,it irritate me to the end, I know they are doing their job but I hate this feeling of helplessness

I hate knowing that am not the one protecting Rose, I hate that I fail her, only God knows what she pass through in Alex hand

” Max go get me a wheelchair” I said to him, since am not yet recovered I can’t walk too much it exhaust my body..I needed the wheelchair to help me move about

” Okay, sir” he answered and left

” Why do you need a wheelchair?” Steve ask

” You are a doctor, you should know better” I said getting angry more and more

” Don’t get smart with me, young man” Steve said with a warning tone

” Am sorry, it just that I hate this my current situation, I feel so helpless” I said

” I know the feeling, but you have to take it easy, you are barely recovered and don’t worry this Patrick of a guy is a tough one, I believe he has everything under control” he said with a concern tone

” Yea, but keep trying Patrick number ,better still give me your phone” I said stretching out my hand to collect his phone

Max said Patrick was with my phone, I could have use mine

” I don’t want you to stress about all this, is not good for your health” he said giving me his phone

” Thanks” I said ,taking the phone from him, as I took the phone to dial Patrick number, I was able to see my face through the phone screen

I was shock for a moment the phone nearly slip out form my phone, I look into the phone screen again as I bring up my hand to through it through my face

” What the f**k , is this” I yell, half of my face was burnt and I never notice it

” Richard calm down” Steve said coming closer to the bed

” Don’t f**king tell me to calm down” I scream, why did I not noticing this

” Is now much better than before, it will heal with time” he said

” Why didn’t you say anything, why Did you not tell me” I ask

” I was afraid you will do this exact thing you are just doing, man come on is just a little burn, I will give you are cream to be applying on it, before you know it your fave will be healed” Steve said

I swear to God I will so much f**k Alex life up,if I get my hands on him

” Easy for you to say” I don’t want Rose to see me likes this

” Is not that bad” he said

I look at my face again through the phone screen, is not that bad actually but still…

” Just give me the cream and get out of my room” I said as I begin to dial Patrick number

” Such a bossy bastard” Steve said laughing as he left the room

Why is Patrick not answering, I hope nothing is wrong, the my face issue long forgetting as I started worrying again

Am having this strange feeling, I don’t like it at all

Patrick POV

I took Alex car key and proceed to his car, his resistance for me to go to his car, have told me all I need to know..

Rose is definitely in his car, I slowly approach his car I don’t want to frightening her

But before I could get to the car, the car window was broken the glass shatter all over the ground

I quickly look inside of the car there where no sign of her

F**k she escape ” go and look for her” I shouted for my men

Bonus chapter

? Rose previously ?

Rose POV

I nearly gave up on my attempt to escape from the car, untile i saw a screwdriver under Alex side of seat in the car

I quickly pick it up, I don’t know how many minute or hours I have before Alex will come back but before then I have to get out of here

I use the screwdriver to hit on the glass repeatedly until the glass break immediately I climb out from the window, not minding the scratch of the pieces of glass on my body

Immediately i Came out, i didn’t bother to look around I just took off running, honestly I had no idea where am running to but I rather be anywhere but here

As I was running my heart was beating pretty fast, i was also scared that Alex might come out from noway and catch me

It was until I run to a very far distance from where Alex is that I was able to stop and rest for a moment, I hid myself behind a building, my back laying in the wall,as I slowly get my breath back

I can’t believe I have done it, am free..am.really free

” Hey who is there?” a mans voice shouted

I was immediately startled and quickly run out into the road, but I regretted it immediately as I was hit with a car coming out with a full speed

I could hear people screaming around me before everything became blank

Josh POV

“What the f**k!” I curse, as I quickly stop my car and get down, rushing towards the girl I knock down

Not that is my fault, how can someone in his or her right mind, run into the road like that

I check her pulse, thank God she is still alive, her head seems to hit on the ground because it was bleeding , I immediately carry in my hands to my car, straight to the hospital

” How is she?” I ask the doctor immediately he came out from the emergency room where their operated on the strange lady

” Thank God nothing serious happen to her or the baby, it was just a minor injury” he said

Oh my God she is pregnant, I could have killed two people today, how foolish is this woman

” Thank God she is all fine, so I should go now” I said to the doctor, I have an emergency meeting at the office and am running pretty late

” Have you clear the bill” he ask

” Yes..so am free to leave”

” Is she not your wife” he ask looking suprise maybe at my lack of concern

” No am not, she foolishly run into my car” I said getting more annoyed

” What of her relative?” He ask

” I don’t know, like I said before she just run into my car and I brought her here that’s all” I said getting frustrated, my phone has been ringing non stop, my client is already waiting for me

” Am sorry, but you will have to wait until she comes around I think that she has been through a lot” the doctor said and left

I wonder what him meant, when he said that she has been through a lot, not that is my business or his

my day is completely ruin, today is so unfortunate for me, I quickly call my brother to help me out in the office

” Thanks I owe you one” I said as I cut the call

” Sir this way” a nurse walk up to me and ask me to follow her

I followed her into a room, the strange lady was laying down there on the bed ” do inform us if she wake up” the nurse say and left

Just great, I slowly walk up to the bed, for the first time I look closely at her,her head was bondage, her face look pale but she is very beautiful young lady, i wonder why she run into the road like that

I also notice some bruises on her face and her lips maybe it from the accident, not that is my business I remind myself

But Did she not realize that she is pregnant, I could have kill her and her baby, and how am I going to get her husband here, she have nothing on her, maybe if she wake up I will ask her

I sat down on the chair beside the bed, i can’t wait for her to wake up so I can get out of here and start my day

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