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Chapter thirteen

? Rose ?

Rose POV

Mr Dean left after telling me to visit his office,I waited a minute before I gathered my stuff and follow after him

When I reach his door I hesitated a little before knocking ” come in” Mr Dean said

I open the door and enter inside closing the door behind me

” Sit down” Mr Dean said to me

I settled down at one of the visitors chair ” why haven’t you been to school for two weeks now” he ask me staring without blinking

I immediately became nervous, ” ..I..was sick” I told he looking away from his curious stare

” Are you sure you are sick or is there something else, Miss Rose” he ask again

I immediately swallow my spite, nervously ” …I was just sick..there is nothing else” I said trying to stop stammering out of fear he might dictate that I was lieing

” Miss Rose, you know that you can always talk to me if anything is bothering you” he said with a voice full of concern

I wanted to say something, I really want to tell him, I was not fine but telling him will result to aunty Beatrice knowing including the whole college and am afraid that aunty Beatrice will talk her way out

There was this one time she burnt my hand but when she was ask what Happen, she manage to deceive everybody labeling me as the clumsy one, she said it in a way that everybody believed her.

And the last reason being that I don’t want to go to any Foster home.

” Sir..am ok” I said wanting to live his office by all means

” Are you sure” he ask again,.as if he knows that am lieing

” Yes…may I leave now” I ask him

” Yes, you may now go” he said

By the Time I came out of his office all the student have already left.
I started trekking home, is already getting late

Immediately I sight our house I felt happy and sad at the same time. It was once home

There is no place for me in this world I should have died with my parents

No place for me at school even at home,

I wanted to open the door with my key but I notice it was already unlock, I push the door open and step inside and close the door behind me

” You are back” aunty Beatrice said to me smiling happily

I wonder why?

” Yes..” I answered

“We have a guests, go and shower then come down”

My heart skip immediately, I started feeling cold and hot

Visitor ” hurry up” she snap at me, as she left and head to the sitting room

I slowly walk into my room and close the door, I would have lock it if aunty Beatrice have not remove the lock

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