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Chapter nineteen

? Rose ?

Beatrice POV

“F**k!..” so this stupid girl wants to live me, I have to act fast. The legal age was 18years but she is so naive and always trust everything I say

I wonder what gave her the courage to try and leave,is she talking with someone else, that her stupid teachers has been calling me non stop and I had to lie but I think his beginning to suspect me

I have to get Rose on myself, I will have to use another method on her.
I just have to show her a little love and when I have gotten what I wanted I will toss her aside.

But first I will we have to leave this neighborhood, some people have begin to suspect something, I have to find a private and secure area, with the money I have left

But first I to talk to that brat

I quickly went towards her room , her door was open, she sat on her bed crying, she haven’t notice me yet

I went towards her bed and sat down beside her and put my hand around her shoulder, making her to startled a little

“Grace my baby, please forgive me” I said forcing myself to cry

She was so surprised, I proceed to say more when I know I have gotten her attention

” Am dieing” I said

“What!!” She shouted

” Yes, my baby..the doctor confirmed that I have cancer” I said crying harder

” Omg…” She said covering her mouth as she turn and hold my hand, this girl is too easy to decieve I smile within myself

” Please…find a place in your heart to forgive me….am sorry but I had no choice..I wanted to stay alive for you,.. nobody was willing to help..I wanted to live for you, if I die you will not have anybody to take care of you” I said crying more

” Please…aunty stop crying, you should have told me” she said crying with me

” What would you have done” I said to her

” I would have done anything for you” she said

” The money was much…I would have done all this but the men was rejecting me…I..I” I pretended to be coughing making her to interrupt me

” Aunty..you don’t have to say much..just calm down” she said

” What I did to you was unexpected… please forgive me” I said

“Is ….okay..you should have told me.” She said

” Rose am …so sorry..” I said coughing again

” Aunty is okay, what are we going to do”

” Is better if I die” I said

” No!…. don’t say that” she said cleaning my tears with her hand

What a foolish girl, I know I could make her feel guilty and her get her to fall into my trap

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