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Chapter two

? Rose ?

Rose POV

I took the broken mirror in my room turning on my light and look at my eye it was swollen already.

” Fuck..I can’t go to school tomorrow looking like this, I drop the mirror and pick up the money she throw on the floor while she was living the room

I quickly put on my black hoodie

Where the fuck am going to get the liquor by this time of the night I said to myself as I step out of the house

Everywhere was fucking dark, I was so fucking scared but am more scared of aunty Beatrice, she always send me to buy liquor when she is expecting visitor but not this late

And I didn’t see any visitor with her,so why the fuck did she need it so bad

I went looking for any store that might be open but i couldn’t find any

” What the fuck are you doing out here ” I was immediately startled by the voice as I slowly turn towards the voice.

There where two guys standing before me I didn’t know the one who talk to me, I couldn’t even see them clearly only their shadow

Fuck! What! If they were rapist,I should ran but I just couldn’t move

” Please don’t hurt me” that was the only thing that came out of my mouth

” Fuck is a she!!” One of them said

” She will make money for us..what a jackpot” the other one said laughing

Something in me immediately snap as I started moving back slowly, this our neighborhood is bad and I have heard many bad story about young girl who went missing

They notice my movement as they rush towards me, I immediately broke out running towards the direction of our house

I could hear the sound of their foot step , my heart immediately start beating faster

God please save me, I didn’t even know that I have walk far away from the house, I kept running

” Stop…you bitch cause if I get you, am gonna fuck you up really bad ” one of them said

I ran like I have never done before, I was even surprised that I have this strength within me

I immediately sight our house, but I was becoming weaker and their are gaining in on me

” Help!!” I scream even when I know very well that know body will help but I have to try

The house is near but it seems far as I ran towards it, I don’t want to die that was the only thought I had as I was running

” Someone..help” I scream as their foot step is coming much closer

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