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Chapter twenty- one

?Rose ?

Rose POV ( three years later)

Today was the of day my graduation day but I felt sad and lonely, aunty Beatrice have once again deceive me

After we move into our new home, and I was able to make money for aunty Beatrice by sleeping with the men she brought home, both married and single men, I feel very disgusting a very time I slept with those men, I use to wash my body so many times, yet it seems not to be enough..

I was happy that aunty Beatrice is now recovering, but I can’t help but to loose my soul Everytime I sleep with those men, everything time I look at myself in the mirror I see nothing but an empty soul, I have now develop in different places of my body, some of those guys like sucking my breast result for me having a very big breast

Why is she not here, I ask myself, she promise to be here

I was so lost looking at our happy everyone was except me

” Miss Rose” I turn towards the voice
It was Mr Dean, I don’t want to talk to him, the look in his eye shattered me
I hate it when ever I have to look into his eye, it seems like he can read into my soul

I immediately turn around and run off with my certificate in my hand

I went towards my car, yes I now have a car, one of my customers bought it for me as my graduation gift

I enter and drove off towards the only place I call home (hell)

I sat inside my car to wipe away the remaining tears in my eye before getting out of the car and head inside the house

I open the door, only to see aunty Beatrice bouncing off and down on the dick of one of the men she use to bring home for me to sleep with

I immediately see red not because of her having sex with the man but because, she didn’t come to my graduation, she promised me but yet here she is drinking and having sex

I immediately hit the door shut, making a loud noise, making them to startled a little

Immediately she notice it was me she climb off the man, and shameless being to wear her cloth

” Baby we are not done yet” the man complain still stroking his dick, so disgusting

” Go and wait for me in my room” she said to the man and he left

I was still standing there glaring at her

” My baby..you are back” I could see that she was drunk as she struggles to wear her cloth

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