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Chapter twenty-two

? Rose ?

Rose POV

” You are back…” She said again as she struggles to button her cloth

I feel some much hatred for this woman right now, I only ask for her to be there for, was that too much, after all I have done for her

” You said that you will come…but you did not” I said still glaring at her

” Come where?” She ask me looking lost

” Are you kidding, for Godsake my graduation” i yell at her

Aunty Beatrice walk towards me and gave me a hard slap on my cheeks, this is not the first, ever since we moved in her she has started beating again but usually apologize and blame it on her sickness

” Don’t you ever in your pathetic life
Shout at me again” she said

Hot tears started falling out of my eyes ” you can never change, I have tolerated, enough from you” I said holding that my cheeks that she slap

” And what the f**k are you going to do about it” she said trying to hit me again, I immediately step back avoiding the hit,a look of shock appear on her face,I have never avoid her beating before, I would have been shock too,but am too angry to notice what I did

” You are now a big girl right?.. you dare to challenge me” she yell, pointing her finger at my

I just kept mute as she kept on insulting me, I was holding back myself

” You pathetic whore..” she said spiting at me and fall down

She knows that I hate it whenever she calls me a whore, I became one for her

I know that she is drunk and when she get herself she always come to apologise, but she choose to miss my graduation, she was not drunk when she promise to come to my graduation this morning

” Am a whore?…all I ever did was for you” I said as I became so emotional

” You are a fool, do you think that I care, I was just using you…” She said struggling to stand up

” Using me..what are talking about” I started trembling

” Rose…rose .. you are so foolish, do you think that I will ever love you, I just needed you pussy to survive” she said laughing

No!no I know she is lieing, she is just drunk right now but I have to ask out of curiosity

” But ….you are sick” I ask her , I feel so disgusting and scared of what her answer might be

” Me…No I was never sick,it was part of my plans” she said as she left me and went up stairs

My whole world was just turning around, I couldn’t see anything, I was just trembling as I watch her disappear from sight

I started vomiting, I feel so sick

No! I can’t believe it, she is lieing

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