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Chapter twenty-four

? Rose ?

Alex POV

I have my driver book a reservation at the richest hotel in new York.

Immediately we arrived at the hotel i quickly come down from my side of the car and went to her side to open the door for her

” Wow, what a gentleman you are” she said smiling at me

” I like being a gentleman for my beautiful lady”.I said escorting her inside The hotel

” Welcome, Sir & madam” said the hotel attendant

” Alex Richard..” I said to her, cutting off her annoying greeting

She checked her book and smile slowly at me, when she found out that I have a reservation here

“Please..follow me” she said

She lay us towards the V.I.P area

” Sir&ma..here is your sit” she said

I help my beautiful angel to settle down

” Sir, will..”

” Just go when I need your serve I will call you ” said cutting off her words, she is starting to irritate me

” Ok, sir” she said and left

I immediately remember that I don’t even know the know if this Beautiful angel before me

” Why are you staring at like that” she ask me

” I remember, that I don’t even know your know” I said

” You never ask” she said

” Will you do me the honor of telling me your beautiful name” I said taking hold of her hand, immediately she took out her hand from my hand, such a feisty one, making me to like her more

” Rose..and you” she said ,I was excepting her to say more about herself but she stop with her name

” Am Alex Richard, am a business man” I said stopping there

” Nice meeting you” she said

This girl just keep on arousing my interest on her , I like the challenge she brings, she is not even acting as if she is interested in me, on like the other girls

” So what made such a beautiful flower like you sad” I ask

” That is a topic for another day” Rose said

” Okay…no pressure..shall we order” I ask her

” Yes.. please” Rose said
Rose POV

Alex drop my at my house,after we have finish having dinner, today was the best day I had all my life, it unfortunately that I have to come back here

” I had a wonderful day” I said smiling at him

” I told you..” he said

We where still talking as his driver drive in with my car

“Can I have your number” he said

I took his phone and gave him my number

” Thanks..” he said ” I will call you, dream about me”

I smile as I watch he enter his car and drove off

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