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Chapter Twenty-nine

? Rose ?

Alex POV

” I don’t want you to go” I said taking Rose hand and kiss the back of her hand,

We are still inside my car ” are you missing me already” she ask carelessing my hand

This small act of her made me so hard, I wish I could just take her home and fuck her hard and slow,if am to act how I feel I will f**king take her here inside my car

” You are giving me that look again” she said

“Am I?” I said winking at her,causing her to blush



” I guess is good night then” she said

” Yes..too bad, how I wish this night will never end” I said

” Me too…I really enjoy myself” she said

” Me too” I said

” Goodnight..” she said opening the side of her door and step out of my car, she turn to head inside

” Rose..wait” I said to her from my window before coming out of the car I walk toward her feeling nervous, this is the first woman that ever made me this nervous and wanting in all my life

” Whats wrong?” She ask with a look of concern because of my facial expression

I went close to her, took hold of her two hand with my own ” Rose..I really like” I said staring into her eye that

She started blushing again” I like you too” she said, as she wants to look away from me but I put my two hands on both of her cheeks, so that she will not look away from me

“Before I do this…will you make me the happiest man on earth by dating me” I ask staring at her and nervously wait for reply

” Yess” I didn’t even wait for her to complete what she is saying before I pull her head toward mine and place my lips on top of her

It was everything that I imagine, so soft and sweet, I kiss her hungrily,like I can’t get enough of her

Beatrice POV

I was at the window watching Rose and that guy that drop her home the other day kissing passionately

It seems like Rose, really like this guy
I can’t allow this, It will ruining everything I work hard for

Immediately I saw Rose coming towards the house after the guy left, I left the window and went to the door waiting for her

I waited as she open and close the door behind her

” So you really like this guy” I can tell by the way she react that she was startled by me

” Good evening” she said walking pass me

” Do you think,that I will let this foolish happen” I said, this seems to make her stop and turn to face me, I can also dictate the look of frighten on her face

” What will you do” she said covering the look of fear and glare at me

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