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Chapter four

? Rose ?

Rose POV

I didn’t know when I slept off, I only wake up when i felt someone’s hand slowly climbing towards my thigh

I thought I was sleeping but then the hand kept going high towards my private part I immediately wake up pushing the hand away..

I slowly raise my eye towards the person, it was a man standing inside my room, i open my mouth to scream out, but he immediately throw his self at me on the bed and use his hand and close my mouth

” Shhhh!…” He wisper in my ear, I started struggling in his hand , how the f**k did this man get into my room, where is Aunty Beatrice

“Mmmmm!” I try to say something but his hand is preventing me from saying anything or screaming

He push me down on the bed on climb on top of me, he is so strong for my small body to fight him

He started tracing his hands around my body, folding my breast and pinching my breast hard, it hurts a lot, tears started coming out from my eye

“What the f**k are you doing in here James” aunty Beatrice yell at she came into my room

So she knows this man, James Immediately let go of my and climb off my body

” Baby…I…I was just..” he didn’t even complete his words as aunty Beatrice interrupted him

” Get the fuck out of my house before I called the police..I call you here to satisfy me but you went for his little tramp here…get out” she said throwing his cloth at him

” Baby…please..she was coming on to me”

I wanted to shout that he was lieing, I didn’t even know that he was in this house ,I don’t even know him, but I kept mute out of fear

” Shut the f**k up and leave my house now..do you think am stupid”

When did this man came here, when did Aunty Beatrice call this man over to the house, I didn’t even see him

This is not the first time this kind of a thing happen since aunty Beatrice started bring men over the house but I was always aware, so that I would be prepare but this one took me unotice

” Don’t you know that you are old…she will make you a good money…I want a fresh pussy” he said no longer begging Aunty Beatrice

” What the fuck!! Get the hell out of my house” aunty Beatrice said screaming at him

” Whatever” he said and pick up his cloth and left

Immediately Aunt Beatrice turn toward me you f**cking whore..” she said coming towards me , she immediately slap me as she came close to me

” Please…” I beg as she pull me on my hair again

” Like mother like daughter..taking everything away from me”

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