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Chapter forty-five

? Rose ?

Alex immediately hug me as I walk into his arms ” am so sorry for shouting at you,..it just that I taught you have left me or something bad have happen to you” he holding me tight

” Baby, I will never leave you, what made you think that I will live you?” I ask him

” just forget it ” he said kissing me on my lips

” My friends will be coming over” Alex said

” That’s mean that I have to cook..”

“I don’t want you to cook or do anything stressful, I just want you to look pretty for me and relax, I will order food from my restaurant” he said

” But..”

” Rose, let it be…” Alex said , ” go upstairs and wait for me I have to make a call”

I went upstairs not feeling too happy about this, why won’t he let me cook,I enter the room and sat down on the bed

I can’t help but too think that I don’t like this new Alex, he is not even allowing me to have a say in anything, and he is treating me like a possession, but I know he loves me maybe this is his own way of showing it, but I must admit it a little too much for me , I think I have to talk to him

” Baby why is your face like that ” Alex ask immediately he enter the room

” Alex..I” the ringing of this phone interrupted what I wanted to say

” Excuse me” he said and answer the phone,

” The food is here, let me go and get it I will be back” he said after answering the call and kiss me on the lips and left

After some minute he came back
” Baby any moment from now my friends will be coming ” he said, pulling me up from the bed and start kissing me slowly and passionately, what I wanted to say to him forgotten as he kept kissing me

” I want to have you before they come over” he said removing my cloth and gentle push me down on the bed, before discarding his cloth

” F**k, see how hard I am for you” he said holding his dick in his hand and stroking it up and down before coming to the bed and climb on top of me

“Ahhhhh” I moan as he careless my clitoris with one of his finger

” Yes moan, for me…tell how much you want my dick ” Alex said spanking,

” My babbbbbbby…I want it so bad” I said

” Argh!!” I moan as he thrust into me without warning

” F**k, yessssss..you are mine” he said thrust after thrust ” say that you are mine” he ask, going hard and faster

” I am yours” I said holding his back as he kept on fucking me.. hard and fast

” Am cummmmming” I scream…

” Wait for me, let’s go together” Alex said as we cum together

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