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Chapter forty-eight

?Rose ?

Richard POV

I have notice since Alex came down stairs that he was in a bad mood, he didn’t even come down with Rose, I wonder what happened

I don’t even know why I care about this Rose so much and Alex is obessses with Rose, nobody knows Alex well than i do, we both grow up together without our parent,we did some illegal business to get us to where we are today

Alex is the kind of person that like to dominate even as a child, whenever he wants or fancy something he gets never to let it go until he is done with it

I thought he will do the same with Rose but it has been more than three months now ,I think Rose is different and he have become more control, jealous and obsess over her

I really fear for Rose

” Where is she”I whisper in Alex ear , he has been drinking since he came down here

” She is upstairs, I will go and get her soon” he said and continue drinking

I pray that he doesn’t get drunk, because whenever he do things gets dirty

I look around the room Mike,Sarah, Philip and faith where dicussion, unaware of the tension in the room

I decide to go and check up on Rose, I worry for her and I find it weird,I turn and look at Alex for the last thing and he was still drinking

I went upstairs towards Alex room and knock at the door, No reply

” Rose,is me Richard may I come in” I said outside the door

Immediately the door open, revealing Rose whose eye was red as if she has been crying for long

” May I” I said

” Yes, please come in” she said stepping away from the door, immediately I step inside, I took in her appearance, she was putting on a blue gown that fits her perfectly, it bring out all her curves, she look so beautiful

” Richard… Richard”

” Oh ,am sorry” I said feeling like a child cought stealing

I notice that she was blushing, because of the way I look at her

” I guess Alex was right” she said

” What?” I ask feeling confused

” He said that the gown made me look like a whore” she said with a sad tone

That fool how could he say such a thing to her

” You look beautiful” I said absent minded

” Really” she said smiling at me

” Yes, I mean the dress look good on you”

” Alex thinks otherwise” she said feeling sad

” What do you say” I ask

” I like it” she said feeling shy

” Then wear it, do what’s makes you happy” I said

” thanks”

” Are you coming” I said heading to the door

” Yes, I will be there in a minute” she said

” Okay” I said and left

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