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Chapter forty-nine

? Rose ?

Rose POV

When Richard left, I stay for some minute before changing into the other gown Alex pick for me

but why do I feel like am disappointing Richard, I mean his my boss and he has the same opinion as me but Alex is my boyfriend and I love him even if at times he seems to behave as if am his property which I don’t like.

I thinking after this dinner with his friends that me and him really need to talk

I study myself in the mirror, the gown was also fine I could go with it, as I was about to head towards the door, Alex open the door and enter closing it behind him

I was still mad at him for what he said to me earlier, so I didn’t offer him any smile as he was staring at me

” You look beautiful” he said

” Thank” I said both of us staring at each other awkwardly

” Am sorry, for referring to you as a whore” he said coming towards me..

” Is okay” I said with a straight face

” No is not” he said taking my hand ” I really am sorry, I was so stupid” he said, I look into his eye all I can see is that he is truly sorry and his love for me

I smile at him ” it okay, really I have forgiven you” I said bending my head to peck him on his forehead

” I love you” he said smile at me

” I love you too” I Said

” Shall we, my love the guest are waiting to see my queen” he said putting out his hand for me to take

I started blushing ” yes” I said and put my hand into his, truth be told I was nervous of meeting his friend, I mean they are people of high class, Alex, is the reason why I could be able to mingle with them, I wonder if they will be nice like Richard and Alex, I don’t want Alex to know how nervous I am

As we will approaching the stairs,my heart start beating faster, ” are okay” Alex ask

Nothing seems to pass him ” yes , I am” I said smiling

Immediately we approach the dinning room I all the attention went towards me

I only saw two women and one man
Richard was not in sight

Those women look really pretty, I know that am beautiful but they look really beautiful

The one with red hair was smiling at me and the other one glaring at me, I wonder what her problem

The man that they are with was busy looking at me with admiring

” Hi guys met my woman Rose” Alex said

The one with red hair walk toward me ” hi am Sarah”

” Am Rose, nice meeting you” i smiling at her

” Same here” Sarah said

The other one was just glaring at me

” Am Mike, pretty, is nice meeting you” Mike said

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