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Chapter fifty-two

? Rose ?


The shock on Rose face after seeing Philip was alarming, she suddenly turn pale

I quickly pull her behind me and glare at Philip who is looking at Rose in a funny way

Everyone was as confuse as I am, how the f**k did Philip know Rose

” Rose are you okay” I ask her, she was shaking badly in my arm, Rose was just looking at Philip without saying anything but the fear was written all over her face.

What is going on..

” Is this your girl” Philip said to me, with unknown meaning behind it

“Yes, so” i said

” Baby,do you know her” faith ask Philip
Rose POV

Know! This can’t be happening, not now that I have started afresh and forgotten my past

Yet my past mistake is standing in front of me, to make it worst he is a friend of Alex, how I wish the ground will open and swallow me now, everyone eye was now on me

” Do you know her” faith ask Philip ,making my heart to skip a beat, I suddenly feel hot and scared

Why now God, if Philip decided to tell about my past which Alex had already but he didn’t know that Philip his friend is also my past, how would he feel

I stare at Philip with a pleading eye,not to say anything at least not here, in front of everyone

I want to be the one to say it to Alex
What would Sarah, Mike and Richard think of me…

My past have finally catch up with me

” Can I have a moment with her ” Philip said

” Who the fuck do you think you are, say whatever you want to say here” Alex said glaring at Philip

” Take it easy man,you will not like it especially her if I say it here”

” What the hell is going on here, the tension here is too much” Sarah said

” Alex… please let me talk to him, I will explain everything to you later” I said to Alex

” I will not allow you to spend even a moment with him” Alex said getting angry, am I afraid of what Alex might do

” Yes, say whatever you want to say here” faith said,

My hand started shaking, he can’t be the one to say it first not here

” Please..Alex let me talk to him” I said getting desperate

” Noway” he said stating it as final , not leaving any room for argument

“Is she your property or what, she has the right to make a decision” Philip said making Alex to take a step toward him, I quickly held on to Alex

” Shut the fuck up Philip” Richard said

“Alex just give them a minute we are all here nothing could go wrong”

” We will just stay outside and talk” I said assuring him

” Just a minute” Alex said

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