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Chapter sixty-one

?Rose ?


What have I done “Rose.. Rose” I tried shaking her but Richard immediately push me away from her and carried her to the bed because I was too shock to do it

“Call the Doctor” Richard yell out to me

I was trembling and shaking ” it was a mistake,I will never hurt her I swear” I said to Richard

” Just call the doctor, damnit and pray that nothing happen to her or the baby” Richard said as he reach the bed and lay her down on the bed

I quickly dial Dr Steve number and instruct him to come to my house.

I went to the bed, Rose look so pale “f**k” I never might to hurt her, I love her

I can’t loose her, I was so stupid. I left her when she needed me and cheated on her the quilt is killing me but I can’t loose her or my baby

I accuse her just now to make myself feel better for cheating on her , I knew she could never do anything with Richard but yet I allow my insecurity and stupidity to get the best of me

” Did …she tell you that she is pregnant by herself” I ask Richard

Richard was glaring at me and I don’t blame him for the dirty stare that he was giving me

” you really fuck up, you left her in a very bad and worst condition, she was worried about you all those time even when you where the one that left her, just for you to come back and accuse her more and to think that I will do that to you” Richard said ignoring my question

I wanted to reply but Dr Steve came in at the moment

“What happen again” Dr Steve said as he was checking up on Rose

” What do you mean again” I ask

” She fainted when you left and I called Steve to check up on her That was how we got to know that she was pregnant” Richard said

My heart skip a beat, what have I done this is all my fault

” How is she and the baby” I ask Steve

” Should i be worried I saw brusie on her stomach, which I guess causes her to went into shock” Dr Steve said

I explained what happened to him, he gave me and Richard a disapprove look

” It was a mistake” I said

” So how is she and the baby” Richard ask Dr Steve after some minute

” She is fine and the baby is fine, this medicine will help, but mind you if whatever this is continue she might loose the baby, the pregnant is still early and might miscarriage” he said

” Okay, thanks” I said as I breath down now,

Richard escorted Dr Steve out, I use that opportunity to go and sit down on the bed taking hold of Rose hand

” Baby do you hear that ” I begin to say even when I know that she might not hear me ” our baby is alright” I said kissing her hand

” Am so so sorry, am sorry for disappointing you, am sorry for not fighting for you” I said as tear started coming out of my eye, I have not cried for long now, I don’t even remember when last I cried

“But I promise you, nobody or anything will come between , I promise to cherished and love you to the end of our life” I said as I sob

I really blame myself, If I have stayed I wouldn’t have slept with that bitch

” Alex” Richard called me putting his hand on my shoulder, I was too ashame to face him

” Am sorry man, I never might to hurt her” I said

” She deserve better, just promise me that you will take good care of her” Richard said, I felt the concern and likes coming from Richard towards Rose, it made me angry but I controlled it , Rose is mine and I fell threated when someone took interest her even if it was a harmless like

” I never might to hurt” I said again

” Just take care of her” he said

” Thanks for staying with her when she needed someone” I said

” It was my pleasure” he answered

Silence fall between us again, each of us lost in out thoughts

” I will be going now” Richard said breaking the silent

” Okay, take care” I said

“Alex” I turn as Richard called me because of the tone he used and called me

” I like Rose which I guess you know by now, but I will never betrayed you, but if you hurt her again I will take her from you that is if she will have me” Richard said closing the door behind him as he left

I stare at the door for so minute before turning back to Rose, her hand still in my hand ” you are mine and I will never leave you or let you leave me again”

Now that she is pregnant for me I will have to get married to her and she will be tie with me forever, the past will remain in the past

“I love you” I said kissing her again on her forehead, I can’t wait to make you mine forever
Nothing will come between us now

I use my other hand and careless her stomach
I can’t wait for her to wake up

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