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Chapter seven

? Rose ?

Rose POV

I have finish showering, I was now sitting down on Aunty Beatrice bed, I was waiting for her, she have told me to wait that she is coming.

Why is she being too kind to me, it just feel weird and scarely

I did not even bring my cloth with me before showering, I was just tieing aunty Beatrice towel, I don’t know if I should go and bring me cloth or just stay here. maybe she will be angry with me if I leave her room without her permission, so I choose to wait for her, I don’t what her wrath.

Why is she not here yet, I said to myself, am beginning to feel Hungry, I should have eat the pizza, I said laying down on the bed

I immediately heard a foot step and I sit up immediately and stand up from the bed

The door open I was expecting to see aunty Beatrice but it was only those two men that was sitting with her early, they step into the room and close the door behind them

What is going on where is aunty Beatrice ” are you looking for something?” I ask them now feeling sick to my stomach, where is Aunty Beatrice

Why are those men here,so many questions was running through my mind

” Yes…but we have find it” the one with tattoo said smile mischievously

” Oh…but what is it?” I ask them looking around the room and why did they even lock the door

The fair one with a scarily look was busy staring at my body, he is so disgusting, I remember that I was only tieing towel, I quickly through my hand around my body out of consciousness

I slowly move back, ” my aunty will not like it if she sees you here” i said trying to scare them way

“F**k! She look so hot, I can’t wait” the fair guy said

” Your aunty gave us the permission to be here” the tattoo one said

They both started coming close to me, I kept on moving back, I should have close the door, why would aunty Beatrice give them permission to come in here, they look so dangerous and what is that look on they face

” Aunty Beatrice!!…help” I yell

Before I could say anything again, both of them immediately rush me, and the tatoo guy drag me to the bed, I was struggling but am no March to them

He slap me hard on my face , as I wanted to scream again” shut the fuck” he said before pushing me on the bed

“Hold her down” he said to the fair guy

He quickly held me in two of my hands, the tattoo guy remove my towel, living me naked before them

Tear started falling out of my eye ” please…. don’t hurt me” I said pleading to them

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