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Chapter seventy-two

? Rose ?

” Are you cheating on me” I ask as I could not take the silent any more, he wouldn’t even look me straight to my face

I stood up from the bed and walk towards Alex as he was standing at the close door

” Say something?” I ask now standing face to face with Alex, I have had a enough

I why is it that whenever I think that very thing is working out fine but it will end up falling part, Alex wasn’t helping,he is not evening defending himself, that means that…..omg he really cheat on me

I could not control the heartache that I was feel inside

” Please..Alex say something, why are you quiet ,just say that you didn’t do it and I will Believe you” I said ,taking hold of his hand not minding how pathetic that I sound when is clear that he cheated probably with that Priscilla he was calling yesterday

” The person that sent you message, is….is she Priscilla?” I ask

Mentioning the name seems to get a reaction out of him, the remorse on his face vanish and replace with something that I don’t know of

” How..did you know that name?” Alex ask me,

Am hurting so badly so out of very thing I said ,that was all he care to ask me

” Is that what you should be saying right now, are f**king cheating on me?and who the f**k is Priscilla” I yell

” Don’t say that name” he said sounding it as a warning

Who the f**k is this because this is not Alex, he is not even saying anything about the cheating part but getting angrily cause I said Priscilla

“What is wrong with you, who are you cause this is not the man I fall for, why are you doing this to me and the baby, can’t you see that am all stress out” I said shaking badly

” I made a mistake” he said

I excepted him to continue but he said nothing else

” You made a mistake as in how, and why are you angry, I should be the one that is angry” I said pushing him on his chest ask I cry

” Rose..please..it was a stupid mistake” he said trying to hold me but I push him away

He look so hurt when I push him but I care not, not right now

” Who is Priscilla to you” I ask

” Rose..stop saying that name” Alex said looking angry again

” And why not, obviously your friends know who Priscilla is but I don’t” I said,I seriously want to know who Priscilla is ,is she Alex lover or what, is she the one that send the text

” Rose am sorry, that I cheated but it was a mistake,I was drunk and I taught it was you…”

“You were drunk and you didn’t bother to tell me, Alex I told you all about me but all you do is to mistreat me ,hurt me and accuss me of cheating while it was you all along” i said crying bitterly the pain is too much to bear

” Rose.. please” he said moving towards me again

” Stop” I said holding up my hand ” tell me who Priscilla is,did you cheat on me with her” I ask

” Stop saying that name” Alex shouted and I flinch with fear

” Oh my God Rose am sorry for shouting at you” he said feeling bad

“Please ,leave me” I said

” Rose…”

” Leave me alone” I shout

” Rose please, it was not her that I cheated with” he said with a sad expression, I wonder why he refuse to address her with her name

” Just go” I said ,am just tired from all this

” Rose… please let’s talk” he said

” Leave!!!!” I kept on shouting

” Ok…..just calm down, but we will talk about this later ,once you are calm” he said opening the door and look at me for the last time before leaving

Immediately he left I fall on the floor and cry me eye out, nothing is working, aunty Beatrice was right after all

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