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SAVAGE LOVE – Episode 45 & 46


{ …Thief Of Hearts… }

𝑻𝑯𝑬𝑴𝑬: 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒇𝒊𝒐𝒔𝒐’𝒔 𝑴𝒖𝒔𝒆


By, Ariel Mirabel




ENJOY!!! 🫧🩷


“I love you… More than I love myself” Aurelio said, staring intently at her.

Amour’s eyes widened

“W.. What?” Amour stuttered.

“I love you” Aurelio smiled.

Amour blinked with her mouth open, at that moment her brain temporarily stopped reasoning.

Did he just say the words she’s been dying to hear? Is she dreaming? Is he just joking?


“Here’s the menu” The waiter walked to them.

Amour immediately grabbed the menu and shyly covered her face with it.

Aurelio smiled as he watched her expression. He took his own menu and went through it.

“I’ll take this, and also the most expensive wine you have” Aurelio said.

“Same here” Amour muttered, looking down.

The waiter nodded with a smile before walking off. Aurelio looked at Amour and she looked down.

Aurelio stretched his arm and lifted her face up, their eyes met.

“Have I ever told you that I enjoy seeing you shy and embarrassed? Coz you look even prettier” Aurelio said.

Amour blushed even more and bit her lips. Aurelio smiled more and released her.

Soon their meal were brought and they dug in, eating with Amour looking down.



A car drove in the clan and out of it came Rexton. He was wearing all black and he held a non smiling look on his face as he made his way in.

“Rex? What the f**k are you doing here?” Clyde frowned.

“I’m here to see Godfather” Rexton said, heading to the Godfather’s suite.

“What if someone followed you?” Clyde went after him.

“The only person who suspected me isn’t in the clan” Rexton said and walked in Godfather’s suite, without knocking

“Ahh!! F*ck!!”

“Yes!! Ahh!!”

“Godfather you’re so… Ouch!!”

The moans were heard loud and clear as Demetrius rode a b*tch to the land of ecstasy.

He hissed angrily when he saw Rexton before pulling out of the lady.

“Get out” He said and the lady picked her clothes before leaving the room.

“I can see you’re still as polite as before” Demetrius said sarcastically as Rexton took a seat and crosses his leg over the other.

“I think there’s a problem… Aurelio suspects me of being the spy” Rexton said.

“So?” Demetrius said

“What do you mean by so? It’s a good plan, with that he won’t see our secret weapon coming.” Demetrius smirked.

“What do you mean?” Rexton raised a brow

Almost immediately a knock came up

“Come in”

The door opened and Raven came in with the usual look on her face. Rexton couldn’t hide the look of surprise on his face.

“Raven?” He muttered.

“I present to you our secret weapon” Demetrius said and Rexton’s eyes widened.

“Boss, my mission is about to start. There’s a boy I met and he seems to pick a romantic interest in me. I think I can get into the clan through him” Raven said.

“That’s great news” Demetrius smiled

“What the f**k do you think you’re doing!!” Rexton spranged up from his chair and marched towards Demetrius.

“Watch your mouth… You may be my son, but that doesn’t give you the right to take it for granted” Demetrius said.

“Dad… Why are you involving her in all this? What did you do to Raven?” Rexton said with restrained anger

“Why are you so worked up? Is it because of her? Open your f**king eyes and realize she’ll be the downfall of you” Demetrius said.

Rexton folded his fists tightly as he glared at Demetrius. Demetrius smirked before leaving the room. Raven followed him.

Rexton added pressure to his folded fists as he glared at nothing in particular.



Indigo walked out of her room, wearing her nightwear. She was having difficulties sleeping so she decided to take a stroll at the garden, maybe fresh air will help her.

She got to the garden and immediately paused on her track when she saw Scythe. He was laying down on the green grass as he gazed at the stars

The sky was cloudless so the stars could be seen, twinkling in their number.

She immediately turned and made to leave.

“You’re avoiding me, right?” Scythe’s words made her stop.

Indigo bit her lips. “No I’m not! I thought maybe you needed some alone time so I decided to leave as soon as I came” She lied

Scythe snorted, obviously not believing her lie.

“Well I won’t mind a little company” He said.

Indigo nodded before walking towards him. She sat down, hugging her knee to her chest as she fidgeted nervously.

Upon all the members she had to run into, it had to be him?

“Why are you avoiding me?” Scythe asked.

“I’m not avoiding you!” Indigo retorted as she looked front.

“Then why can’t you look at me in the eye”

Indigo took in her lips before looking at him.

“See? I’m looking at you.. Stop imagining things” Indigo scoffed.

Scythe suddenly sat up and her heart skipped a beat when he grabbed her on both arms.

“W-What are you doing?” She stuttered.

Scythe pushed her back gently till she laid down on the grass.

“You’ll be able to see the stars clearly this way” Scythe said, laying back down beside her.

“Oh…” Indigo muttered and Scythe chuckled.

“And I’m the one who’s imagining things here” He said and Indigo rolled her eyes before she gazed up at the stars.

“They’re beautiful” She smiled.

“There’s Orion’s belt and the big dipper.” Scythe pointed and she nodded as she marvelled at them

Silence was what followed till Indigo suddenly laughed.


“Nothing.. I just remember the day there was a very urgent meeting and you were bathing but boss wasn’t having any of that so you had to come to the meeting in a towel with soap everywhere” Indigo laughed and Scythe sighed

“I thought we all agreed to act like it never happened” Scythe frowned.

“I even took a pic” Indigo brought out her phone to show him the pic.

“Hey! What if I posted it on the group chat” Indigo said and Scythe immediately sat up

“Don’t you dare!” He said and made to grab the phone from her but she hid it.

“Indigo give it to me! Indigo!” Scythe began struggling to grab the phone from her.

He got ontop of her, pinning her arms down and Indigo spaced out immediately. Scythe immediately grabbed the phone from her.

He looked at her face, their faces were so close to each other. Scythe glanced at her parted lips and he gulped down.

“Kiss..” Indigo muttered.


Indigo bit her lips. “I still owe you a kiss remember? I want to make it clear that I hate owing people so don’t you think about something-”

She didn’t get to finish her statement when Scythe filled the gap between them, claiming her soft lips as he kissed her slowly.

Indigo’s eyes slowly closed.


Aurelio’s car drove in the clan. He parked and got down to open the door for Amour.

They both faced each other.

“Tonight was really fun, it’s actually my first time going on a date so I hope I wasn’t that awkward. Thanks for the gift too” Amour smiled and Aurelio nodded with a smile.

“I have to go now… Goodnight” Amour said and turned to leave but Aurelio pulled her back, she crashed on his chest.

“You’re forgetting something” Aurelio said and she blinked while looking at him.

Aurelio leaned down and pressed his lips softly on hers. The kiss was so light and soft that it sent butterflies to the pit of her tummy.

He broke the kiss before kissing her forehead affectionately.

He smiled as he looked at her

“I love you” He said and released her before walking away.

Amour stared at him as he left. She placed her hand on her chest that was pounding so hard that she almost found it hard to breath.

Tonight will surely remain one of her best nights..



Aurelio walked slowly, from left to the right as he watched his team members train. In less than an hour, they’ll be leaving for their mission.

He paired them in groups of two and he was carefully observing them as they fought.

Amour who was passing by stopped to watch them. She smiled when she saw Aurelio.

He held a cold and arrogant look on his face that demanded respected and authority.

Amour couldn’t help but stare. He looked so different, to her he’s always smiling and he’s caring and romantic but to them, one will even mistake him for a stone

“Staring at Boss I see”

Amour turned to see Coralyn standing beside her.

“So tell me, how was the date?” Coralyn hung her arms round her shoulders.

“Umm. He confessed” Amour smiled.

“Oh cool, he confessed… Wait what? What!!! Boss confessed!! Boss!! The cold and scary Boss Aurelio confessed!!” Coralyn screamed and Amour immediately blocked her mouth

“Yes.. He loves me” Amour said cutely, blushing like a teenager.

Coralyn looked at Aurelio then at Amour. She looked back at Aurelio then at Amour.

“Unbelievable!! So what did you tell him?” Coralyn winked

“Huh? Was I supposed to say something?” Amour blinked.

Coralyn staggered..

“Wait.. You didn’t tell him how you feel?” Coralyn asked and Amour nodded innocently.

“Gosh!! I feel like I’m tutoring a 10 years old on what’s love! Why didn’t you confess? It was the perfect time to tell him you feel the sake way! Gosh, what if he starts thinking you don’t feel the same way!!” Coralyn exclaimed.

Amour immediately became worried.

“Really? What if he takes it badly?” Amour said worriedly.

“I need to tell him right now!” Amour said and made to leave

“No, not like that! Since he wanted his confession to be special, let’s make yours special too” Coralyn winked.

“You sure?” Amour asked and Coralyn nodded

Coralyn looked at the arena to see Viper was staring at her. He winked and muttered an inaudible “I love you”

Coralyn immediately blushed and held Amour.

“Let’s go!” She said and dragged her away

Viper smiled even more..

Ruby came out of her hiding and she glared at Viper, she saw everything from where she was and also heard everything

“Boss Aurelio? In love with her? Gosh, why are all our superiors having such low standards in women” She rolled her eyes and walked away.



Coralyn walked in Viper’s suite and immediately turned back when she saw he was shirtless, buckling his belt

“Is it me or everytime you barge in I’m always dressing? Just tell me you want me to do a strip-tease for you” Viper smirked.

Coralyn cleared her throat nervously. “I’ll come back later then” She said and made to leave but Viper swiftly turned her to face him

He now had his shirt on but the buttons were undone.

“What did you come here for?” Viper asked.

“I came to wish you good luck on your mission” She said, avoiding his gaze.

Viper brought her face back front such that she stared at him.

“Wish me properly then” Viper said.

Coralyn took in her lips. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips on his.

“Here” She said

“Thank you” Viper suddenly said and she looked at him

“For what?”

“Thank you for giving me back a reason to smile in this life” Viper said and Coralyn could feel her heart skip a beat

He held her hand.

“I don’t care if you don’t love me back, just let me do the loving. I’m ready to show you how much you mean to me” Viper said.

He smiled again and pinched her nose before he continued dressing up

Coralyn just stared at him. How on earth is this iceberg effortlessly romantic?



“Here, all done” Amour said when she finished dressing up Aurelio

“I feel like I’m married right now, how about we get married?” Aurelio said and Amour looked at him with a funny look on her face

Aurelio couldn’t help but laugh.

“Have to go now” Aurelio said and Amour pouted

“I’m missing you already” She said

Aurelio kissed her forehead, rubbing her cheek.

“I’ll be back” He said and Amour nodded while grinning.

He pecked her before leaving the room. Amour heaved loudly as she sat on the bed.


Aurelio got to the exterior and met the others waiting for him. They all had their ammunition, ready to go.

“Everybody ready?” Aurelio said

👥 Yes Boss!!

“Good, let’s go” Aurelio said and they all began boarding the two cars

Cheetah looked at Ruby who standing by the stairs. She smirked and nodded at her before entering the car.

The cars drove off immediately.



“I’m bored” Coralyn sighed loudly, already missing Viper

“Me too” Amour pouted.

They looked at each and sighed loudly at the same time

“Love..” They chorused.

“Now that it’s only us girls, let’s have fun together. I brought booze!” Ruby exclaimed, walking in.

“That’s better!!” Coralyn grinned.

Ruby placed three bottles of beer on the table and picked her first.

“Cheers!” Ruby said and they all clinked their bottles together.

Ruby and Amour drank from their bottles at the same time.

“Ruby, you’re needed” A maid walked in and Ruby rolled her eyes.

“You guys continue I’ll be back” Ruby said and left.

Amour drank from her bottle again. Coralyn made to drink but stopped when she felt weird.

“What time of the month is it? F**k, my period!” She exclaimed with wide eyes.

“I’ll be back” Coralyn immediately rushed out before it stained her gown

Amour brought out her new phone and began pressing it trying to understand how it worked. She brought the bottle to her lips but paused when she felt a sharp pain grip her lower abdomen.

Amour twisted her face in discomfort. The pain hit her at threefold this time

“Argh!!” She stood up from her seat, holding her tummy tightly.

She felt something coming out of her p**sy, rushing down her thigh and her eyes widened when she saw blood

Her eyes widened but she didn’t have the time to even think when the pain doubled.

“Argh!!” She fell down on the ground.

“Someone… Help, Argh!!!” Tears slipped out of her eyes.

It felt like her intestines were in excruciating fire and the blood didn’t stop flowing down.

“H-Help… Please Some- Argh!!”

Her eyes slowly began closing…

➪… 𝗧𝗕𝗖🩶…➪

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