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THE END: SEDUCE ME – Episode 80


? S£DUC£
M£ ?
( His Redemption… )


By; Succie.







Balls of tears falls down Axton’s eyes seeing what just happened before his very own eyes. He quickly run down from the rooftop to meet Sofia.

His totally went insane seeing Sofia in a pool of blood, struggling to breath.

“So…Sofia” Axton stuttered crying.

“Are you really my brother?” She asked weakly.

Axton looks at her and nods his head.

“Then is your name really Axton?”

“Tristan, my real name is Tristan” Axton said between tears.

“Too bad I can’t remember you, but I promise to remember you in my next Life”

“Sofia” Axton said crying.

“If really your my brother, then am sorry for everything, especially making the woman you love loose her baby…. Your not mad at me right?”

And Axton shakes his head.

“No am not mad at you Sofia”.

“That’s a relief then” She said and her eyes closed meeting her death.

He touch her dead face, and their happy moments as kids keeps flashing back at him.

“Sofia!!!!!” Axton screams crying so painfully, the fact that he couldn’t protect his sister to the very end saddens him so much.

And when he remembered how his sister fall down the rooftop cos of Gams, anger manifested in him, he folds his knuckles tightly, as rage of anger and vergence filled his face.

“Am going to ripped him off his life” He said with so much anger boiling Inside of him.

He looks up in the rooftop and Gams smirks at him, before rushing down from the rooftop, and Axton angrily went after him.

Gams increase the pace of his feet when he sees Axton coming after him with so much anger.

Axton brought him down with a flying kick and he began punching the living day light out of him, with so much anger.

He grab Gams by the collar and began to use his head to hit the wall, Gams was bleeding all over, but Axton wasn’t ready to stop.

“There’s no use trying to kill me Axton, your sister is dead, and will never come back to you” Gams laughs annoyingly.

“For killing my only sister, am going to make sure, your going to beg for death, but death will never come” Axton said as more tears keeps pouring down his eyes.

Gams tries to fight back, but he was only lucky to punch Axton’s face, before Axton send him to the ground and stabs his left eyes.

Gams screams in agony.


“Gatsby!!!” They all screamed rushing to where he was.

“Gatsby, are you alright?” Jupitar asked, but Gatsby was already consumed by the fire.

“Please tell Freya that I love her so much, and that she was the first and last girl I have ever love, tell her that I want her to be happy” Gatsby struggles to say, and they nods their heads with tears falling down their eyes.

“Please look after Freya, I know she’s a bit annoying, but she’s also a sweetheart, Please take care of her for me” Gatsby said before slowly meeting his death.

“Gatsby!!!” They screams his name out painfully.

Kent and Chevy sees Ambrosia leaving, and they quickly went after her. Ambrosia enter her car, driving in multiple speed.

Kent and Chevy also got into a car, they don’t even know who the car belongs to, but they use it in chasing after Ambrosia.

Ambrosia increase the speed of her car, when she sees Kent and Chevy coming after her.

The vroom sounds of their cars could loudly be heard, as they did the chase.

Kent increase the speed of his car again and bumped the side of his car with Ambrosia’s car, he did it trice, before finally blocking the car with his.

Ambrosia came out from the gun, pulling the gun severally at them, Kent and Chevy keeps dodging the bullets and luckily for them they were on bulletproof.

Ambrosia threw the gun away, when there was no bullet in it again, and a fighting combat began between them.

And even if it was two against one, Ambrosia was able to send them to the walls and ground, every single seconds, her fighting skills were no jokes.

“You both are no match for me” She brings out an explosive and drew it at them, but Kent and Chevy flew to different direction avoiding the explosive.

Another fighting combat began between the three of them and this time around, they were able to get Ambrosia.

Kent and Chevy kicks her at thesame and she flew to the ground, and before she could stand to her feet, Chevy kicks her again and began giving her everlasting punches.

Ambrosia tried using an explosive on him, but Chevy was quick to snatch it from her, and he inserted it inside her mouth, and quickly rolled away from her.

The explosive exploded with it still on Ambrosia’s mouth.

She screams in pains, as her brain and body scattered into different parts.

Both Chevy and Kent let out a relief.


Ace and Megan also let out a relief after dealing with Jailbird, they had been in a fighting combat with him, and they made sure they had his head chopped off.

“How did you know am your twin?” Megan asked.

“I happened to listen to your conversation with the Boss and Artemis while searching for Miguel, and I confirmed you were my sister, when I secretly checked the necklace you were wearing, while you were sleeping”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“Cos I was waiting for the right time” Ace said.

“Then did you know…..

“I knew….Mom told me how cruel of a man dad was, that’s why she wanted you to come with us, but you declined”.

“Am sorry, maybe all this won’t have happened if I wasn’t stubborn”

“Is fine pumpkin, now I understand why I was so attracted to you, is because your my twin” Ace said.

And Megan hugs him tightly.

“I miss you so much Miguel, thanks for surviving” She said almost crying.

“I miss you so much too pumpkin” Ace said hugging her back. But they broke the hug all of a sudden and looks at each other.





“Where’s Gatsby?” Freya asked when she sees everyone who went for the mission except for Gatsby.

Chevy, Kent, Fallon, Jupitar, Damon and Braxton looks at her with sad eyes.

“Why’re you looking at me that way, where’s Gatsby!!” She yells.

And they present Gatsby’s dead body to her, Freya’s heart sinks immediately.

“No, No, this is not true, is not true, his not dead, Gatsby is not dead, he has to know that I fallen for him, he has to know that I love him too, Gatsby!!!!” Freya screams crying painfully as she hugs the deceased body.


Game’s screams filled the torture room, as hot rubber metal was used on him. He was stacked nacked and the droplets of hot rubber wax keeping dropping on his bare skin.

He already had sours all over and it was as if he was already in hell, paying for his sins.

Axton enters the torture room and throws the head of Jailbird and a transparent Nylon containing Ambrosia’s body particles at him.

“This is the head of your son, and he won’t ever be able to come back to life even in the next life cos they won’t be a head to attach to his body and as for your betrayer of a daughter, this is particles of her body, not even the deity will be able to gather her body particles for recreation” Axton said.

“Axton!!! You got your revenge, just kill me instead, Kill me!!” Gams yells crying.

“Now you know what it feels like loosing someone dear to you, that was also what I felt when my sister died because of you, Your forever going to remain in painful agony, hot rubber metal wax will always be used on you each and every seconds of the day, still I decide to kill you” Axton said with rage of anger.

He leaves the torture room and the men resumes pouring the hot rubber wax on him.

Gams painful screams filled the vacuum space.


“Is she finally asleep” Kent asked Fallon.

“Yes, thankfully, I feel so bad for her, she didn’t get the chance to tell Gatsby her true feelings, is the most painful thing ever”

“Really?” Kent asked, Fallon looks at him.

“Why am I even talking to you?” She rhetorically asked and tries to leave.

“Fallon, I love you” He said and Fallon stops on her track and looks at him.

“I love you Fallon, I love you so much, I keep holding back my feelings because of my first heartbreak, but I don’t want to end up like how Freya is right now, I love you Fallon”.

“And so”


“Do you expect me to jump in your arms because you confess your feelings for me”.

“Don’t you love me anymore”

“I do, Despite you being a coward, I still love you, but you hurt me to the deepest”

“Am sorry Fallon”.

“Sorry isn’t accepted, if you want me to be your girlfriend, then you have to work hard for it, and now that I know you love me, am going to return the favor of you breaking my heart” Fallon said and walks away smiling.

“Is she been serious, Fallon, am going to die if you do that, Fallon…. Celine” Kent said going after her.


“I didn’t tell you to come to Russia, just to date my sister alright, your relationship is highly disapproved” Chevy said.

“Chevy” Jupitar whines.

“Are you two planning on birthing a gangster, when two baddies joins heads together is going to turn into chaos” Chevy said.

“We aren’t planning on moving to that angle just yet, I love your sister and if you want me to change how I look just to approve our relationship, I’ll do it” Damon said.

Chevy looks at them and a laughs.

“I was jocking, Jupitar you should know me by now, that your happiness is my priority, But Damon if you dare hurt my sister, your going to answer to me” He said.

“I won’t Chevy, you should also date too” Damon said.

“Nah, am still recovering from heartbreak” Chevy said.

“What about Axton?” Jupitar asked and Chevy sighs.

“His refusing to talk to anymore, He only got to see his sister after so many years, and had to loose her again and this time for good” Chevy said and both Damon and Jupitar sighs.


Megan enters Axton’s room and sees him sitting on the bare floor, and he was just crying silently, looking at the half heart pendent.

Thinking about the fact that he lost his sister again without helping her, brought more tears to him, and to add to his pains, Sofia didn’t get a chance to know who she really is.

Megan crimps her lips, she too was also feeling so sad, Freya is in a sad state because of her and here was the man she loves so much crying because of her.

“Axton” she manage to call his name.

“Get lost, I don’t want to ever see your face again, just disappeared from my life” Axton said with watery eyes.

“I wish I didn’t go back to save you, I wish I didn’t leave my sister there alone just to save you, Is enough that your Dad killed my Dad, and my sister died because I tried to save you, I don’t want to put the blame on you, but one thing is for sure, I don’t want to ever see your face again, disappear from this place with your brother, and never come back” Axton said as more tears falls down his eyes.

Megan hicups in tears.

“Skylight am…

“Call me skylight again, and I’ll be forced to kill you” Axton said pointing a gun at her.

“Axton” She calls him looking surprised.

“Get out of my sight before I pull the trigger, leave!!!!, Just leave me alone!!!, Just get lost!!!” Axton yells at her angrily.

And with tears in her eyes, Megan runs out of the room, Axton breaks into a painful tears.

“Sofia!!” He screams out crying so painfully.



After Megan left the clan with Ace, just like Axton wanted, Day turns into days, month to month till it eventually got to a year after the sad events happened.

Freya left the clan and no one knows where she went, but they were still hoping to see her again.

Chevy went back to Mexico alongside with Jupitar and Damon, who were so much inlove with each other.

Fallon after making sure Kent sees hell, accepted his proposal of being his girlfriend.

Artemis and Lennox are now a couple, and both are doing just fine.

As for Spooky and Tornado, let’s just say both are still in the Friend’s zone, after the Ambrosia’s issue, Tornado isn’t ready to give his heart to anyone, and poor Spooky is still patiently waiting for him.

As for Axton, no one has heard of him too, after his sister was buried, he left without telling anyone, and since Chevy and Jupitar wasn’t interested in the Mafia’s business, they closed down the mob since it only reminds them of sad memories.



“Ace, Megan, Breakfast is ready” Braxton announced to them. She too also left the mob with Ace and Megan, and isn’t a surprise thing to say that both she and Ace are together.

“Thanks sweetheart” Ace said and kiss her, Braxton smiles.

“Where’s Megan?” She asked sitting beside him.

“She left a while ago”. Ace answers.

“Really? But I didn’t see her leaving, Where did she go?”

“She’s has some work to do”

Braxton sighs.

“Do you think there’s still a chance for she and Tristan to be together?” Braxton asked.

“I have no idea Braxton, No one knows where he is, even Chevy, Jupitar and Kent don’t know where he is now, but I know my twin sister still loves him very much”.

“I hope fate brings them back together”.

“Me too”.


“Are you sure you will be able to fixed the light?” The caretaker asked.

Megan looks at him and smiles.

“Yes I can, Don’t worry about me” She said climbing the ladder.

“Alright then, I’ll be right back” He said and leaves.

Megan continues fixing the lights, and in the process of doing so, her foot flip off from the branches of the ladder, she almost fell to the ground, but someone was quick to caught her.

Megan’s eyes widened, when she saw the person who caught her, it was no other person but Axton.

Both stayed on the particular spot, staring into each other’s eyes, surprised to see each other again.

“Sir Tristan” The caretaker called and he lets go off Megan.

“What’s she doing here” He asked, and Megan was just looking at him.

“She was sent by the maintenance company Sir Tristan, in no time your mansion will be fixed” He said.

“Alright, you can go” Tristan said, the caretaker bows and leaves.

“Your name is Tristan now?” Megan manage to ask after some minutes of silence between them.

“That has always been my name” He said and turns to leave.

“Are you still mad at me?” She asked and he stopped walking.

“Am sorry for everything that happened a year ago Ax…. Tristan, I didn’t mean for any of it to happen, am sorry you had to loose your dad because of my dad, am sorry you had to loose your sister because of me, am sorry for everything skylight, I know is selfish for me to say this but…. I miss you so much and I still love you very much too” Megan said as tears falls down her eyes.

Axton without looking at her, leaves for his room and Megan’s heart broke into a thousand pieces.

She wipes her tears and was about leaving the mansion, when Tristan wrapped his hands around her shoulder from behind.

“I miss you so much too Heart bug” He said and more tears falls down Megan’s eyes as she face him.

“Am sorry for everything Skylight, am so sorry” She said crying.

Axton cleans her tears with his thumb, caressing her face softly.

“I love you so much Heart bug” Tristan said and Megan hicups.

“I love you too Skylight… Can we start all over again” She asked with a crying voice.

Rather than giving answers to her question, Tristan captures her lips with his. Megan didn’t waste time in kissing him back.

They kept deeping the kiss with every chance they get, like they were making up for the seconds, minutes, hours, days and mouths that they weren’t together.

Tristan place Megan on the table and continues kissing her more deeply, as his hands did wonders to her body.


Phew, finally, we’ve come to the end of this Story, My Most Twisted story ever.

Thanks for staying throughout the ride, Much love from me to Y’all.

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