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Episode 10


Wait my idol! What’s he doing here?. “You haven’t answered my question,” he said and sat on the office chair. My eyes roamed his body, taking in the beauty of each part of his body.

His thick brown shiny hair glow beneath the light, while clinging onto his head, some of his hair curve at the front and it’s almost touching his eyes, his pink lips looking alluring and tempting.

My eyes darted to the expensive looking button down shirt which fitted him perfectly, matching the light color of his flawless and spotless skin, then to the expensive latest Rolex wristwatch around his wrist, his trouser was made from beautiful and expensive silk, his black expensive looking shoes fitted on his feet perfectly.

He’s very rich no doubt, you might be surprised how I know all the expensive wear, I do check online for expensive wear and saved them for future purposes, cràzy right? I was busy daydreaming and I don’t know when he get to my front, he raised my chin up and look directly into my face.

This is tough, I guess he will be the one to seduce me.


I heard a knock on my door and I rushed to check who the person is, because I don’t have the strength to argue with Mum today, I smiled when I find out who the person is. I sat down in the computer room admiring her beauty from there until I decided to come out.

I was sad just a few moments ago this lady must be so special to make me this happy.

“My mistress” I called, I can bet it with my life that she wasn’t expecting that.

“Did he knows what I came here for?” She asked me, why won’t I know why she’s here, it’s obvious she’s the new secretary Mum employed, this is the first time Mum is doing the right thing.

“What did you come here for my mistress?,” I asked. Because I heard what she said loud sbd clear, I can see she was also surprised to see me.

She was lost staring at me that she forget to answer my question, I moved closer to her and raised her Chin up and she left out a nervous smile.

“Did you remember me?” I asked and she nod her head positively fumbling with her cloth, she was nervous, she must be a shy person. “So I guess you know why I called you my mistress?” I asked with a smile and she nod her head negatively.

“Cinderella that forgets one of her shoes at the ball,” I said and walked to my drawer, I brought it from the drawer and she gasp. “Did you know the paparazzi ask if you’re my mistress that day?” I asked.

“No” she replied. Woah! She has an angelic voice.

“They called you my mistress, the news will have been everywhere if I didn’t act fast,” I said. “I am Sorry” she said with her head bow.

“Sorry for what? We can make it real you know be my mistress” I said and her hand landed on my face

“Jerk! I can’t believe I was crushing on a Jerk like you, how can you ask me to be your mistress? Didn’t you have a fiance?” She yelled.

I guess she wasn’t as cool as I thought, I was only joking with her but she took it seriously, but what did she just say crush? I shouldn’t be surprise, I am many Ladies choice.


How could he say a thing like that? Did he take me for a slût, I guess he’s really cheating on his fiance as she said.

“Hey don’t give me that look, I am not a flirt” he replied, who told him to explain himself, pervert.

“Go meet the receptionist she will show you your table,” he said with a smile. “Thank you,” I said and bow my head a bit.

“Aren’t you going to tell me sorry for punching him?” He asked. “Your wish” I replied and walked out of the office.

I don’t think he’s grumpy, but why will the news portray Luna’s fiance to be grumpy?, What did I even know? It’s my first day, at work I have never felt this happen before if someone tells me I’m gonna get a white-collar job like this, I won’t believe it.

But I need strategies on how to make him fall. “You’re back,” the receptionist said with a smile and I nod my head.

“So how did you see our boss? Is he grumpy or nice?” She asked. “I can’t say for now, but he looks like a flirt” I replied.

“A flirt? No o disagree with you, Mr. Smith isn’t a flirt, in fact, he has never fallen in love before even his co-called fiance can’t tame his heart” She replied.

“I don’t believe you, he flirt with me” I replied. “That’s not possible” she replied.

“So you think I’m lying, I even think you can be my first female friend but not anymore” I replied and she burst into laughter.

“I am just surprised, Mr. Smith always keep straight face, I have never seen him smile before, so I was surprised when you said he flirts with you” she replied.

“Okay then, he said you should show me my table,” I said. “Over there,” she said and point at a well arrange chair.

“Thanks very much” I replied. “You’re welcome my new friend” she replied.

“What’s your name?” I asked. “Claire and you’re Karen right?” She asked and I nod my head. My phone rang out loud and I brought it out of my bag, I click on the answer button without looking at the caller.

“Hello” I heard the most annoying voice in this world. “Luna what did you want?” I asked. “Relax I just wanna ask how your first-day bat work goes” She replied.

“It was fine, can you end the call now? Or did you want me to lose my job?” I asked and she burst into laughter.

“The last time I checked you’re working with my fiance and I was the one that help you get the job, so you can’t lose it, not when you aren’t done with my Job” she replied and end the call.

“Who the hèll did she think she’s!” I screamed. “Karen hope you’re good?” Claire asked and I realized I was in the office.

Luna didn’t know the stuff I am made of, she asked me to seduce my idol, let’s see how it goes. I said and a woman that looked exactly like my new boss walk to my table with some guards by her side.

“You’re the new secretary?” She asked with a smile and I nod my head immediately.

“Can’t you talk with your mouth?” She asked gently.

“I’m very sorry ma, I am the new secretary” I replied and she nod her head.

“Good luck” she replied and walked towards Mr. Smith’s office. I guess she’s his mother. “Karen the boss wants to see you in his office,” Claire said.

“Why didn’t he call me instead?” I asked. “I don’t know maybe you should try asking him when you get to his office” she replied with a smirk.


Mrs. Smith walked inside the Jayden office and look around with a smile on her face.

“Won’t you welcome your mother with a hug?” She asked and Jayden scoff loud. “what are you doing here Mrs. Smith?” Jayden asked with a smile.

“You’re going with Luna to her family house for dinner tomorrow” She replied. “I am not available” Jayden replied.

“You don’t have a choice do you?” Mrs. Smith asked with a smile, she moved closer to him and raise his chin up.

“You’re going whether you like it or not” Mrs. Smith said.

“I am not going so Mrs. Smith you can’t force me this time around, do me a favor by leaving my office right this moment,” Jayden said and Mrs. Smith slap him hard on his face and Karen walked inside the office at that time.

“Are you done?” Jayden asked and she gave him another slap. “I am very sure you will leave my office when you’re tired,” Jayden said and Mrs. Smith raised her hand up to slap Jayden again, Karen rushed to her and hold her hand. “that’s enough woman!” She yelled.

What’s Karen? A superwoman ?

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