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Episode 16


“Please take the gun from my head it’s too cold,” Mrs. Smith said shaking and the guy burst into laughter.

“You aren’t strong like I thought,” the guy said and drop his gun.

“Why will you even point a gun at my head?” Mrs. Smith asked.

“O thought you’re strong since you have the mind to come to this place alone,” the guy replied with a smirk.

“I am not strong when it comes to gun, Bullets,” Mrs. Smith said.

“Anyway let’s go and sit down,” Bullet said and they both walked to a chair, Mrs. Smith look around in fright before finally sitting down on one of the chairs.

“Don’t tell me you don’t trust me” Bullet said.

“I did but I need to be a more careful son,” Mrs. Smith replied.

“Mother, what brought you to this place?” Bullet asked.

“I need you to deal with someone” Mrs. Smith replied.

“Deal like Kîlling the person? What did the person do to you?” Bullet asked.

“She dares me! She interferes with my business” Mrs. Smith replied with a smile.

“I guess she stands up for Jayden? because I know the only business you have is Jayden” Bullet replied and Mrs. Smith frowned her face.

“Yes she did” Mrs. Smith replied.

“I knew it, so should I kîll the lady for you?” Bûllet asked.

“No I don’t want you to kîll her, I just wanna show her that I am superior” Mrs. Smith replied and bûllet burst into laughter.

“Why don’t you tell the cops to arrest her since you don’t want me to kîll her?” Bûllet asked.

“I did, but they’re influencial, it’s not as if they’re rich, infact they’re very poor, but her mother is a retired soldier” Mrs Smith replied.

“Why don’t you let the poor guy be Mum? Did you know you’re giving him so much pain?” Bûllet asked.

“He’s my son, I can do anything I like to him” Mrs. Smith replied and bûllet burst into laughter.

“That guy is too dull because if he’s not he won’t allow you to control his life for him, I wish I can go out and show myself to him, but you dèvîl won’t allow me,” Bullet spat.

“Bûllet don’t try me!” Mrs. Smith said.

“Stop running your mouth at me, I can kîll you here and no one will ask of you” Bullet replied.

“I am your mother, you can’t do such a thing to me no matter how heartlèss you’re” Mrs. Smith replied.

“I am glad you know I am heartlèss, I can kîll you if I like, but I am keeping you for something well known to the both of us” Bûllet replied.

“Are you dealing with her or not? ” Mrs. Smith asked.

“It’s not like I have a choice” Bûllet replied and Mrs. Smith brought out a picture from her bag.

“Here’s her picture, don’t kîll her she still has something to do for Luna” Mrs. Smith replied, and bûllet collected the picture from her.

“Wait!” Bûllet said with a frown.

“Did you know her?” Mrs. Smith asked.

“No I don’t, but why will you tell me to deal with this beauty?” Bûllet ask.

“Don’t tell me you’re falling in love with her picture” Mrs. Smith said.

“Falling in love? I don’t do that, say something else” Bûllet replied.

“Make sure you do what I sent you, you know what I can do if you refuse, I give you 48 hours” Mrs. Smith said and stood up from the chair.

“Are you going already? don’t you want me to entertain you?” Bullet asked.

“Entertain me Bûllet, I reject it, I almost diè the last time you entertained me” Mrs. Smith replied and ran off.

“Lazy woman,” Bûllet said and burst into laughter.

“Let’s go!” Mrs. Smith said immediately she get to where her car was Parked.


“So will you be my girlfriend? I promised to take good care of you” he said, this is the problem I have with rich people, did I tell him I can’t take care of myself.

“I don’t need you to take care of me, I can take care of myself” I snapped.

“I am sorry if that gets you angry, I don’t mean to get you angry I’m very sorry” he replied.

“No problem, your parents already love Luna, that won’t accept me,” I replied.

“I don’t care if they don’t accept you, all I know is that I want you” he replied.

“I don’t wanna be a home breaker, I don’t wanna be the reason your mum will slap you again, that woman behave like a dèvîl,” I said.

“She didn’t behave like a dèvîl, she’s the real dèvîl, if I am not a replica of her, I’ll have to tell Dad to show me my real mother,” he said, yes he’s right, him and his mother are like twins, the only difference is that she’s a woman and he’s a guy.

“Are you the only child of your parents?” I asked because I am very sure she can’t treat her only child as a piece of rag.

“Yes I am their only child, my mum is never like this before, but then people are change and she suddenly changed without no reason” he replied.

“Let’s go back to work,” I said.

“Not until you reply to me” he replied with a smile.

“Let not do this, for now, we are two different people, we aren’t compatible,” I said.

“I don’t care, I am ready to bring you to my world” he replied.

“Your world?” I asked and he nod his head and an idea popped into my head.

“I’ll accept your proposal for one reason,” I said.

“Tell me I am ready to do anything” he replied with a smile, I can see he is happy.

I left out a devilish smirk, I know it will be very hard for him to do.

“I’ll accept you, only if you do what a commoner like me does, can you bath in the public bathroom?” I asked and he frown his face in disgust and I scoffed.

“If you can’t bathe in public bathroom and eat what commoners like we commoners eat, they’re many foods we eat that people like you can’t eat, if you can eat it, I’ll date you,” I said and walked to my table.

“This is fûcking hard for me to do” he growls.

I put on my headphone and pretend to be busy.

“Can’t you give me another task?” He asked and my phone rang out loud, my eyes almost pop out of their socket when I see the caller. “Oh no!”


“Hey, Sandra why aren’t you concentrating, you have been repeating the same thing for the past twenty minutes, what’s your problem?” Luna yelled.

“I am sorry, the music is just not entering my head, I am not getting the vibe, maybe we should change it” Sandra replied.

“Change what? Did you realize I am the one that wrote the song?” Luna asked.

“Maybe that’s the reason why the song is boring like fûck!” Sandra’s replied. “Watch your tongue Sandra” Luna yelled.

“I am sorry, I am only saying this for peace to reign” Sandra said with a scoff.

“Let’s continue” Dora said.

“When is your shoot with Jayden?” Sandra asked.

“Why are you asking when is my shoot with him?” Luna asked angrily.

“I thought we are friends and I can ask you anything” Sandra replied.

“We aren’t friends, we are just group members, the fact that we sing together doesn’t make us friends, you and I am not on the same level” Luna replied.

“We aren’t the same level, it’s not as if you’re richer than I am, the only problem is that your parents are rich” Sandra scoff.

“It wasn’t your fault, it’s my fault I don’t know why I’ll make friends with people like you guys,” Luna said.

“You should leave the group then, it’s not as if you have fans than we us” one of the group members Dora said.

“I know you don’t like me before and I am happy to tell you that the feeling is mutual,” Luna said, and Dora scoffed.

“Guess who I am having a photoshoot with next week? I got a new endorsement last week and Jayden is also their brand ambassador, I can’t wait to snap with my crush” Dora shouted.

“Did you know I can ruin your career, I can tell Jayden not to snap with you, the company will listen to anything Jayden tell them” Luna replied.

“Who are you to him?” Dora asked with a scoff. “I am his fiance” Luna replied showing off her ring.

“Don’t tell me the rumor is true?” Dora asked. “You can kill yourself” Luna replied showing her their engagement pictures.

“This îdiot is a bad friend, she knew Jayden is my crush and she went ahead to seduce him,” Dora said angrily.

“I don’t need seduce him, no I don’t have time to do that, our parent pair us together, that’s the advantage of having super rich parents, you get what you want anytime you need it” Luna replied.

“I thought you don’t like Jayden, I thought you have a boyfriend,” Sandra said.

“I broke up with him, I and Jayden are getting married soon, oh my goodness! I can’t wait to be called Mrs. Smith” Luna said dreamingly. “But you never like him” Dora snapped.

“I like him because you guys do, and who in her right senses won’t like Jayden, he’s every woman dream, but he’s mine, he’s rich, handsome and Popular, oh my god, someone should pour me water!” She shouted and a bowl of water landed on her head. “What the fûck!” She yelled.

Sandra stood up from the chair and walked angrily to Luna’s side, she dragged her by her hair and she fall immediately.

Mr.s Smith entered the house and drop her bag on the table. She smiled when she remember where she was coming from.

“He’s a fast learner, he is now calling me mum, how cool, I love him became he’s handsome, oh my poor son,” Mrs. Smith said and hold her chest. “Where did you go to?” Mr. Smith asked and Mrs. Smith look back in fright.

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