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Episode 17


“You scared me!” Mrs. Smith said and hold her chest.

“How did I scare you? I only ask a question or are you keeping something from me?” Mr. Smith asked and Mrs. Smith nod her head negatively.

“No I am not keeping anything from you, I only went to visit my friend and we talked about so many things” Mrs. Smith replied with a fake smile.

“Are you sure?” Mr. Smith asked.

“Common darling, I am very sure, or don’t you want me to visit my friends?” Mrs. Smith asked and does some thinking.

“Wait you don’t trust me?” Mrs. Smith asked.

“I trust you, I was just surprised you went out without telling me” Mr. Smith replied.

“You’re sleeping when I left so I don’t wanna disturb you” Mrs. Smith replied.

“So what did you guys talk about?” Mr. Smith asked with a smile.

“We talked about many things, but it’s women talk I can’t tell you” Mrs. Smith replied.

“I knew it that you’re keeping something from me, those people are a bad influence they have taught my wife how to keep something from her dear husband, I am hurt,” Mr. Smith said and Mrs. Smith burst into laughter. “Don’t tell me you’re Jèàlóûs of my friends?” Mrs Smith asked with a fake frown.

“I won’t lîe to you, I am very Jèàlóûs, I think you won’t be going out with them anymore” Mr Smith said.

“You don’t owe me!” Mrs Smith replied. “I owed you, I sm your husband” Mr Smith replied with a smile.

“Betrayal” Sandra shouted and pounce on Luna.

“Why did you tell us you hàte him when you actually love him, you know I would have given up on Jayden and focused on someone else if you told me you love him,” Sandra said.

“It’s too late to give up!” Luna shouted in pain. “I am not giving up, I’ll seduce Jayden and make sure he falls for me, Jayden can date or marry someone else but not you, you don’t deserve Jayden,” Sandra said.

“Sandra that’s enough, don’t kîll her, don’t let Jayden issue cause problem, remember we are all one,” Dora said “she’s a betrayal,” Sandra replied breathing hard.

“Just let her be, don’t spoil het face remember we have a show tomorrow,” Dora said.

“That’s true” Sandra replied and stood up.

She gave Luna a deàdly look before walking to her room.

“you guys will pay for ganging up against me” Luna yelled.

“you better keep quiet, or did you want me to add to your pain?” Dora asked with a smirk.

“You’re sick” Luna replied and run to her room. “F00L!” Dora muttered and concentrated on the Tv.


I should be the one to call and thank Derrick but I totally forget, now I am feeling guilty, why did he have to call me first? I clicked on the answer button and take the phone close to my ear.

“I am very sorry Derrick for not calling I am sorry, I was planning to call you before you called” I lied smoothly, if they are giving award to the best lier in the world I think I will came out with first positio.

Jayden frown his face, don’t tell me he’s Jèàlóûs.

“Derrick I said I am sorry,” I said when I didn’t hear any response from him and he burst into laughter.

“You didn’t offend me, I understand you’re very busy, and you don’t even need to call and thank me, we are friends right?” He asked and I nod my head.

“Hey, why aren’t you replying to my question?” He asked and I realized he can’t see me.

“don’t mind me I was busy nodding my head, I forget you can’t see me” I replied and he Chuckled.

“How’s work? Hope your boss isn’t giving you problem?” He asked and I stylishly look at Jayden.

“Not really, he is a cool guy” I replied and Jayden stood up immediately.

Where is he going to? “Okay, I just call to say hi, will you hang out with me later?” He asked.

“Sure I’ve missed you” I replied and Jayden snatched the phone from my hand, he look at the caller and frowned.

“Who’s he?” He asked. “My friend” I replied and snatch my phone from him.

“Jayden send the address I’ll come when I close,” I said.

“Hope you aren’t in trouble? I can hear your boss voice” He said.

“No there’s no problem” I replied.

“Alright take care of yourself, I heart you big,” I said and end the call. I look at the phone and smile.

I placed the phone on my chest and breathe out. “I love him!” I don’t know how it came out of my mouth.

“You love who?” He asked, it seems he wanna cry, what’s wrong with this dude, it’s not even as if we are in any relationship.

“I love my friend” I replied.

He nod his head and walked to his table. He placed his head on his table and raised it almost immediately.

He opened his laptop and continue what he’s doing.

I think this is even better, but why do I feel like he’s not happy with me?

I think it’s high time I call Luna and tell her I am done with the work she gave me because I can’t afford to deeply fall in love with him, it won’t be easy to let go because Jayden has always been my dream man.

“Are you thinking about him? Maybe you should take some break so you can be able to concentrate” he said and I raised my head up and my face met with his smiling face.

Wait! I thought he was angry at me.

“I don’t need Break” I replied.

“Alright, I’ll be closing very early today, I need to go prepare for my date and I’ve photoshoot by 2 pm, I’ll be having a couple shoots next week, it’s very annoying that I’ll be snapping with Luna, but I can change her to you, what did you think?” He asked with a smile.

“No thanks,” I replied, is this not the guy that was not happy some minutes ago.

I love people like him, people like him don’t take things to heart.

“Why? you will make a lot of money or your boyfriend won’t allow you?” He asked.

“I don’t have a boyfriend” I replied and he smile.

“huh!” He Hummed.

“Yes,” I replied and his phone rang out loud.

He picked it up immediately. “Hello,” he said. “Alright, mum” he replied and drop his phone. I guess he’s speaking with his mother.

“I’ll get going now, my Nanny wanna see me,” he said.

“Your Nanny?” I asked and she nod her head. “Yes she’s like a mother to me, you will meet her soon” he replied.

Who told him I wanna meet his nanny, I was just surprised how a grown-up guy like him will have a nanny.

“I know what you’re thinking about, old Nana has been my nanny since I am a kid, I love her after my mum, but I love her more now because mum has suddenly turned into a wîtch, I don’t know why she wants me in her house, but I know she doesn’t call me without reason,” he said and stood up.

He walked to my side and peck me on my forehead.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked and pushed him slightly from myself.

“I am trying to say goodbye, after all, I didn’t fûck you I only peck your forehead,” he said and I covered my ear with my palm.

“naughty guy,” I said.

“I wanna be naughty for only you,” he said and winked at me and I heard my face because I am very sure it will be red by now.

“see you tomorrow, because I am very sure I can’t see you today again,” he said and walked out and I Breathe out in relief, the only guy that’s capable of taking my breath away even before knowing him well.

3 pm

I’m done with my work, there’s nothing to do again, I guess I can now be saying bye-bye now.

I picked up my bag and walked out of the office, surprisedly Claire is still in her office busy what is the system.

“What are you still doing here?” I asked with a frown.

“Clara isn’t here” she replied with a frown. “Who’s Clara?” I asked.

“The lady that’s supposed to take over from me, she told me she’s gonna come late, I have told my husband about it, so he said he will come to pick me up in the next three hours” she replied.

“I should have waited for you, but I am going out with my friend,” I said.

“Alright dear, enjoy yourself, don’t fight with anyone because you look like someone that will like trouble” she replied and look away immediately.

“Maybe I should start the trouble from you?” I asked with a devilish smile. “Don’t come inside please” she said and I burst into laughter. “I’ll show you how troublesome I am one day” I said with a smile and I walked out.

I stopped a cab immediately I got to the park.

I gave the driver the address Derrick sent to me and relaxed in the backseat.

I can’t wait to gather money for mum’s surgery, she’s dying inside, she’s just pretending to be strong.

I discovered the driver is taking another route, maybe it’s Henry and his silly prank again, I am not move this time around. He should bring it on, I am very ready to kick his balls.

I brought out my phone and went through Luna’s Instagram page.

Huh, she doesn’t even have many followers, I wish I can be bold to come out clean, I wish I can stop using masks, am sure you’re lost, but you are still gonna catch up.

Henry or whoever the person is, parked the car in a deserted area, he came down from the car and moved closer to my side.

He opened the door and instructed me to come down.

His voice is so deep and I burst into laughter. “Henry, I am not afraid, but off your mask and take me to the address I gave you, since you decided to be a cabman,” I said with a frown, and the person scoffed.

“I am not Henry, come down if you know what’s good for you,” the person said.

“Henry stop this màdness I am running late!” I yelled. “You’re proving stubborn right?” The person asked angrily.

He moved closer to me and dragged me out of the car and carried me on his shoulder.

“Drop me you f00l!” I yelled and keep hitting the person with my hand.

“You don’t tell me what to do, so keep quiet!” He yelled in his deep voice and that’s when it dawned on him that it was not Henry, Henry can never go this far.

“Who are you? And what did you want from me?” I yelled.

“I am losing my patience, keep quiet!” He yelled and I cover my mouth with my palm. “God has mercy,” I shouted.

I dropped me gently on the floor and removed his face mask and a gasp left my mouth. “Jayden!”

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