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(He’s Trap In love) ?

Written by Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

Don’t copy or repost?? It’s a contracted story don’t be unfortunate

Episode 2


“What are you trying to do? Are you trying to bèat me?” Helen asks with a frown.

“I am trying to kîll you” Karen replied moving closer to her.

“Don’t come closer!” Helen replied and moved back in fright.

Karen moved closer to her and grab her by her hair.

“Somebody help” Helen shouted.

“I have always endured the rûbbish you’re doing to me in this place not anymore” Karen yelled, the manager rushed out of his office and burst into laughter immediately he saw Karen beàting up his girlfriend.

“She deserves it, what did the innocent girl do to her?” He said and sat on a chair.

Karen sat on her tummy and started beating her.

The manager stood up and walked to separate them when he can’t take it anymore.

“Collins, can you see what this worthlèss human did to me? She bèat me up, you need to sack her” Helen said and burst into tears.

“I should sàck her as the owner of this restaurant?” Collins asked with a frown.

“Is that what you’re going to say?” Helen asks and picks up her car key.

“Go and marry her,” Helen said and rushed out of the place.

“I am sorry sir,” Karen said with her head bow. “sorry for what? Go back to your duty post” Collins yelled and rushed after Helen and Karen breathing out in relief.

“I hope the manager didn’t come back to sack me, Karen you need to work on your anger issue, but I have been avoiding her all this while,” Karen said and picked up the mop from the ground.

Collins came back some minutes later and called Karen to his office.

“Why did you beat up my girlfriend?” Collins asked. “She started it, I am sorry please don’t sack me,” Karen replied picking on her nails.

“No I can’t sack you because of Helen I am not someone like that I just wanna warn you to work on your anger, you can go,” Collins said.

“Thank you very much, sir” Karen replied and walked out of his office.


I still have to wait till they closed so I can clean up before going to the pizza joint I work.

“Hey, beautiful what are you thinking about?” Derrick my best friend asked.

“Everything” I replied. “I understand you perfectly, I really wish I can help you but I don’t have a dine with me, I don’t have any other job apart from this waiter job,” I said.

“Common, I didn’t ask you to give me money because I know you don’t have” I replied and forced out a smile.

“I feel ûseless how I wish I can help you,” he said and kissed the back of my hand.

“I understand you and don’t ever say you’re ûseless, my best friend can’t be ûsèlèss” I replied to him and he smiled at me.

“Aren’t you going to your pizza joint today?” Derrick asked.

“I am going just waiting for closing time, I pray we close early today,” I said and he scoffed.

“You love going to the pizza joint late,” Derrick said.

“I don’t have a choice, Mr. Clerk will scold me but I am very sure he can’t sack me because no worker will accept the token he’s paying me” I replied.

“Anyway I don’t want him to scold you today, you can go, I’ll clean for you,” he said with a smile.

“Is Derrick saying the truth? Or you’re pulling my legs as usual?” I asked.

“Common you should know I am serious anytime I smile” he replied.

Yeah, he’s right his smile means one thing seriousness.

“Oh, my fûcking god!” I shouted and rushed to hug him.

“Your fûcking god?” Derrick asked with a frown.

“Whatever,” I said and pick up my bag from the table.

“Wait up I have something for you,” he said and run off

He came back with a bag and hand it over to me.

“What’s this for?” I asked with a frown. “Your dinner, I don’t want you to go cook after work, I’ll send mum and your kid brother dinner before you get to the house,” he said. “You’re so sweet,” I said and blow him a kîss.

“I know so hurry up, I don’t want Mr Clerk to scold you,” Derrick said and I wave my hand at him before walking out.

I even forget to ask him where he gets the money to buy this food from. Because he told me yesterday that he doesn’t have any money with him.

“Good afternoon Mr. Clerk” I don’t even know if it’s evening or afternoon.

“Wait who am I looking at?” Mr. Clerk asked looking around.

“It’s Karen, you aren’t seeing double” I replied with a smile.

“Today is very good” he replied. “Okay,” I said plainly.

“Come inside you have pizza to deliver,” Mr. Clerk said. “I don’t have a bike” I replied.

“Oh my I have forgotten you spoilt the old one” he replied with a frown.

“Are you planning to use the bike forever?” I asked with a frown.

“The bike is just 8 years,” he said.

“You’re wicked Mr. Clerk, anyway it’s either you buy a new bike or I am not going anywhere today,” I said and sat on a chair.

“Anyway a new bike is on his way” he replied. “Better Mr. Clerk” I replied and spread my legs. “Did you care for some ice cream?” Mr. Clerk asked, his this man fûcking joking? “Yes sir!” I replied immediately, if this man fûcking play with my emotion, I’ll break his balls. “Sir?” Mr. Clerk asked surprised.

“Whatever go bring the ice cream” I replied, I don’t really know why everyone is treating Mr like a princess today, anyway I am a kind I deserve the treatment.


“Let me go!” Luna said and push Jayden slightly from herself.

“I don’t love you! Can’t you get that straight into your empty skull? Why are you wasting your time and tormenting my life in the process!” Jayden yelled and Luna burst into laughter.

“Any way you can’t change the fact that I am your fiance, or did you want me to call Mrs. Smith?” Luna asked showing off her engagement ring.

“You dare not!” Jayden said. He walked to his table and pick up his bag, he glared at Luna angrily before storming out of his office, and Luna burst into laughter immediately he left.

“You don’t have a choice than to fall in love with me, I don’t even know if you’re blind to see the beauty you have,” Luna said with a frown and also walked out not without putting on her mask.

Jayden walked out of his office and a lot of reporters were already waiting for him outside.

“Gosh, why did I forget to put on a mask, that winch caused it,” Jayden said angrily.

Thousands of pictures were taken before he could put on his mask.

“Mr. Smith, we heard you get engaged to the popular model Luna walker, why are you keeping it a secret? Why didn’t you tell your fans about it? Some people said you don’t love Miss Luna how true is that?” They keep asking him different types of questions.

A car came to a halt and Justin came out of the car with guards.

The guards clear the way for Jayden and he rushed inside the car.

“Why did you come out without your mask Mr. Smith?” Justin asks with a frown.

“Luna made me to, that lady is suffocating me I hàtè her,” Jayden said.

“I can feel your pain, but you should open your heart to love her” Justin replied.

“I don’t love her, I don’t know if I can ever love her” Jayden replied.

Paparazzi direct their attention to Luna immediately after she came out of the company.

She stood proudly in their middle and left out a smile.

“Miss Luna, we heard you got engaged to our idol last week, how true is that?” The paparazzi ask.

“Hundred percent true” Luna replied showing off her ring and smiling sheepishly.

“You must be excited don’t you?” One of the paparazzi asks. “I am the happiest woman on earth, tell me who won’t be excited” Luna shout out loud.

“But why did you guys decide to keep it a secret?” They asked.

“You know my fiance is a very secretive person” Luna replied

“A rumor is going around that you forced yourself on him, how true is that?” The paparazzi ask.

“You guys should fûck off!” Luna said angrily and his guards rush to the scene immediately. “You shouldn’t have reacted that way, they will feel the rumor is true” Mandy Luna manager and bestie said.

“I don’t care, the good thing is that Jayden Is mine,” Luna said chewing her bubble gum loud.

“what happened to your neck?” Mandy asked and Luna brought out a mirror in from her bag immediately.

“It was Jayden” Luna replied with a sigh. “Are you sure Jayden isn’t cheating on you?” Mandy asked.

“He dare not!” Luna replied. “I believe he will have fallen in love with you if he doesn’t have someone else,” Mandy said.

“No I don’t think he has someone else, Jayden Is a faithful guy, he don’t cheàt” Luna replied.

“Okay let’s give him a test,” Mandy said. “A test?” Luna asked with a frown and Mandy nodded her head.

“what’s the test all about?” Mandy asked.

“It’s called operation seduce my fiance, we are gonna pay someone to seduce Jayden,” Mandy said.

“I like the idea, but what if Jayden falls in love with her?” Luna asked.

“I thought you trust your fiance?” Mandy asked.

“Yes I do, I am in, but I can’t possibly use a celebrity like me and I don’t know anybody,” Luna said.

“You know somebody, remember the smart lady we met at J and C restaurant some months ago?” Mandy asked.

“Yes I do, what happened to her?” Luna asked. “She can help” Mandy replied.

“How long have you been thinking about this?” Luna asked.

“Just now” Mandy replied with a smile. “You’re smart and calculative, that was one of the reasons why I like you,” Luna said.

“So are you in?” Mandy asked. “Sure I am, but I have to tell my mother inlaw about it” Luna replied. “Must you tell her everything?” Mandy asked.

“Sure I have to, she’s my backbone” Luna replied with a smile. “Anyhow” Mandy replied.

“Hey take me to Smith mansion,” Luna said.

“My love,” Mrs. Smith said immediately she saw Luna and Luna rush to hug her.

“Good evening mum” Luna greets with a smile. “You don’t look fine, what happened to you?” Mrs. Smith asked and Luna showed her neck.

“Who did this to you?” Mrs. Smith asked angrily.

“Jayden he almost shock me to death just because I called him my fiance” Luna replied.

“I am very sorry my love, I will so deal with him when he comes back, let’s go inside,” Mrs. Smith said.

“I have a shoot with Kelly, but I wanna discuss something with you,” Luna said.

“Let’s go inside,” Mrs. Smith said.

“No mum, maybe when I come back,” Luna replied.

“Alright love what did you wanna discuss with me?” Mrs. Smith asked. “I wanna hire someone to seduce Jayden” Luna replied.

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