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Episode 20


“This is what I Wanna see, I wanna see the brave and smart Karen that once helped me, not the chicken that fall inside water” he said with a smirk and drop his gun on the chair.

“Sit down!” He said more like a command and I scoffed.

“I should sit down so it will be easy for you to kîll me right?” I asked.

“I don’t waste time to kill, I would have kîlled you since if I want to, I am not Kîlling you, you have once helped me, I don’t know why you can’t remember me, oh I am so dumped, I was putting on a mask the day you helped me, remember on the 12th of may, you and your Mum once saved a guy, that they accused of stealing” He said and my mind go to that day, yes I remember helping a cràzy guy, but I didn’t see the person face and we have met after that day, he is always with a mask,how did he expect me to recognize him?.

“I don’t think I remember!” I said. “You’ve short memory then, and I hàte people with low memory” he said with a frown.

“The frown doesn’t suit you Bullet” I said with a smile. “That means you remember me” he said with a smile and I quickly nod my head negatively.

“No I didn’t remember you” I replied. “You’re cràzy did you know that?” He asked.

“You aren’t the first person to say that, so I am not surprised” I replied.

“Let’s be serious, I need to release you before your mother start looking for you, did you remember me?” He asked.

“You’re dàft, if I don’t remember you I won’t be smiling with you, who sent you to kidnap me?” I asked.

“My mother did” he replied.

“That wîtch!” I muttered but it’s loud enough for him to hear.

“You’re calling my mother a wîtch in my presence right?” He asked.

“Yes she’s a wîtch, but why did she have to hide you? Why will you allow her to use you?” I asked and he left out a smile.

“I don’t know her as my mother before, I grown up in the orphanage home, it was recently that I get to know she’s my real mother, I won’t have believe her if we don’t look alike, I wanted to go show myself to my twin brother, but she stop me, she hold my son hostage and I can’t do anything, my hands are tie, because I don’t wanna lose my precious child, I am looking for a way to get my son from her” Bûllet said.

“That woman is truly a wîtch, how could she do a thing like that, she made life miserable for Jayden and now your child” I said.

“Yeah, but I am not as stûpud as Jayden” he replied with a smirk and I left out a smile.

He’s right how can a grown up man allow his mother to dictate his life for him.

“Who knows if she’s using something against him” I said.

“No she’s not” he replied, I don’t really know why I feel comfortable with him now, maybe it’s because I found out he’s my mask friend, our first meeting was very funny, he would have spent all his days behind bar, if not for mum and I.

.”So what are you going to do to me?” I asked. “Nothing you don’t expect me to bèat my precious friend, but I’ll have to make you up, you know what I mean” he said with a wink.

“Yeah and I won’t go to work tomorrow, we need to make it real” I said.

“You’re smart, you suddenly stop coming to the mountain” he said.

“That was because you didn’t show up the day you asked me to come” I replied.

“Huh, I showed up but I came late” He said. “Your problem not mine” I replied with a smile. “So are you dating Jayden?” He asked.

“No, but I think I love him and he also love me” I replied with a smile.

“You don’t need to remind me that you love him, I don’t forget how you used to tell me about him, I would have ask you out if Jayden didn’t love you, I wish you guys goodluck and don’t keep him waiting, it’s time to make you up” he said and brought out some things from his bag.

“Wait have you suddenly turned to a makeup artist? Because you told me you don’t have one particular work that you’re a gangster” I said.

“Make-up is part of my work, your mother won’t recognize you by the time I am done with your face” He said and I smile.

“Who owns all this?” Mrs Martin asked surprised.

“They’re all yours ma, I discovered you guys need this” Jayden replied.

“This are too much, you shouldn’t have go this far” Mrs Martin said.

“I want you guys to be comfortable, this is my own little way of saying thanks for the food, I really enjoyed it” Jayden said.

“This isn’t little this is huge, how can you ordered three fridge, chairs and tables for us?” Mrs Martin asked.

“I’ll still ordered more, I’ll be on my way, I have photoshoot by 5 pm” Jayden said with a smile. “Alright dear, thanks for coming, you really made my day” Mrs Martin said.

“Can I come here some other time?” Jayden asked.

“Sure you can?” Mrs Smith replied with a smile.

“Bye ma” Jayden said and wave at Mrs Martin. “You didn’t wanna say goodbye to me” Sky rushed out of the room.

“Oh I am very sorry buddy” Jayden said.

“Where’s the laptop?” Jayden whispered to Justin. “Here sir!” Justin said and bring out a laptop from the car.

“I discovered you will need this” Jayden said.

“Oh my goodness! Karen promised to get it for me when she receive her first salary, thanks hyung (Elder brother) can I call you that?” Sky asked with a smile.

“Sure you can” Jayden replied. “He’s running late, let him go” Mrs Martin said.

“Bye” Jayden said and get inside his car.

Bûllet park his car outside Karen compound. Karen came down from the car and waved her hand at him.

“I’ll call you” Bûllet said and Karen nod her head before walking to their apartment.

“What happened to you?” Mrs Martin asked immediately she see Karen and Sky rushed out of the house.

“Who did this to you?” Sky asked and tears dropped from his eyes. “I’ll kîll someone today, who did this to you? Fûcking reply me!” Sky yelled.


“I’ll take my leave now, here’s my card, you can call me if you want us to hangout later” Luna said with a smile.

“Alright thanks for keeping my company” Derrick said.

“We keep each other company” Luna replied and walked out.

“Luna!” Mandy called. “Hope no problem?” Luna asked with a smirk.

“Aren’t you tired of flirting with any handsome guy you see?” Mandy asked.

“You’re talking like my mother right now, did you want me go hàte you like I hàte her?” Luna asked.

“I am sorry, I am just trying to advise you to reduce the rate you flirt with guys, remember you’re engaged” Mandy said.

“Mandy I don’t want to hear anything from you till we get to the house” Luna said and Mandy covered her mouth with her finger.

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