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(He’s Trap In love) ?

Written by Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

Don’t copy or repost?? It’s a contracted story don’t be unfortunate

Not edited I’m very busy.
Episode 3


“I want to hire someone to seduce Jayden,” Luna said and Mrs. Smith’s mouth fell open and her jaw dropped.

“Luna are you okay?” Mrs. Smith asked with a frown.

“Yes mum, I just wanna be sure Jayden isn’t cheating on me, he’s not treating me like his fiance, Jayden is treating me like his enemy,” Luna said and chewed on her button lips.

“You can’t do that Luna, I will talk to Jayden, Jayden is my son don’t worry he’s going to change, he loves you, he just doesn’t wanna show it,” Mrs. Smith said.

“I wanna test him, you promise to support anything I do, why are you saying something else?” Luna said.

“This decision of yours is tough,” Mrs. Smith said. “I’m very sure Jayden can’t fall in love with the girl and if he eventually did, I know what to do,” Luna said.

“I trust you though, you’re free to do anything you want,” Mrs. Smith said.

“Thanks very much, mum,” Luna said and hug Mrs. Smith happily to herself. “Anything for you my love, hurry up before you get late for your shoot,” Mrs. Smith said.

Luna disengages from the hug.

She waved her hand at Mrs. Smith and rushed to her car. “Where are we going to ma?” The driver asked.

“You must be cràzy, didn’t you have my schedule with you?” Luna yelled.

“babe you don’t have to get angry, Here’s the location,” Mandy said and gave the driver her phone. “Thanks, Miss Mandy,” The driver said.

“Welcome, Mr. Smith,” the director said and Jayden nod his head. “Who am I talking the shoot with?” Jayden asked with a frown.

“It should be Miss Luna but she has a shoot, so you’ll be shooting with Miss Sandra,” The director said.

“I only ask a question, why the long epistle?” Jayden asked. “I am sorry Mr. Smith, Miss Sandra is waiting for you,” the director said. “She should wait, at least she should be happy she was paired with someone like Mr. Smith,” Justin said and the director nod his head.

“I should be happy you honored our invitation even though it’s late,” the director said. “Where’s the dressing room?” Jayden asked. “This way sir!” The director said.

Jayden dressed in cràzy jeans and slightest showing off his manly built chest.

They’re shooting for Bolt of lightning perfume. The biggest brand in the UK. Jayden walked out of the dressing room and the director nod his head with a smile.

They gave Jayden one of the perfumes and he spray it on Sandra’s body with a smile and the photographer quickly take the shot. They did a different type of posture.

“Thanks for coming to Mr. Smith” Mr. Maxwell the manager said.

“My pleasure” Jayden replied. Jayden was about to walk out before Sandra rushes to him.

“Hi, I am Sandra I am one of your die-hard fans, I am honored to have my fifth shoot with you,” Sandra said and Jayden nod his head.

“Can I have your autograph?” Sandra asked with a smile.

“Sure” Jayden replied and sign an autograph in her hand.

“You can sign it on my breast if you don’t mind,” Sandra said smiling sheepishly. Jayden pitifully nods his head before walking out.

“Must you overdo it? I don’t understand you, ladies, sometimes, how can you tell him to sign an autograph on your brèast?” Justin asks and rolls his eyes, before rushing to meet Jayden.

“Reschedule my dinner with my family, I can’t go there today, I’ll go there tomorrow evening, you can call to inform mum,” I said.

“But your parents will be very angry” Justin replied.

“Did I look like I care?” Jayden asked and Justin nod his head immediately.

“To his penthouse,” Jayden said to the driver, the driver nodded his head before driving off.


walking inside the house I can hear loud laughter from inside the house.

Who’s mum laughing with? I am very sure it can never be sky, Sky will rather be in his room with his headphones than laughing with mum, I am glad mum found a companion.

“I am home mum,” I said and drop my bag on the chair.

“Welcome my love, how’s work today? Hope it’s not stressful?” Mum asked and I look around. Who’s she laughing with, I can’t find anyone with her.

“Mum, who are you laughing with some minutes ago?” I asked and she point at the television.

“They’re showing my favorite TV show” she replied and stood up from the chair. She moved closer to me and peck my forehead. “Hope you’ve eaten?” I asked her because Derrick promised to bring food for them, there’s no foodstuff in the house and I didn’t buy anything for them to eat.

“Derrick bought food for us, that guy is so lovely, I wish you can get married to him,” mum said dreamingly.

“Get married to Derrick?” I asked and mum nod her head with a smile.

“I can’t get married to Derrick, he is like a brother to me, I am not romantically attached to him” I replied.

“I understand you and I respect your decision” mum said with a smile.

“Where’s Sky?” I asked. “He’s inside his room with his classmate” mum replied. “A girl?” I asked because I am very sure sky can’t bring a boy to this house.

“Yes,” Mum replied with a smile. “And you allow him to go inside with the girl, knowing full well the kind of person your son is,” I said.

“They’re doing their assignment” mum replied. Chaii, that bàstàrd brainwashed mum. I turned to take my bag and I found it open.

“How?” I asked surprised. “What happened?” Mum asked with a frown and I point my hand at my bag.

“Derrick has come here then, but how did he do it?” Mum asks. I didn’t wait to reply to her before storming into Derrick’s room.

I kick the door with my leg and it throws open immediately. I met Derrick kissing a beautiful girl. The girl stood up immediately she saw me. “Good evening ma” she greets with her head bow.

“Who are you?” I asked the girl. “I am Derrick’s friend” she replied.

“Derrick friend?” I asked and she nod her head. “How old are you?” I asked.

“I am sixteen” she replied shaking.

“Did your parents know you’re here making out with your friend?” I asked and she nod her head negatively.

“Karen, why are you making her to feel uncomfortable?” Sky asked with a frown. I moved closer to Sky and knock his head.

“Ouch!” Sky said with a frown. “Hey you park your bag and go now, I don’t wanna see you here again until you turn 18,” I said.

“Karen, what’s the meaning of that? She’s my visitor, you don’t have the right to send her out” Sky said.

“I have the right, as far as I am the one paying for this house and also your school fees” I replied and the lady rushed out. “I hàte you because you’re too proud” he yelled.

Don’t take his word to heart he means the opposite.

“Yeah, I know I am proud you don’t need to remind me” I replied.

“Oh my goodness, I need to give her money for transport,” he said and I block his way.

“Get out of my way, when I am still nice” he yelled. “Where did you get the money from?” I asked.

“From your bag of course,” he replied. “You’re a thîèf,” I said. “If stealing my sister’s money made me a thièf I love it, because I enjoy stealing your money and I am not stopping anytime soon” he replied.

“I’ll kîll you with my hand,” I said. “I’ll watch you try, anyway leave my way,” he said trying to sound touch.

“Give me back my money!” I said and he burst into laughter. “Give you back what? You must be joking my dear sister” he replied. I pushed him immediately and he fall flatly on the bed, he doesn’t have any strength.

Have you forgotten I am stronger than you? I asked and started searching his pocket. He’s not making it easy for me, because he kept dangling his leg in the air.

I dipped my hand in his pocket and brought out some money. “Wait you actually park all my money?” I asked.

“You can go with it, but I am still coming back to take it” he replied. “I am sure you can’t come to my room to take it, Karen brings the money I will keep it for you,” Mum said and I stick my tongue out at him.

The Next Day.

I just closed the restaurant I work as a cleaner, and I must say today was very hectic. I still need to deliver pizza before I call it a day. I was about to cross the road when a car drove past me and splashed water on my clothes.

“Geez! I’m still going to deliver pizza today, will I go in dirty cloth?” I asked out loud before rushing to the car.

The driver parked and came out of the car with a smirk dancing on her lips.

“Oh my! Did I splash your water? I’ll be very careful next time,” She said with a smile. Wow! Not even a sorry? She’s very arrogant.

“I have work for you.” She said with a smile lingering around her lips.

“To hell with you and your work!” I yelled angrily and she flinched. She dusted my shoulder with her hand as if she was trying to clean dirt from it.

“It’s a trade by barter, and I can ruin your life if you refuse to. I know where you stay, I know your mum, I knew you need money so much, I know you won’t be unfortunate you’ll surely accept.” She said with a smile.

“Who the hell are you!” I yelled.

“Calm down and stop raising your voice, hypertension is real!” She said with a smile.

“I need you to do something for me and I’ll pay you handsomely.” She said with a smile.

“What do you need?” I asked.

“I need you to seduce my fiance.” She replied…

Authoress P.O.V

Jayden came down from the car and walked inside the house with his manager. He looks around and smiles in satisfaction.

“Dad changes the interior of the house again” Jayden muttered.

“Yeah Mr. Smith loves fancy things” Justin replied. “Good evening mum” Jayden greet and a slap landed on his right cheek.

He hold his cheek and raised his head up and another one landed on his left cheek.

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