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Sandra rushes Dora to the nearest hospital with the help of their security guy. “Where’s her guardian?” The doctor asked. “I am her friend what happened to my friend?” Sandra asked. “She’s fine, come with me” the doctor said and Sandra rushed after him. “The lady you brought have memory lost before right?” Yje doctor asked abd Sandra quickly nod her head. “Since when?” The doctor asked.

“Since our elementary days” Sandra replied. “She has regained her memory, I guess she saw the person that she saw last before she lost her memory, she’s fine now” the doctor said. “Wow could it Karen?” She asked before rushing out. She rushed to Dora ward and Dora stood up immediately. “Sandra I remember everything, what happened to Karen?” Dora asked. “Luna humiliated her then” Sandra replied.

“Fvck, someone pushed me from the rooftop, I guess it’s Luna, she did that to carry out her evîl plan, I wish Karen can forgive me, I am very sure she will think I abandoned her” Dora said.

“My own is worst, I abandoned her, because Luna asked me to” Sandra replied. “Yours is better because you never like her” Dora replied. “I like her, bur Dora asked me not to go after her, if I still wanna be her friend, but why did you still remember her?” Sandra asked.

“Because she was part of my memory then, I really need to find her and apologize to her” Dora said. “Have you forgotten she leave the country with Jayden?” Sandra asked.

“That’s nice, we need to protect her from Luna, bur please don’t let her know Karen is our friend, I will find a way to bring her to the band, she’s an amazing singer, I am even jèàlóûs of the mask singer not knowing she’s my friend, it’s something to be proud about” Dora said. “She haven’t even forgiven you” Sandra scoffed. “She will, Karen has a good heart” Dora said.

“People change” Sandra replied. “She can’t change” Dora replied. “I wish she can forgive me too” Sandra said. “Just wait till she comes back, or should we go to Seoul?” Dora asked. “You’re going cràzy, your mum will be very happy that you regained your memory, sleep you need some rest” Sandra said.

Bûllet shot at the wall and drop the gun in the floor. “You aren’t even scared, I guess you have prepared your mind for the worst” Bûllet said. “If you don’t kîll me Mrs Smith will surely do, so it’s better you just kîll me” Vera replied.

“Keep quiet and stop spitting nonsènsè my dad can’t kîll you, you treated me like your own child, even when I am proving stubborn to you, you’re going with us, Dad please take her with us” Steve said.

“You will go with us because my son love you” Bûllet said and dial a number, he take the phone close to his ear with s smile. “Is the jet ready?” He asked. “Yes it’s sir” the person replied. “Okay, we will be there in some minutes time” bullet replied. “Dad where are we going to?” Steve asked.

“We are going back to Seoul” Bûllet replied. “Better, I have missed my friends, I don’t even know why, you bring Mr here, wait! I think I know why” Steve said and gasp.

“Let’s get out of here” Bûllet said and carry Steve. He dropped him at the backseat and Vera also get to the backseat with him, he rushed to the driver seat and drove off. “You brought me here, so your mother can hold me hostage right? If my mother do that to you will you be happy? Tell me if you will be happy” Steve said.

“Steve I didn’t do that, I brought you here for holiday, I am sorry” Bûllet replied. “So why did you agree to work for Mrs Smith?” Bûllet asked.

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