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“My dad borrowed some money from her and he was unable to pay the money before he died and Mrs Smith hold me hostage since then, she said she will kill me and the child if I run away with him” Vera said. “Yeah, she passed through a lot because of me, I have never felt motherly love before, but she made me know what motherly love is” Steve said and Jayden chuckled. “What did you know about motherly love?” Bûllet asked. “I know what you didn’t know” Steve replied.

“Huh? My son is an old man” Bûllet said and Steve left out a drive. Bûllet park his car at the airport he put on his face mask before coming down from the car. “Dad what are you putting on a facemask?” Steve asked and bûllet sigh. “There’s no need to lie to him, Steve is very smart” Bûllet said and roughing Steve hair. “Answer my question” Steve said.

“My brother is a celebrity, his fans will mistake me for him if I didn’t put on a mask” Bûllet replied. “You mean oppa Jayden?” Steve asked with a smile. “Did you know him?” Bûllet ask. “Yes, my friends tell me so much about him” Steve replied. “I see” Bûllet replied. “Welcome sir” the person Bûllet called earlier said.


It has been two hours, since the doctor wheel Mrs Martin to the theater room and there’s no news from them since then, Sky have been restless since then. “I thought the doctor said he will be out in hour time” Sky said with a frown.

“Nothing must happen to my mother” Sky said and sat on the floor. The doctor came out looking tired and sad at the same time, Sky stood up from the floor and rushed to the doctor. “How’s my mother?” Sky asked and hold the doctor hand tight. “I am sorry, we try our best to save her, but we….”

Mrs Smith phone ring out loud and she rushed to pick up. “Hello” she said and she end laughter from the other end.

“Who are you?” Mrs Smith asked. “I called go tell you, that I sm on my way to another country with my son, but Mrs Smith you will surely pay for keeping my son hostage and one last warning, I am sure you’re desperate to destroy Karen, if anything happen to Karen, I will destroy you” Bûllet said. “What! Did you know her?” Mrs Smith asked.

“Good day” Bûllet replied and end the call. Mrs Smith pick her car key from the table and rushed out. “She look suspicious, where’s she going to?” Mr Smith asked. He rushed to his room to pick his car key, he came out some minutes later and get inside his car before driving after Mrs Smith.

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