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Episode 38


Mrs Smith drove crazily and start breaking all the road rules, Mr Smith couldn’t meet up with the speed because he was stock in the road rules, Mrs Smith noticed he’s following her and take another route.

“Gosh! I missed her” Mr Smith said and pack at a corner waiting for her to come back, Mrs Smith came down from her car and rushed inside the building. She look around and truely she can’t find anyone there.

“Fvck! How did Vera did this? That lady is incompetent, why is she not even dèad? Did Jayson spare him? I am very sure Jayson didn’t, maybe he went to kîll her in somewhere else, I will kill her myself if he didn’t” Mrs Smith said through gritted teeth.

“And Smith it seems he’s suspecting me, I need to lay low for now, I need to act up when I get to the house” she said and rushed out. She get inside her car and drove off.

“Where did Jayson know Karen from?” Mrs Smith asked herself. “Everyone is supporting her, I guess they will all cry when she’s gone” she said and burst into laughter. She was surprised to see Mr Smith car waiting for her.

Mr Smith came down from the car and walked to her car and Mrs Smith put on a sad look. “Where did you rushed to?” Mr Smith asked. “Don’t tell me that you trailed me?” Mrs Smith asked.

“Answer my question!” Mr Smith yelled and Mrs Smith burst into tears. “Why are you like this? I got a call that my friend is in the hospital, and she’s between life and death, I rushed to check her in the hospital, why are you making me more sad?” Mrs Smith asked angrily.

“Which of your friends?” Mr Smith asked with a frown. “Clara didn’t I tell you about her health before now?” Mr Smith asked. “I am sorry” Mr Smith said and scratch the back of his head. “What are you doing here? And why are you asking me questions?” Mrs Smith asked.

“Let’s forget about that, you need to rest” Mr Smith said. Mrs Smith hissed out loud before driving off. “Problem! How am I going to apologize to her now, it wasn’t my fault she look suspicious” Mr Smith replied and walk to his car.

“What are you saying?” Sky asked with a frown. “I just came outside I haven’t even tell you anything” the doctor replied.

“Oh F00lish me, it’s just an imagination, how’s my mum?” Sky asked. “She’s fine, she will be awake in an hour time” the doctor replied.

“Are you sure? My mum can leave without sickness now?” Sky asked.

“Sure she can” the doctor replied and Sky hug him happily.

“Thank you very much Doctor, Karen will be very happy” Sky said and the doctor chuckled. “But why did you came out with a frown, I thought something happened to my mum, you scared me” Sky said.

“I am sorry, your mum is fine, I was just tired it’s not easy” the doctor replied.

“I think I am not gonna be a doctor again” Sky said and the doctor smile.

“Nothing come easy my dear, so don’t change your mind” The doctor replied and Sky nod his head.

“Can I go check on my Mum?” Sky asked.

“No, I told you earlier that she need to rest, let’s go to my office if you feel bored” The doctor said and Sky run after him.

“You didn’t even allow me to finish my word” doctor said. “That was because I am tired of sitting alone, I will miss my cràzy sister” Sky said.


We just arrived Seoul and Jayden didn’t talk to me throughout the journey, he was busy with his head phone and I wish I am his headphone right now.

He removed a chewing gum from his pocket and throw it in his mouth.

“Where’s mine?” I asked but he pretended as if he didn’t hear me, I will come back for him, I need to call mum right now. I run to a corner and brought out my phone from the bag, I dial Sky number and he picked up immediately.

“Hello, My beautiful ugly sister” Sky said from the other end of the call,I guess he’s eating. “How’s mum health?” I asked.

“Relax Mum is fine” he replied and I breathe out in relief, I wasn’t myself since we left.

“Give the phone to her” I said and be scoff.

“I will be the first person to talk to her, I haven’t even see her, the doctor said she need some rest” Sky replied.

“You haven’t see Mum and you are eating, what sort of child are you?” I yelled.

“Don’t shout at me, the doctor assure me that she will be fine, moreover I can’t reject food from an elderly man, you know I am very respectful” he said and I scoff.

“You’re always respectful when it comes to food, glutton” I replied.

“We are both gluttons, it ruin in our blood” he replied.

“Make sure you call me immediately she wake up” I said. “I will call you thirty minutes after she wake up” he replied.

“I will skin you alive when I come back to Korea” I replied. “As if you can fight, me stop deceiving yourself” he said. “Watch and see what I can do” I replied.

“Karen, you need to see how this doctor is taking care of me like his son, I am enjoying, I don’t think I will go back home today” he replied, he is right, doctor Max is very nice.

“Have you gotten to Seoul?” He asked. “I see how much you love me, get lost îdiot” I said and end the call.

“This calls for celebration, Mum is perfectly fine now, I am the happiest human in the world, thank you Luna” Jayden look around when he didn’t see me beside him and he started searching for me with his eyes. I think it’s my time to punish him for ignoring me.

“Hey come outside” he said pointing at me. I don’t know how that son of a witch see me.

I rushed to his side and removed the earphone from his ear I put it in my head and I was surprised to hear my voice. “what!” I said.

“Are you also a fan of the mask singer?” He asked with a frown.

“No but I am the mask singer” I replied and he burst into laughter.

“Stop the joke, I am not ready for your joke tonight” he replied.

“I mean it” I replied. “What!” He asked and I sight Bûllet from afar. Is that not Bûllet? I still recognize him even though is putting on mask. “I’ll be right back” I said and ran off.

Authoress P.O.V

Henry entered his mother room and lye down flat on the bed. “What happened to you? You look sîck” Mrs Norman said.

“Nothing, it’s just that the lady I told you about has a boyfriend” Henry said. “I thought she’s your girlfriend” Mrs Norman said.

“No she’s just a friend” Henry replied. “Oh you don’t need to feel bad, she’s not just for you” Mrs Norman said. “I don’t feel bad, I am happy for her, I don’t just know how I will make you happy” Henry said.

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