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Episode 7


Derrick rushed out of the cab, she crossed to the other side and saw Karen lying down lifelessly on the floor.

“Gosh! I caused all this” Derrick lamented and carried Karen on his arm immediately.

He stopped the cab that brought him earlier. “Drive me to the nearest hospital please!” Derrick said and the driver nod his head.

“Why did you enter the rain? knowing fully well you don’t tolerate too cold,” Derrick said.

“We are here Mr,” The cabman said and Derrick rushed down immediately.

“You haven’t paid me Mr,” the driver said. “Sorry, my bad” Derrick replied and throw some money at him before rushing to the hospital.

“What happened to her?” One of the interns asked.

“It’s cold” Derrick replied. “Give her to me,” the intern said and Derrick gave her to her immediately.

“Can I come with her?” Derrick asked.

“No you can’t, I’ll call you when she’s stable” the intern replied.

A doctor came to the receptionist some hours later and Derrick rushed to meet him.

“How’s she?” Derrick asked.

“Who?” The doctor asked with a frown.

“My friend, she has cold” Derrick replied. “Oh she’s fine now, she will be awake anytime soon” The doctor replied.

“Which ward is she in?” Derrick asked.

“202” the doctor replied and walked away and Derrick rushed inside the ward like a mad man. Karen snaps eyes open immediately after Derrick steps his leg inside the ward.

“You’re awake?” Derrick said with a smile. “How long have I been here?” Karen asked with a frown.

“Some hours ago” Derrick replied. “What! Mum and Sky must be so hungry by now” Karen said and stood up.

“yYu should be concerned about your health” Derrick said and wore his jacket for her.

“I am fine, but who dry my cloth?” Karen asked. “Maybe the intern” Derrick replied.

“Alright thank you for bringing me here, we will talk later,” Karen said.

“Wait up, let’s go to your house together,” Derrick said. “Alright let’s go!” Karen replied.

“I don’t know why Karen isn’t here, I called her and I was trying to tell her that the landlord throw us out of the house, but she end the call before I talk,” Sky said.

“So you expect her to believe you, I warned you to stop playing a prank on your sister but you won’t listen, now see the outcome, just know you’re the one that kill me if I froze to death,” Mrs. Martin said.

“I know you will always be by her side,” Sky said and wear her jacket for Mrs. Martin.

Karen rushed down from the cab along with Derrick and she was more than surprised to see her mother and brother outside.

“Mum don’t tell me you’re waiting for me under the road how could you? Even you Sky” Karen said and Sky scoffed.

“I stay under the rain because of you, the landlord throw us out and gave us some money” Sky replied.

“Luna!” Karen said and clenched her fist angrily.

“Where are our luggage?” Karen asked. “Over there,” Mrs. Martin said and point to their bags.

“I am very sorry that I Made you go through this mum,” Karen said and burst into the tears she has been holding.

“No Karen, you can’t cry, I’ll also cry if you don’t stop crying,” Mrs. Martin said and Karen clean her face immediately.

“Good, I train you guys to be fierce, but why are you putting on a jacket, did you walk in rain?” Mrs. Martin asked and Karen nod her head.

“How could you” Mrs. Martin yelled.

“I lost my job” Karen replied. “That doesn’t give you enough reason to hurt yourself” Mrs. Martin replied.

“Will you guys move into my house for now?” Derrick asked.

“Sure bro, did you have food in your house? because I am very hungry” Sky said. “Sure I did” Derrick replied.

“All you know is food,” Karen said and Derrick stuck his tongue out at her, which earned him a smack From Mrs. Martin but he didn’t seem like he care.

“Derrick never mind, we will lodge in a hotel, I don’t wanna be a bundle to you,” Karen said. “No, I made you lose your job” Derrick replied.


“You didn’t make me lose my job, I’ll still lose it if you didn’t ask me to help you attend to customers” Karen replied.

“Karen we are moving in with Derrick and that’s final,” mum said, I can’t argue with her. “Where’s the ûselèss man that called himself a landlord?” I asked.

“He went out” Mum replied.

“Don’t mind mum, that màd man ran away because of you” Sky replied.

“I knew it” Mr Logan knows what I am capable of doing.

“I’ll so deal with him, I am coming back for him tomorrow” I said and Sky nod his head in support.

“Time to go to my house” Derrick said and Sky rushed to carry our bags.

I am still coming back here tomorrow, just to deal with Mr Logan, I know what he can do, so he collected bribe from Luna, that man like money more than his life.

“Baby” Mum called, we are currently in Derrick house, their are many rooms here and the house is very big, he Inherited the house from his parents.

“Mum any problem?” I asked. “I have an idea” mum said and I sit up immediately. “An idea that will help us?” I asked and mum nod her head. “Spit it out already” I replied.

“Work for Luna” Mum said.

“But you’re the one that told me not to work with her” I replied.

“She wants you to seduce her fiance right?” Mum asked and I nod my head.

“You will surely seduce him” mum said with a smile.

“What if I fall in love with her so called fiance?” I asked.

“You guys will get married and live happily ever after” mum replied with a smile.

“Luna is very dangerous” I replied.

“And I am dangerous than she’s” mum replied, yeah mom was once a soldier before she was diagnosed with kidney problem.

“But I don’t have a phone to call her” I replied. “Here use my phone” mum said and gave me her phone, I walked to where I arranged our bags and Brought out the card Luna gave me.

I dial her number and she pick up immediately. “Hello” I said and she burst into laughter.

“Can you stop laughing like a màd woman now?” I asked and she stop laughing immediately.

“I am ready to seduce your fiance” I replied. “I know you will, because o haven’t even started” she replied arrongantly.

“What’s the next thing?” I asked.

“I’ll send an address to you, meet me there by 8am tomorrow morning” She replied and I end the call immediately.

“Good” mum said with a smile, she heard our conversation because the phone was on speaker.

“Mum dinner is ready” Sky said licking his fingers.

“We will join you guys soon” I replied. “I wasn’t talking to you, you don’t expect me to cook for you” Sky said.

“can you even cook, I am sure it was Derrick that did all the cooking” I replied.

“Whatever” he said and walked out.

“Derrick is s nice guy you know?” Mum asked and I nod my head immediately.

“Mum where are you driving to?” I asked her.

“I am not driving to anywhere, so let go to the dinning to eat, you’ve an appointment to catch up with tomorrow” Mum said and we both walked out.


The next day
“Where the gown I selected for you” Mum said with a smile. “I don’t feel like wearing gown” I replied.

“What if she ask you to start work today? Are you going to seduce Mr perfect with baggy trouser and top?” Mum asked.

“Okay fine I’ll put on the gown, I was planning go deal with Mr Logan after the meeting I can’t deal with him well with gown” I replied.

“Maybe you should try wearing crop top and jeans trouser” Mum said and walked to my bag.

“That’s perfect” I said and she throw a jeans trouser go me, I pick it up and put it on immediately.

“You look breathe taking” she said. “Thanks mum” I replied and peck her on her cheek. I put on an headband with my sunglass and mum walk me out of the house.

“Be very careful” mum said and I nod my head before stopping a cab. I suddenly feel like dealing with Mr Logan before going to meet Luna.

I gave the cab man my formal house address and the cab driver smile at me. His face look familiar.

“Ms we meet again, I am glad you’re now fine” he said, oh he was the one that dropped me off at Mr Clerk pizza joint yesterday.

“Yeah I am fine, thanks for yesterday” I said with a smile. “You’re welcome” he replied with s smile and I rest my head on the chair.

“We are here Ms” he said. “Oh thanks Mr” I said and come down from the cab. “Here’s your money” I said pointing some naira note at him.

“Nevermind” he replied and gave me a card. “You can give me a call if you need anything, or whenever you’re in need of cab driver” she said and I smile at him.

“Thanks very much Mr” I said and he drove off. Time to deal with Mr Logan.

I walked to his apartment and pushed his door open with my leg.

I met him dancing and partying with their girls old enough to be his daughters, I don’t even have any business with them, I picked up his remote control from the table and stop the music with it.

“Who’s that bàstard?” He asked angrily. “Oh I am very sorry Mr Logan I don’t even know how the remote control get to my hand” i replied giving him innocent look.

“Kar…..” He stuttered. “Karen” I completed it for him with a smile and he nod his head. “What are you doing here?” He asked with a frown. “I am here to take your life” I replied and the ladies ran off.

“Please don’t move closer to me” he said moving back in fright. I saw some buddle of dollars note on the table and I smile out. “Where did you get this money from?” I asked pointing at the money.

“Someone gave them to me” he replied. “The person gave them to you so you can throw us out even when I am not owing you right?” I asked and pack four buddle into my bag living him with only two buddles.

“I am here to teach you a lesson, you push my mother and brother out of the house just because of money right?” I asked moving closer to him.

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