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{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

Genre: College Romance

Tags: Dramas, Couples,Hatreds,S£x, Love Triangles,Rivalry,Unrequited Love, Bets, Bad Boy, Jealousy, Music, Murders,Secrets,Bullying.

Written By, Lisa.



Kingston Wealth, who is he???

Most popular in New York,, No one as ever beat him to the tittle most popular.

If perfection is a person,, he will gladly be given the tittle, no that’s what everyone sees him…The most popular Playboy in New York,Ever lady’s dream guy.

He his always after any thing under skirt and never got tired of its,He has Never…if it’s not about skirt count him out of it,He has never dated.

Not in this lifetime has it ever occured to him to date, The Word LOVE is not for someone like him.

Meet, Brianna Morris….A girl who has always wanted to be Tomboy all her life, even tho she has got the look every girls dreamed to have she has never been pleased with being a girl,Not Ever!!

She has always dressed like a Boy from her childhood which her mum was strictly against, but she ended up running away from home just to leave the life she has always wanted, what more she is a troublemaker, Her middle name actually.

What happened when she finally got accepted in the same school as the KINGSTON!!

What happened if these Crazy Souls Meet??

Join me and find out!!! ?

Brought to you By, Lisa ?

{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

THEME: Craving For The Whole Of Her.


Written By, Lisa.




•~❄︎{????????? } •~❄︎


••~K4 DORM~7AM~••

Kingston eyes parted and he open them fully before spranging up, his eyes went to a hand on him and he looked down at the b*tch he f*cked non-stop last night, then he sighed before yanking it’s off, he climbed off the bed and enter his bathroom nakedly.

He stayed in the tub for almost an hour before finally coming out,he wore the robe and walked into his room.

The b*tch was already awake,, he pretended not to see her and walked to his wardrobe, he picked his clothes and started putting them on, suddenly he felts as around him and he stopped on track.


“What did you want Alexa? Not like I forced myself on you, you came to me willingly, isn’t that it?” Kingston flared up before she could even landed.

“But Kingston, I love you so much…I even give you my virginity” Alexa yelled

“Did I force you to do it? Answer me, did I rape you or something?, You took over my drunk state, you got what you want stop pinning the blame on me” Kingston replied.

“Are you saying you didn’t enjoy it? Tell it straight to my face, I wanna hear it King!” Alexa said.

Kingston said nothing.

“Kingston!!!” Alexa Shouted

“Stop yelling and leave quitely, lets just go on with our lives Okay? I beg you Alexa stop this madness” Kingston said calmly.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me the truth Kingston!” Alexa said stubbornly.

“I didn’t enjoy…” The rest of the word got stuck in his mouth as he began hiccuping.

“See” Alexa laugh.

“F**k….” Kingston muttered, hiccuping even more.

“You knew you can’t lie but you still did” Alexa said proudly.

“Just…leave…Alexa” Kingston stuttered.

“I’m gonna leave now, at least I’ve heard what I wanted to hear,,I enjoyed you too, can’t wait to have more…see yah at school” Alexa winked and catwalked out.

“F**k!!!” Kingston rushed out of his room, he got to the sitting room and met his three friends sitting not paying attention to him at all.

He walked to the kitchen, still hiccuping and the three exchange glances. Kingston drank a lot of water, then, it’s reduced a bit,he walked back to the sitting room.

“Who did it?” He asked, and they all turn to him.

“Did what?” Kyle spoke, looking up from his phone.

“You know…what I’m talking_” he couldn’t finish the word when he hiccuped again.

“Aish, damn this” he cussed Inwardly,glaring at the three who was already laughing hard.

“Who called Alexa and how on Earth did I ended up f**king her?” He asked hastily,then hiccuped again.

“I didn’t do anything” Kai said.

“Me neither” Kayden said.

“Me three” Kyle also said.

“This is the last time I’ll be asking, who did it?” Kingston yelled

“We had no choice, you were drunk and we all know you can’t control that little prick under you and Alexa is the only girl available, you don’t expect us to f**k you” Kai said and the other two started laughing again.

“I hate you all!! How could you do this to me?” Kingston breath, his hiccupping already stopped.

Actually, he his a Pinnochio. He can’t lie and whenever he did, he ended up hiccuping,Funny how he his so popular and no one knew about it, apart from his three friends, His mum and Alexa also knew of it. The two soul he despise so much.

“Tell us Kingston, I bet you enjoyed it like she said!” Kayden laugh.

“Yes, tell us how does it feel to f**k a Virgin for a Change” Kai said.

“I’m really curious, King” Kyle pouted like a baby.

“Enjoy my foot” Kingston replied.

“Whoa, it’s true…he isn’t hiccuping, he really isn’t hiccuping” Kayden shouted dramatically.

“I thought you’re virgin Phobia?” Kai said.

“Kingston, did you really enjoyed….”

“I hate you all!! I swear…” He hiccuped again and they all laugh.

“You can’t even hate us in peace!” Kai and Kayden laugh.

Kingston turned and began walking back to his room…

“King, we’re having Professor Clark class this morning, it’s starting by 10…” Kyle shouted after him.

Kingston gave them the middle finger without looking back and they started laughing again immidiately they heard his loud hiccup.

“It’s really fun having a pinnochio as a friend!!” Kai said in between laughter

“I knowow right, what’s more being a popular playboy who can’t lie!!” Kayden added

“Stop teasing my baby, it’s no fun ” Kyle said in his most girlish voice ever.

“Are you sure you’re a guy, it’s really creepy whenever you talk why do I feel you’re a girl” Kayden turn to him and said.

“Whatever!” Kyle said, walking out.

“Have you seen his d*ck before?” Kayden turn to Kai.

“Why asking when you’ve never seen it too” Kai rolled his eyes, walking out too.

Kayden also followed.



The class was already going on before the K4 entered and the usual noise Interrupt making the Professor stopped at Once

?️It’s the K4.

?️ Kingston… marry me!!

?️I’m willing to do anything you want!!

?️Or just f**k me for once, here is my address.

?️Kayden my crush!!

?️Please look at me for once please!!

?️Kai’s tattoos are killing me!!

?️Kyle Is so Cute!!

?️I don’t mind being a guy for you..

“Enough!!!” Mr Clark shouted angrily and they all stop murmuring.

“We’re Sorry..

“Darn your sorrys, this isn’t the first time I would be warning you guys..” Mr Clark said.

“We’re Sorry” Kai and Kyle chorus.

The other two were busy winking to the girl’s blowing them kisses.

“Kingston!!”Mr Clark yelled.


“Our of my Class!!” Mr Clark shouted, pointing at the door already.

“You might have forgotten my mom owned this school” Kingston said proudly.

“And you might have forgotten I’m your…” Mr Clark stopped to see students faces, anxiously waiting for him to land.

“I’m your teacher Kingston, you’re gonna learn from me not the other way round”Mr Clark said.

“Whatever!!” Kingston rolled his eyes and went to take a seat in between the girls waving at him.

The rest also joined him and Mr Clark resumed his teaching not with him and Kingston glaring at each other.

That’s how it’s has always been, no one knows what occured between those two but they have always hated each other.

“Calm your nerves down Okay?” Kyle said and held his hands.

Kingston snarled at him and remove his hand, he turned back to the girl who was already trying to get his I to her mini skirt.

Kyle look at them and sighed.



••~A SALON~••

A girl walked into the hair making salon and everyone turned to her.

“Brianna Morris, you brat…where are you!!” The girl shouted.

“Aish, I’m here!!” Another girl replied, walking out of the female restroom in the Salon.

“What the f**k Brianna” The girl walked briskly to Brianna and grabbed her hand, pulling her out of the salon already.

“Let me go Iris, what are you doing?” Brianna yank her hand off,adjusting her cap.

“You really went ahead and cut your hair after Aunt’s advice, what kind of a daughter are you?” Iris said, hitting her.

“Check it out, Babe…isn’t it so fine,, my wish finally came true,you should be happy for me!!” Brianna remove her face cap, wigling her heads around.

“It’s not funny Anna, Aunt will be really dissapointed” Iris frowned.

“Who cares, not like she will find me any sooner, if she can’t accept me for who I want to be then she is not ready to be my mum” Brianna smiled.

“Seriously..” Iris chuckles.

Brianna nodded.

“I refuse to understand what you love about being boyish, every girl wanted to have this kind of your face and your killer body” Iris said Jealously.

“Just say it’s you directly” Brianna laugh.

“Jeez, stop making fun of me”Iris pouted.

Unlike Brianna who was endowed with b**bs and @ss so much, Iris is the opposite, she is flat, slim but pretty.

“I wish I could give them all to you, they are tiring” Brianna hissed but her eyes suddenly caught the attention of a Car driving towards them.

“Iris, don’t tell me..”

“I actually did” Iris completed, grabbing her hands.

“Let me go!!” Brianna pushed her off and she fell on her butt

“Sorry bess, you deserve it” she said to her and began running off with so much speed and the car keep tailing her.

“Anna, Brianna please wait!!!” Iris run after them,breathing heavily.

Brianna was running so much haste and almost run over a car, the driver saw her and immidiately took different path but it’s was too late, he lost his wheel and his car hits with Mrs Morris own immidiately.

He passed out immediately.




Brianna stood at a corner far from Mrs Morros as they glared at each other Hatefully.

“Who is she to you?” One of the Cops asked.

“She is my daughter!” Mrs Morris said

“I’m not her daughter!!” Brianna said.

“Which one should I believe?” The police said.

“I once had an obidient daughter and very pretty not this ugly Tomboy in front of you” Mrs Morris said.

“Officer, I also once had a very loving mother but all of the sudden I wanted to be a Tomboy and my loving mother was against it, she even disowned me, can you believe that?” Brianna said and Mrs Morris shot her a glare.

“For goodness sake, you’re so beautiful Anna, why will you want to be a Tomboy overnight?” Mrs Morris said.

“Mum, it’s Anna’s choice not yours and why did you love my hair so much, ain’t I the owner of it?” Brianna asked.

“I just…jeez, is this my daughter? Take a good look at yourself, A Jogger pants, an oversized T-shirt and a sneakers for goodness sake, Anna No makeup, where is the real you” Mrs Morris lamented bitterly.

“Are you both aware you’re here because you almost killed someone?” The cop asked.

“Yes and we already compasate for it, can we go no?” Mrs Morris asked, standing to her feet.

“I’m not leaving with her, Mr Cops she is not my mum, she is a kidnapper trying to kidnap me or something, do something don’t let her take me away” Brianna fake a tears.

“Madam with all due respect, are you sure she is your daughter?”the cops asked seriously.

“Are you for real? Don’t you see the resemblance only that she cut the hair off already, she still looks so much like me” Mrs Morris said.

“But Mr Officer…she is lieing….”

“Anna, you better met me in the car right now or else I would rather kill you right her and go to jail now than to let’s you escape from me again!!” Mrs Morris said.

“Then someone is dying and someone is going to jail tonight and the person dying is definitely not me Mum” Brianna said, raising her fist.

Mrs Morris also raise hers fist aiming at each other as if they wanted to have a fist fight.

The cops stared at them unbelievably.

TBC ♡︎.

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