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{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.

CHAPTER 19&20?

Written By, Lisa.




❄︎ •~??? ?????/??????????}•~❄︎


Brianna heaved heavily as she finally let go of the door knob. She has been trying to open it for a while now but, it’s won’t budge and she won’t give up either.

Kingston was sitting on a chair not far from her, watching her every move.

The rains was still pouring torretendly outside and the signals are not working either.

“Sh!t…Why won’t this work?!!” Brianna grunted and kicked the door with all her energy once more, hurting her toes in the process.

She already took of her sneakers, using it to bang the door louder.

“Aish..??!” She cussed, checking her sprained toes.

She look at Kingston expecting him to care but he said nothing, he was only maintaining the eye contact without any expression on his face.

Brianna roll her eyes and look away from him. She stood up straight and resume her business.

“HELP!!!… Anybody?! I’m trapped in here, someone please open this door…”she began shouting

“Stop trying hard…No one is going to hear you” Kingston said and Brianna turned to him.

“I see you finally found your voice where you lost it, Why are you just sitting there without helping out? Are you planning to spend the night here?” Brianna yelled.

“So what?! It’s my school anyway” Kingston replied

“Then find a solution since it’s your building, you should know how to unlocked this cos I’m not spending the night here” Brianna shouted at him.

“I’ve tried my best, there is nothing I can do…”

“What?!! Are you sure this is not even one of your plans, you ask me to come here, you told me you rented this place, did you rent it cos you plan for this to happen?” Brianna inquired angrily.

“Think whatever you want to think, I’m not forcing you to believe me” Kingston said coldly, turning his back to the window side.

Brianna couldn’t believe her ears, the person that kept bugging her to be his friends minutes ago is now back to his arrogant act, she stared at his back for a while before sitting down on the floor tiredly.

Minutes later, The rain hasn’t stopped and Brianna kept checking her phone for signals, She suddenly heard sound of whimpering from where Kingston stood but she decided to ignore.

But it’s became louder and louder that she got up curiously to check on him, she walk up to him and her eyes widened when she saw him in tears.

“Hey…Are you cry_

“Don’t come any closer…” His voice made her stop walking to him.

“But you are…”

“Stay back” he muttered again and Brianna watch him in awe.

She stood on a spot watching him shockingly, he was even sweating as more tears poured from his eyes.

His he really crying? But why??.



They heard another loud thunderstorm from outside and Kyle stood at once.

“Shouldn’t we go look for him?” Kyle said to Kayden and Kai.

“I’m sure he will be fine, he his not the same Kingston anymore” Kayden said.

“I agree!”

“But it’s raining, what if he loose himself again?” Kyle yelled angrily.

Kayden stood up too.

“Stop yelling and calm down, I’m more worried than you” he said calmly.

“Then do something” Kyle replied in the same tone.

“Can you stop acting as if you know him more than I do for once, it’s annoying” Kayden yelled back.

Kyle roll his eyes at him.

“You both should stop, and lets think of way to way to look for him, you both won’t stop getting in each other’s throats” Kai groaned and they both seat.

“He said he was going to work on Mr Clark assignment with That Tomboy girl earlier…” Kayden suddenly remembered.

“Brianna…” Kai asked.

“That’s her name?” Kayden muttered and Kai nodded.

“I once heard Daphne talking about her with her friends, that should be her” Kai replied.

“Then they must be together right now” Kyle mumbled and Kayden turn to him.

“And so what?! It will be gross if you’re actually turn out to be a gay” he said, looking straight into his eyes.

“I’m not a gay!!!” Kyle shouted.

“Then what are you?!”

“You both should stop, None of you care about him if you do, you wouldn’t be fighting in this kind of situation…I’m leaving, you can come along if you want to” Kai said and walked out.

Kyle and Kayden shot glare at each other before following him out.



Brianna sighed as she stole glances at Kingston constantly, she was still so curious to know why he was crying but get no answer.

He already stopped the tears but was still sniffing, Brianna stood up and walk around the library, searching for anything that can possible got them out.

She was still searching when the light suddenly went off and everywhere became dark, her eyes widened.

She was still in the middle of the big shelves full of books, how on earth will she found her way back??

She located her phone in her jean pocket and brought it out to on the torch, but the battery was already died.

“F**k, how did I even get here?! This guy is such a bad luck, how did I ended up stucked with hum?” She mumbled and ran her hands into her short hair.

The library was quite big.

She began walking steadily so as not to bump into anything.

Luckily she didn’t bump into anything and soon, she got back to the spot unknown to her, she was still walking untill she bumped to a chest , making her lost her balance.

She was almost falling when a hand wrapped around her waist pulling her closer.

The light came up and the door flung open revealing Kayden, Kyle and Kai.

Their eyes widened and she quickly release herself from his hold, arranging her hairs.

“Quite a view” Kai smirked.

“Did we just ruined something?” Kayden smile and Brianna blinked.

Kingston looked at her before pushing Kayden out of the way, walking out like that.

Kyle followed immediately.

“Aren’t you going to come out too? Miss s*xy?” Kayden’s voice brought Brianna back to reality and she quickly walked out.

They both followed her out of the school, and she sighed softly trying to get her phone on.

“Where did you stay?” Kai asked and Brianna faced them.

“Not in the school, I’ve to go home” She muttered, bitting her lips hard.

“I can take you, it’s late anyway” Kayden smile and Brianna blinked looking at him funnily.

“Don’t worry, you might be sexy but you’re definitely not my type, I’m not that kind of guy so you can trust me” Kayden said and Brianna nodded.

He went to bring his car while Brianna stayed with Kai. He got back and they both got into his car, then he drove off.

There was silence throughout the drive and Brianna’s mind went to Kingston cries earlier, she was not even worried about what her mum might do to her.

Why will he suddenly start crying without any reasons?!

All those questions run through her head, his eyes earlier was definitely not the same person he thought he was.

Kayden stopped the car in front of their house and she got down with him.

“Did you want to ask me something!?” Kayden said when she hesitate to go in.

Brianna shook her head.

“Brianna right? I’m Kayden by the way.. Kingston’s right hand man” Kayden smile and Brianna just nodded.

“Goodnight….Miss s*xy, We’re friend now, you can’t say no” he said and got into his car, driving away.

She walked in and went to her room straight, felling on her bed.

She closed her eyes and slept off like that.



“I’ll talk to him, he should be joking…assure Alexa he his all hers” Mrs Wealth said and hand up.

She drank from her wine and dropped the glass on the table, clenching her teeth.

She stood up, pacing around the room in anger, she picked the glass of wine and smacked it on a wall. It’s broke into pieces immediately.

Ariel was just walking out of her room when she saw her, her eyes widened and she rushed to her, grabbing her bleeding hand.

“Mum…are you okay?” she asked worriedly.

Mrs Wealth looked at her meanly before taking her hand from her roughly.

“Let me be, you’re no different from your useless brother” she said coldly.

“He his not useless and what did he do again mum? Why did you hate him so much?'” Ariel snapped.

“Don’t ask me that and go to school right now? Spoil brat” Mrs Wealth shot and Ariel rushed out in tears, bumping into Adrian who was just coming in.

He helped her stand straight and she matched out of the house angrily.

“What’s up with her?” Adrian asked her.

“Just being silly again!, Where have you been?! Cassandra said you didn’t meet up at the restaurant” Mrs Wealth said.

“I went to see Derek, I’ll just call her for another reservation tomorrow” Adrian said and his eyes caught her bleeding hand.


“I’ll take care of it, make sure you see her please”



“It’s happening today right? I definitely can’t wait to put that lowlife b*tch in her place” Alexa said as she walk to the class with Daphne and Hailey.

“Me too…she is too annoying for my liking” Hailey roll her eyes.

On the other hand, Daphne eyes was glued to her phone as if she was texting someone.

“What the hell!!!!!” she suddenly screamed out and Alexa and Hailey turned to her.

“What’s the problem?” Alexa asked.

“Kai said he want to break up” Daphne replied and their eyes widened.



Sabrina walked into the mall and sight A lady waving at her, she smile widely and immediately rushed to hug her.

“Babe…I’ve missed you so much” The lady smiled and peck her cheek as soon as they broke the hug.

“Me too Cassandra” Sabrina said and they both hugged again.

“So tell me, how is Chicago?” Sabrina said as soon as they broke the hug.

“Let’s save that for later, babe, I ask you to come here because I want you to help me choose what to wear” Cassandra said in a rush.

“What to wear? Do you have a party?”

“No, I’m meeting Adrian tomorrow and I’ve to look good” Cassandra said and blushed.

“That guy you told me about? The one you met in Washington?” Sabrina asked and she nodded.

“You still had a crush on him?”

“I still do, if only you have seen him before…you’ll fall for him right away, he his a demi God I’ll gladly die for him to be mine” Cassandra jumped happily.

“You’ll never change” Sabrina chuckles.

They are actually friends since Highschool and they stayed in contact till now even though they haven’t seen each other for five years now.

“Let’s go, I really can’t wait” Cassandra giggles pulling Sabrina into a boutique.



The class came to an end and the professor left immediately.

Daphne squeezed her face and stood up walking out, The K4 didn’t appear in class at all and she as been dying to speak to Kai in person.

Hailey follow her and Alexa exchange glances with Iris and she blinked, she smirked at Brianna before walking out too.

“Did he try anything funny with you?” Finn asked as soon as Brianna finished explaining what transpired last night to them.

She shook her head.

“That’s one of the reason why I told you to stay in the school hostel instead” Finn muttered.

“I think he his right Anna” Iris said.

“I’m still talking to mum about it, I hope she agrees” Brianna said, packing her stuffs.

“Should we eat together?” Finn asked and she nodded.

They all walked out of the class, they began walking to cafeteria in silence.

Brianna’s mind went to Kingston, strangely she couldn’t stop thinking about him since last night and she badly want to see him.

“Who’s interested in going to Flex House tonight, I think there will be a party” Iris said and Brianna snapped back to reality.

“What Flex House?” She asked.

“I didn’t tell you, it’s a place where we can go anytime and relax, there will be a part so it’s going to be more fun, the K4 are going to be there for sure” Iris explained.

“You don’t have go If you don’t to…”

“I’m coming” Brianna cut Finn off quickly.




The house was filled with students, with loud hip-hop music played in the background. Students could be seen around the place, some where dancing together drunkenly while some were talking pictures.

Brianna was sitting on a table with Iris in a table not far from Alexa and her friends.

They were glaring at her but she cared less about them, all she wished for was for Kingston to show up but he hasn’t.

She didn’t even know why she is feeling restless.

Daphne checked her phone for the upteempth them and hissed, Kai is still not picking her calls nor replying her text either.

She went to their dorm earlier but Kayden won’t let her in and she felt like killing him.

Soon, Finn came in with Cole and Havana and went to seat with next to Brianna immediately.

“I finally got a chance to talk to you since you resumed with us” Havana said to Brianna.

“That’s because you’re not always in class” Brianna replied.

“She doesn’t really love school, lazy bone” Finn said and Havana roll her eyes at him.

She look at Cole and he winked at her secretly, making her blush.

Iris saw it and smile.

“Are you guys dating? I’m always seeing you together?” Iris suddenly asked and Finn raise his brows.

“No!!” He replied instead and Havana bit her lips.

Brianna kept looking outside.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Finn asked when he noticed it.

She was about to reply when they started hearing noises from the crowds.

?️ The K4 are here!!

?️Kingston please look at me for once.

?️Kai’s kept killing me with tattoos.

?️Kayden blue hair!

?️You’re so cute Kyle!!

Girls swoon around them immediately they seated in a spot, two girls sat down on Kayden’s laps, gridding thier @ss on his grone. Two other girls were trying to get Kingston’s attention too, they were caressing his chest while giving him seductive look.

Kyle was just watching them while sipping from his drink, he already reject the girls coming to him

Two sets of girls where twerking on Kai’s laps and Daphne immediately walked to them and pushed them away from him, pouncing on one.

“You slut!!, How dare you think of seducing my boyfriend?” She yelled, hitting her madly on the ground.

Kai pulled her away from her and the girls left. She turned to Kai furiously.

“How could you not pick my calls and text after sending that shitty text to me?” she shouted angrily.

People were already watching at the scene.

“Shitty text? But it’s the truth” Kai said.

“Don’t…tell me….you’re really…breaking up with me?” Daphne stuttered, almost in tears.

“Yes, I’m tired and once I’m tired it’s is over for good” Kai replied.

“What?!? But you said you love me?, You told me you love me Kai” Daphne said in tears.

Kai said nothing.

“Tell me what I did wrong? I’m sorry please don’t break up with me” Daphne grabbed his hand and he throw it off.

“I’m tired of your wide h*le and I need something for a change don’t you get it?” Kai said and Kayden immediately broke Into laughter from his seat.

“News Flash…The flex House 2023” He said, laughing more hard.

Daphne rushed out of the scene in tears and Hailey and Alexa went after her. She break down immediately crying so much.

“Stop crying, he his not worth your tears” Alexa said patting her shoulder.

“But you won’t understand how much I love him, I really….” Daphne sobbed.

“It’s going to be okay” Hailey said

“Come to think of it, what if the reason why he broke up with you is that b*tch, this didn’t happen when she is not here” Alexa said,glaring at Brianna.

“She is right? I just hate her so much” Hailey said.

“I’m going to make her pay dearly, just wait and see” Daphne said broking into more tears.

“That’s the spirit girl, we have to make her pay” Alexa smirked..

TBC ♡︎.

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