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{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.


Written By, Lisa.




❄︎ •~{????? ?????????}•~❄︎



Mrs Morris got down from the car and pulled Brianna out too, holding her ears.

“Mum, its hurts… you’re really hurting me” Brianna screamed as she pulled her in, she asked the maids to locked the door before finally letting go of her ear.

“Anna!!” Someone rushed to her.

“Big Sis!!” Brianna pulled her into a hug, faking a tears.

“How could you run off from home like that? I’ve missed you so much”the girl gushed, hugging her so tight.

“Sabrina stop, you’re the one spoiling this brat!! Imagine a 22years old lady, being a drop out,did I really give birth to you?”Mrs Morris said,holding her head fraustatedly.

“I don’t think so mum, who are my real parents? You really need to tell me…” Sabrina hit her head lightly while Morris glared at her dangerously

“Just take a look at your little sis who once looked like a princess….” Mrs Morris Shouted.

Sabrina pulled the cap off Brianna’s head and she gasped.

“Anna!!!” She said in shock, Brianna just grimaced.

“How could you..”

“Anyways I’m less concerned about that, what’s done is done,, Prepare to resume SSC tommorow morning,failure to do,I’ll be going back to the station tommorow and you know what that means…” Mrs Morris said, and turned to leave.

“One more thing, don’t even try to escape cos I’m gonna find you” Mrs Morris added.

“Yah!!! Isadora , you know how much I hated school you know and SSC for goodness sake, The notorious school filled with bully…I might ended up killing someone yunno” Brianna said.

“Then I’ll be prepared to go to Jail cos I’m never changing my mind, I already got you admitted so it’s official” Isadora gave her a disgusted look before matching to her room angrily.

“Anna, why will cut your hair when you know how much mum is Obsessed with it?” Sabrina said sadly, arranging her short hair.

“You know I’ve always wanted to look like this right? I can’t be less happy, she is just mad cos she won’t get to use me for her model collection anymore,, I’m 22 not a kid, I’m no longer her child model!!” Brianna said.

“I understand, you know how mum can be…I’m just glad you finally choose to come home, Dad is so worried,he calls everyday” Sabrina said.

“I’ll call him later, need to prepare for an advance fight In SSC, you know how my temper can be,, I just hope I don’t ended up killing someone!” Brianna blewed her a kiss, before descending the stairs, her short hair fleeing after her.

“Jeez…this girl!!” Sabrina chuckles watching her, but her phone suddenly chimed, she sighed before picking it on the table

Of Course, she already know who it is.

It’s from her crazy stalker again.


She read and drop it angrily and breath out.

“It will be over Soon, Rina!!”




Kyle rushed out of his room panting heavily, he met Kayden making out with a girl aggressively on the couch and he quickly turned his back.

The b*tch was almost naked and her right b**bs was in his mouth,, while he squeezed the second senselessly as if to extract milk from it.

They were so engrossed in it that none of them noticed his presence.

“Gosh…” Kyle palmed his face, walking backwardly towards Kai’s room.

His door was left opened and his eyes widened at the disgusting scene, he was busy f*cking two b”tches at the same time, the first was busy giving him a blow job while the second is gridding her her @ss on his bare chest.

“What the f**k Kai, Who on Earth between you two f*ck a b*tch In my room?” Kyle yelled on top of his voice. None of them replied.

He kept glaring at Kai who was not even looking at him at all, all of the sudden Kai thrust his d*ck inside one of the b*tch In his presence.

He gasped and slammed the door behind him violently, making a loud sound.

“Kai Ouch!!”

“Give it to me!!”

He began hearing the b*tch moans and he rushed back to the living room covering his ears, only to meet Kayden already f**king the same girl she met with him just now.

She was turning her back and he was banging her without mercy right there.

“Aish!!! My eyes are gonna go blind for real!!” Kyle screamed and made to rush back to is room, but he bumped into Kingston who was just coming out of his room.

He almost fell but Kingston held him.


“Are you even a man, How come you’re so weak?” Kingston scoffs, letting go of him.

“Thank you!!” Kyle smiled, staring at him as he buttoned up.

Kingston looked up and Kyle quickly tore his gaze away.

“I’m going out!!” Kingston said.

“It’s late!!” Kyle immidiately said.

“I know,, you don’t expect me to sleep without f*cking a b*tch” Kingston pat his shoulder, already walking downstairs.

“But you f*cked like 5 today, if I’m not mistaken!!” Kyle muttered.

Kingston stoped walking and turned.

“By the way, I’m the one that f*cked in your room, Sorry!!” Kingston winked before finally leaving.

Kyle hold his chest, smilling like a fool as he stood there, he suddenly heard a loud moans from two different angles again.

“Kai, kill me please!!!”

“I’m all yours Baby!!”

He covered his ears and rushed to his room before slamming the door loudly.




Alexa and her two friends matched out of thier cars gracefully and everyone stopped what they were doing to look at them.

They are the most popular girls in the school,Alexa, Daphne and Hailey they are called the S*xy Trio cos they are all dead gorgeous and sexy.

Not only In the school but everywhere else except you ain’t from New York, they all came from a multi billionaires families and they have been friends since Elementary class since thier parent were also close.

They are also famous for being a bully, they are the most biggest bully in the school and they hates the sight of the poor, Expecially those who are in the school because of Scholarships.

If you got trapped thier is no Escape route.

?️ Alexa is so Pretty!!

?️Wow, she changed her hair!!

?️I really love the blonde on her!!

?️But she is still so prefect in whichever hair color

?️ Daphne look at me please!!

?️She is so Cute!!

?️Hailey is the most beautiful!!

Alexa frowned immidiately after hearing the last comments, she almost walked up to the person that made the statements but she controlled herself.

She looked at Hailey and alot of jealousness filled her whole body, she won’t deny the fact that she is way more beautiful than her and she hates it.

Even though Hailey is the shortest among them, she is the prettiest.

They made thier way into the hallway and they students keep making way for them as if they were some Queens, while the S*xy Trio wave at them like thier fans.

They suddenly came accross a girl and they halted at once as of planned. The girl also looked up and thier gazes locked, she was almost getting to them but she began shrinking backward alsmost running off.

?️Isn’t that Havana?

?️Oh no,, she is in deep Trouble for sure!!

?️How dare she!!

Havana hearts beats doubled as they walked up to her slowly, she kept shrinking backward and Alexa waved her hands for her to come.

“Come here fool, we are not going to hurt you” Daphne smirked, and grabbed Havana’s hair as soon as she got to her.

“Let me go!!!” Havana cried, trying to gets her hands off her hair but her grips were tight.

Hailey also grabbed Havana’s right hands pulling her more closer till they got to were Alexa was still standing.

“Let me go please!!!!” Havana cried and what comes next was a resounding slap which came from Alexa.

“How dare you dyed your hair color blonde the same as mine? , you this disgusting baboon of a girl!!” Alexa yelled and slapped her left cheek,then rubbed her hand with a tissue before shoving it into Havana’s mouth.

?️I knew she was in trouble

?️I pitied her!!

Alexa became more angry and glared at the students who immidiately run off from there in fear.

“I’ll make sure I teach you a lesson you never forget, You really knows what comes next when you dyed your hair as the same hair color as mine, but you still did it!!” Alexa Shouted and began tearing of her clothes.

“She wanted to look pretty like you Babe!” Daphne laugh, bringing her phone out to make a a live video.

“Please let me go, I’m sorry Alexa!!” Havana sobbed, trying to get away from Alexa’s gripped.

She was pinned down by Hailey and she was almost naked as Alexa tore them into pieces with a Scissors.

“Please spare me!!” Havana cried again and Hailey slapped her again, shutting her up.

Some of the students were already making a video while some watched with so much pity in thier eyes but they dare not interfere.

Alexa finished toring off her clothes and she was left alone in her undies but she didn’t stop, she went ahead and grabbed her hair almost cutting it but..

“Let her go…” They heard a voice from the back and they all turned at once.

“Finn!!” Havana muttered weakly, and Hailey immidiately let her go, leaving her on the ground.

“How dare you hurt her again!!, I warned you all didn’t I?” Finn yelled angrily, his voice being echoed.

Finn is as silent and soft as a Dove but if you wanted to make him angry or see the other side of him which is always scary is to hurt Havana.

No one knew thier relationship so everyone just guess he had a crush on her which makes most of the girls hate her more.

“How dare you hurt her.. ” Alexa mimicked Finn funnily and Daphne laugh, still recording her video.

She has millions of followers on Instagram and Tiktok just because of the bully video she posted on the internet, no one dares questioned her cos she is the Senetors only daughter.

Finn shot Alexa a glare before walking up to Havana who was already unconscious, he covered her with his Jacket and carried her in his arms, walking away.

“I can explain Finn,, it’s not what…” Hailey bit her lips as she watch them leave.

“What are you all waiting for? Scram!!!” Alexa Shouted and everyone fridget, rushing to thier various departments.


They walked to the Class and went to take a seat without minding the lecturer teaching, none of them greeted him. He was used to it anyway.

Daphne went to seat on Kai’s laps and they began kissing Hotly as he squeezed her @ss like someone that’s is possessed. They are actually dating.

Kayden and Kyle was seating next to him not with Kayden making out with a girl, Kyle only looked out of the class expecting Kingston, he as not come back after leaving yesterday and he is already getting worried.

The class ended early as usual cos the Lecturer can’t take it anymore cos of the usual act of Kai and Kayden, Kingston is more worst than any of them but he has been laying low for a while now.

Which no one knew nothing about.

“I have to go, See you later Okay?” Kai dropped Daphne and stood up, He spranged her @ss before leaving the class with Kayden and Kyle.

“Iris!!!” Alexa shouted as soon as she sight someone tying to sneak out of the class. Daphne and Hailey looked at Iris and her heart started racing fast.

“You didn’t come to school yesterday, we missed you throughout!” Hailey said, hanging her bag toward Iris neck.

“I miss you the most, trust me!” Alexa smirked, and threw her bag at her face, hitting Iris hard.

Daphne took off her heels and placed it on Iris hands which she immediately picked before it’s could fell.

“Such an obidient Dog, follow Us!!!” They all said and walked out, laughing.

Iris cleaned her tears and followed them quickly.




Brianna adjusted her Cap as she peeped into the Compound to see if Isadora is in sight before walking in slowly.

“Phew, that crazy woman must be asleep already!” She smiled and began tiptoeing in.

She actually went to Iris place to hide instead of going to school but didn’t met her home so she stayed out all day causing one trouble or the other as usual.

She get in and closed the door slowly to avoid making sounds, she smiled proudly then turned to see Sabrina rushing to her.

“Big sis!!” Brianna almost hugged bee but Sabrina only signalled to her to run but she wasn’t understanding a thing.

“What are you saying?” Brianna said.

“Anna!!! Watch out!!” Sabrina shouted and Brianna looked up to see a big Spatula aiming towards her. She dolged it and it’s landed on the floor.

It was Isadora who threw it. She was standing by the stairs.

“Mum!!” Brianna shouted, matching her feet on the ground.

“I swear you won’t be the end of me Anna, I told you to get your @ss to SSC today but you refused and stay out all day, how come I was called in my office today that my daughter beat up an army and he was still unconcious?” Isadora asked, walking toward her.

“I swear Mum, I can explain….He started it first, how can he refer to me as….a kid …” Brianna stuttered, shifting backward.

“Anna!!! Where the hell is the real you, where is the daughter I have birth to?” Isadora shouted.

“Stop yelling Dora!!!, you’ll get a heart Attack” Brianna said and Isadora gasped.

“Did you just called me by my name?”

Brianna was already trying to open the door.

“Why acting as if it’s the first time, Isa…” Isadora made to hit her but she opened the door already and run out.

“Annaaa!!!!” Isadora picked the spatula again and run after her. Sabrina sighed watching them rum after each other around the neighborhood.

It’s not thier first time anyway, she closed the door and locked it, before walking to her room to sleep.


Kingston walked out of the bar half drunked, he was hiccuping as he walked and his tummy hurts so much already. He must have lied and he didn’t remember.

He actually spend the night at the Bar. He managed to starggered to his car and open the car and got in.

He almost start the car but someone suddenly got in and his eyes widened.

“Who…are…you?” he stuttered, his eyes closing a bit.

“My name is not important, what is important right now is getting away from that crazy woman, start the car right now and take me to anywhere please!!” Brianna pleaded looking out of the car.

“I said, who are…” he couldn’t finished the word before hiccuping again.

“Anna!!! Come out here, wherever you are!!” Brianna heard her mum voice from outside. She peeped out and see Isadora almost getting to them.

“Oh no!!!” She muttered and looked at Kingston who was still blabbering drunkely and at the same time hiccuping.

She quickly think of what to do and immidiately grabbed his face…

“Anna!!!” Isadora shouted again.

“Miss, what are you…”Kingston muttered.

“This will be very quick Okay? You won’t even remember when you wake up, just think of it as a nightmare,I really have to do this…” and like that, Brianna pulled his face closer and slammed her lips on his own.

Kingston eyes widened.

Isadora walked pass the car and Brianna almost broke it but Kingston pulled her back, kissing her more deeply to her surprise.

His hands trailed down to her @ss, grabbing it…

TBC ♡︎.

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