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{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.


Written By, Lisa.




❄︎ •~{????? ??? ?? ???}•~❄︎



“Noo!!!!!” Kingston screamed in his sleep and spranged up.

“Was that a dream?” he said Inwardly, and rushed to his bathroom, he checked his face and it’s really has a bruise all over.

“What the f**k” he muttered, trying to recollect how he it’s happened.

So he really wasn’t dreaming.

He remembered kissing an unknown girl last night but he didn’t remember what happened next, he blacked out immediately and how did he got to his room.

He was still on that when the door and Kyle rushed In.

“What’s up? I heard your scream!” Kyle said worriedly, walking to him

“Wait, how do I get here?” Kingston asked

“I was worried so I went out to look for you yesterday and I found you sleeping in your car at FLEX Bar,, I brought you home!” Kyle explained

“You didn’t see any lady or someone kissing me…”

“What are you talking about?” Kyle said

“Nevermind,, take your leave I have to change!!” Kingston said, walking back to the bathroom

Kyle bit his lips and walked out of his room only to meet Kayden by the door, obviously eavesdropping on them.

“What are you doing?” Kyle asked

“What does it look like? I don’t know why you kept making me feel creepy, I felt there is something about you that’s not right,, Are you sure you ain’t a gay? Are you in love with…” Kyle covered his mouth before he could finish and pulled him downstairs before letting him go.

“What are you talking about?” Kyle asked nervously.

Kayden made to talk but got Interrupted by Daphne’s moans coming from Kai’s room.

“Early in the morning,, aren’t they tired already??” Kyle hissed, blocking his ears as usual

“You’re the only one who is a virgin here which make it’s hard for me to believe if you’re really a guy….I mean we’re all 23 and you’re the only one who has never f**ked, are you hidding something….”

“You stink?” Kyle cut in, covering his noes.


“Go and wash up,, it’s almost time for class!!” he added and rush to his room.

Kayden sniffs his clothes but smelled nothing. He made to leave but heard Daphne’s moans again, he graoned and walk to his room too.



Brianna has been in the bathroom for more than 30 minutes now all in the name of bathing.

Her mind went back to yesterday and she folded her fist.


Immidiately Kingston grabbed her @ss, her eyes widened and she broke the kiss, pushing him off roughly.

His face hit the steering and it’s cheek has a cut but Anna was still not satisfied, she looked at him disgustedly and pulled his face up, grabbing him by his hair.

Kingston smiled, licking his lips and she became more angry.

“This should remind you that next time you wouldn’t dare do such a thing!!” she slapped him hard accross his face and Kingston blacked out immediately.

She hissed and look at him again before getting off his car, wipping her lips while hissing.


“Aish!!, we better not cross paths again or else you will meet your doom!!” Brianna screamed rubbing her hands on her lips as of to remove the kiss off.

She was not even mad because of the kiss, she kissed him first didn’t she??

But he got some nerves to grabbed her@ss. Like no guy has never did that before.

Who is bold enough to even touch the strand of her hair not to talk of touching her sensitive part.

She shook the thought off immidiately she sensed someone in her room. As expected…

“Anna!!!, you better come out here now if you know what’s best for you or else I’m coming in” Isadora shouted from outside.

Brianna sighed and began singing “Typa girl” by Blackpink.

?Cos I’m that girl that
Drive you crazy ?.

?But you can’t
Leave me alone ?

?Got you thinking maybe
I went supernatural ?

“You won’t be the one to drive me crazy, I’ll be doing that to you first” Isadora shouted and, Brianna come out of the bathroom.

“When will I be getting the privacy I deserve mum, can’t I get ready in peace too? It’s enough I accept to go to the darn school!” she hissed walking to her dressing room.

Isadora followed.

“Not in my presence will you dress to that prestigious school like a freaking Tomboy Anna” Isadora said

“Mum, let her be” Sabrina appeared with a make up kits

“What’s that for?” Brianna raised her brows

“For you of course, I can’t allow my only sister to be belittled…” Sabrina said and Brianna laugh.

“Belittled,, is like you have forgotten your sister has a proud black bet in Judo, First Class in Taekwondo…Who dare talks when Brianna is talking..” Brianna smiled proudly and Isadora scoffs

“You aren’t leaving this house until you use the make up…” Isadora said and turned to leave

“But mum….”

“Don’t worry mum, I’ll take care of her” Sabrina smiled and Isadora glared at Brianna before walking out.

“Before you say anything Anna, it’s a fake make up, you can just wipe it off when you get out alright? And take this don’t use it when you’re going….” Sabrina placed a cap on her palm and Brianna smiled.

“Thank you so much sis, you’re the best!!” She hugged her.

“I know….let’s get ready!!”




“Havana!!” Finn rushed to Havana immidiately she opened her eyes and hugged her.

Havana smile,hugging him back.

“I was so worried, are you okay?” Finn broke the hug to check her temperature

“I’m fine bear, thanks to you!” Havana smiled

“Why do you always let them bully you that way? I mean you’re my sister you should be treated better, why do you allow them.to walk all over you like that?” Finn scoffs

“I’m sorry….”

“You said that all the time and never changed,, do you know how worried I was when you refuse to open your eyes last night,, I was scared to death” Finn said.

“I’m sorry…I promise to change Brother!!” Havana assured

“That’s sounds like a lie, Can’t you just let them know I’m you twin and let me protect you.. you get bullied because they think we’re dating!” Finn said, looking into her eyes.

“I don’t want to…try and understand please, I can take care of myself” Havana said and hugged him again

“What’s with this brother and sister reunion this early in the morning”They both heard a voice and they disengaged the hug. They turned to see Cole

Finn only friend and best friend.

“Allow me to date her and I’ll protect her with my life” Cole tried to hug Havana but Finn pushed him off

“I would rather sold her off than allow her to date a player like you” Finn said

“I really love her” Cole said and Havana smile.

“You’re just Crazy!!” Finn said.


Alexa and her two friends walked gracefully to the school, as usual the students completed thier looks and they smile proudly.

Iris was walking behind them with their bags, she dares not walked in the same pace with them unless she is ready to die.

“Maintain 10m away from us if you still want to live!” She remembers Alexa’s words and she sighed.

Brianna walked into the hallway in her usual big oversized T-shirt and Baggy jeans together with matching sneakers. She already remove the make up.

She has been in the school for long trying to figure out which way is to linguistics department.

Her eyes catch the glimpse of Iris struggling with the bags with her but she already walked away.

“Iris in SSC? I must be seeing wrong” she said and resumed walking.




“Yes,, harder babe”

“Don’t stop, I’m about to c*m!!”

The b*tch screamed madly as Kinston banged her wide hole non-stop.

“Yes… king, I want more”

Kingston suddenly pulled out of her and the b*tch sat up expecting him to tell her to leave.

His mind went to his face again and he became angry, the fact that he can’t recall the face of the unknown girl he kissed last night baffles him.

“Your back?” he said codly and the b*tch immidiately turned. He thrust into her without mercy and her moans filled the whole room.


< >

The class was silent strangely today cos the K4 aren’t in class.

Everyone was listening attentively except for Alexa and her minions who were doing one thing or the other.

“As said,, you have to remind me of your assignment tommorow or else you’ll are repeating the course…” The lecturer said.

“Bullsh!t” Alexa hissed.

“I guess you’re not referring to us!” Daphne looked up from her phone, she is actually making a video call with Kai.

“He would dare!!” Hillary laugh.

The lecturer made to talk but someone entered interupting him…

?️What the F**k

?️Who is she??

?️New Students??

?️A Tomboy??

?️This is so funny!!

?️She is pretty tho

?️She is curvy too.

?️I love her already

Brianna did not bother speaking before going to take a seat. It’s actually next to Iris, Iris already hide her face immidiately she saw her.

“Hey Newbie,, aren’t you meant to introduce yourself?” The lecturer said

“Me??” Brianna pointed at herself

“Who else??” Alexa shot her a glare and Brianna just smirked.

She stood up and walked to the front, then adjust her cap properly.

“My name is Brianna, and I don’t like talking to people” Brianna said simply.


“Don’t bother me, otherwise….it’s hurt when I hit you!!” Brianna said and everyone broke into laughter

?️ Seriously??

?️Who did she think she is.

She walked back to her seat with Alexa and her crew glaring at her but she cares less.

The class ended and everyone began leaving the class.

Alexa walked over to Iris and placed a note before her before walking out of the class with Daphne and Hailey.

Brianna turned and her face catch Iris, it’s was too late cos she already saw her.

“Iris!!!” Brianna screamed surprisely

“Anna!!” Iris grimaced

“What are you doing here?” Brianna asked, her face on her bruised lips.

“I schooled here, sorry for not telling you sooner” Iris said, looking down.

“It’s okay,, at least I have my best friend here…I’m so happy!!” Brianna gushed and pulled her into a hug.

Iris hugged her back but quickly broke it.

“What’s wrong?” Brianna asked as Iris hastily started packing her things.

“Let’s talk later Anna, I have to go!!” Iris said and rushed out of the class before Brianna could speak more.

“Iris!!!” Brianna made to rushed after her but her eyes suddenly catch a note and she went to pick it, she must have drop it.


she read.

“Wait a minute…” she remembers when Alexa placed a note in front of her and she became alerted, she runs out of the class quickly.


Brianna sighed tiredly as she come out of a class, she has been looking all over for Iris for minutes now and she can’t help but worried.

The school is so big that’s she almost went lost in it.

She called her countless times already but she refuse to pick.

“Where are you?” She said Inwardly, walking away.

She suddenly saw a group of people gathered In circles and she became curious to find out what’s going on.

She walk to the middle and her eyes widened at what she saw.

It was her friend being bullied by Alexa and her crews and the other students were laughing, some are even making a video.

Alexa was the one pouring pizza on her face and Hillary holding her down as usual, Daphne is making a video.

“How dare you take 20 minutes to get me something to eat? Do you want me to starve to death?” Alexa yelled and slapped her hand on the face.

“I’m sorry… ” Iris cried.

“I hate the word Sorry…..” Alexa made to slap her again but someone caught her hand.

“Who the hell…”

She turned to see Brianna and more students gather around waiting for the show. Nothing of such as never happened.

“How dare you lay your hands on her??” Brianna demanded angrily, still holding her hand.

“Anna!!!” Iris sniffs

“Let me go Ugly Duck!!!” Alexa tried freeing herself from Brianna grip.

“What the heck is your problem Tomboy?” Daphne chirped in, still making her videos.

“Do you know who you’re messing with right now?” Hailey shouted at her.

Brianna let her go and got up. She helped iris up before turning back to Alexa and her friends.

“You still haven’t answer my question, how dare you hurt my friend?” Brianna asked, calmly this time.

“Ask your mother that, daughter of a b*tch” Alexa said arrogantly.

“Did you just refer to my mum as a b*tch?” Brianna said in disbelief.

“You heard her right, fool!!” Daphne said and Brianna smirked at her.

“You know I was bent on behaving myself for a whole day but you choose to wake the Kong Fu in me,, I told you it’s hurt when I hit right?” Brianna said and began walking towards them….

TBC ♡︎.

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