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{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.


Written By, ????.




❄︎ •~{?????? ???????}•~❄︎


••~K4 DORM~••



“Yes come on…..f**k”

“Right there,harder!”

The b*tch moaned as Kingston rode her faster and roughly

He moved his d**k back before inserting it back into her p***sy in an aggressive manner

“F**k!!” she screamed out a loud moan

“Deeper baby…deeper”

“Don’t call me that b*tch” Kingston snapped and removed his d**k from inside her and climbed down from the bed

“I’m sorry” she apologized and grabbed his hand. He yank it off and walk into the bathroom nakedly.

His mind went to how he hiccuped so much in front of Alexa and everyone again and his anger increased.

That’s how he has been since he left their house angrily earlier,,this girl will be the third b*tch he f**ked In just 4 hours.

No matter how hard he tried to get it off his mind..it’s bothering him so much,, to think that nonsense engagement will occur and he can’t even do anything about it.

And his darn hiccup. He did not even understand how it’s works,, like he has never hiccuped when he tells the truth.

But then, he hiccuped… does that mean he really love her.

“Sh!t!!” he walked out again,still naked.

The girl was already trying to put on her dress when he grabbed her harshly again…

“Give me your @ss” he said and immediately she lean against the wall,her @ss facing him

Without a second thought,Kingston shoved his d**k inside her

“King!!!” She screamed out

“Louder” Kingston groaned,f**king the h*ll out of her

“king….ston…..oh mine!”


He kept on spanking and f**king her at the same time

Her @ss cheeks are already red


“Oh my gawd this feels so…..Good!!”

“Of course it’s should, I’m Kingston….The what??”

“The Lord of p**sy!!”

They were interrupted by the sudden knock on the door

“F**k off!!” Kingston pulled out of her and said codly, the b*tch wore her clothes quickly and rushed out.

“Kingston!!” Kyle entered.

“Why are you always interrupting me when I’m in the middle of something important?” Kingston snapped at him.

“I’m sorry….I just want to…Erm…” Kyle stuttered, his eyes on his bare chest as he stared at his biceps and killing abs.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Kingston voice brought him back and he quickly tore his gaze away

“Nevermind…I’ll take my leave now?” Kyle began walking out


“Hmm!!” Kyle turned to him.

“The mysterious tomboy who hit Alexa and her friends. Can I get her name?” Kingston said and Kyle furrowed her eyebrows


“Cos I need it, do you know it?” Kingston replied immidiately

“No!!” Kyle said and walked out, slamming the door behind him violently.

“Why do I feel I’ve seen her before?” Kingston muttered, closing his eyes.



“Mum, where is Sabrina?” Brianna entered the sitting room, only to meet Isadora in deep thought.

“I don’t know,, I’ve been trying to reach her, she went out in a hurry hours ago and she is yet to be back!” Isadora replied sadly.

“What is she has a boyfriend we don’t know about?” Brianna grinned and Isadora rolled her eyes.

“She’s not the type that keep secrets, do you think this is some kind of joke?” Isadora muttered, a little bit angry.

“I’m sorry Okay? If she’s not back tommorow….trust me I’ll search the whole New York if I have to, trust me!” Brianna assured, hugging her

“Get away from me, hairless girl!” Isadora pushed her off and got up.

“Jeez…it’s always about my hair, can’t you just accept it?”

“Never!!! When you became hairy again,, I’ll accept you’re my daughter…for now you’re adopted!!” Isadora shouted, walking upstairs.





“I told you’ll to remind me of your project but you refused…” Mr Clark said

“Why will we? You’ve a brain don’t you?” Alexa hissed and Mr Clark just looked at her.

That’s the only thing he can do anyway…he didn’t want to spend his rest of life’s on jail, did he? The last lecturer before him who tried hitting Alexa is still in jail till date.

“Maybe he sold it off for candy” Daphne said and everyone began laughing

“That’s not nice Alexa…” Finn said and Alexa shot him a glare.

“Who returned your gross voice? Cos I remember you’ve never talked!!” Alexa shot.

“Havana must have kept it in her wide ho*le!” Daphne laugh

Finn made to reply but Havana grabbed his hand and pull him back.

Hailey saw that and bit her lips jealously

Mr Clark hold his head not knowing what to say.

“Sir…what if we’re grouped in four so we can be fine quickly” a girl said. She is actually the class president….Maya.

Alexa and Daphne glared at her and she quickly fell back on her seat

Mr Clark made to talk but someone suddenly rushed in and everyone turned to the person

“Newbie….you’re late” mr Clark said

“I’m sorry sir….my car broke down….”

“If wishes were horses, beggers will rode on…”Alexa stood up

“Unicorns or should I say Dinorsour!” Daphne completed, chewing her gum loudly

“Bullsh!t…. You own a car, I can’t believe this!” Alexa walked over to Brianna, her tiny penciled hill making sounds as she walked.

Daphne followed immidiately

“That’s because your parents still refuse to believe they waste so much effort in giving birth to an @sswipe like you” Brianna said and everyone gasped.

? Àsswipe??

“Àsswipe?” Alexa repeated, her whole body burning with anger.

Mr Clark already left when he can’t take it anymore. No one even noticed his absence

“At least she is better than an outdated tomboy??” Daphne said and Brianna made an advance to her.

“You’ll regret this,, I promise you!!” Alexa shouted and literally run out. Daphne also hissed before following.

“Anna!! Calm down!!” Iris said from behind and Brianna turned to her with a smile.

Finn suddenly walk up to her and the moment Brianna also saw him clearly. They eyes widened at once





“You’re coming back today?” Derek shouted on the phone.

“Yes, I expected you to me happy….guess I was the only one that miss you!” The person he was speaking with said over the phone.

“No dude, I was just surprised! I’ll pick you up at the airport!” Derek said.

“Don’t bother,, I’m on my way home already!” The person said and hanged up.

Derek drop his phone and frowned. One of his guard suddenly rushed In

“Boss….Miss Sabrina escaped!” he said and Derek flared up

“What?? You good for nothing security, why am I even paying you? Find her at once!!” Derek yelled angrily

The guy bowed and rushed out.


Sabrina looked around after jumping off the big fence, she touched her sprained ankle and she winced before struggling to get up

She began running off weakly not looking back at all.

“I’ve to get home.. however”she muttered under her breath.

She suddenly felt a movement behind her and she turned to see Derek’s men running after her.

“Oh no!!” she increased her pace and run so fast even if her legs hurt so much.

After some minutes, she got to the main road and she stopped to catch her breath. Fortunately, she already lost Derek’s men.

She was so tired but she can’t even rest cos they can still find her.

She stood up and began crossing the road not noticing a car aiming towards her.

She turned but it was too late. Immidiately she saw the car, she went down and passed out before the car could even hit her.

The car stop just when it’s was about hitting her and the driver rushed out of it.

He rushed to the unconcious Sabrina on the floor.

“Miss!! Miss!!!!”



The camera kept clicking as Isadora changed styles gorgeously.

She is one of the most famous and influenced models in New York and her Company is known for being the most famous for any gender accessories.

She might be over 40 but she’s still so beautiful and classy like that of a 20 years old lady. Her baby doll face and round eye make everything about her perfect.

“Yeah….good, you look gorgeous ma’am” the manager said as Isadora’s PA wiped her sweaty gave with a Hankerchief.

” I’m so exhausted…” Isadora muttered

“You’ll soon be done ma’am, just 3 shots left” the manager said and Isadora sighed.



“Who would have thought I’ll see you here again? I thought we’re never going to cross paths again!” Brianna said

“I know right? It’s been 5 years now,, I’ve really missed you” Finn smile and Brianna chuckled.

“I’m lost here, can you explain what’s going on? Anna!!” Iris said

“You remember Finn right? My Highschool crush I told you about?” Brianna said and Iris nodded

“He his the one!” Brianna added and Finn smile proudly

“So did you still have feelings for each other till now?” Iris said and Brianna shot her a glare

“I do!” Finn muttered

“Wow!!” Iris exclaimed

“Iris stop!” Brianna snapped

“I just hate her so much!” Hailey fold her fist under the table,glaring at them so much.

“Now that you see her with Finn, you suddenly know you hate her, you’re so unbelievably” Daphne laugh.

Alexa said nothing,, glaring at Brianna with so much hates…if only looks can kill.

“Wait, if you still like her…then who’s Havana to you?” Iris asked

?Wow, it’s the K4

?Why are they here??

?It’s unusual

? Kingston….Lord of P*say

?Please one night stand with you.

? Kia’s tattoos are killing

?Where is Kyle?

?I don’t mind dying after dating Kayden!!

Girls swoon over Kayden and Kai immidiately, but Daphne went to them and pushed the away from Kai. She sat on his laps and they began kissing hotly

“Why don’t you all queue according to you @ss size?” Kayden said to the girl’s around him.

Alexa rushed to Kingston but he didn’t even spare her a glance before walking away.

He sighted Brianna and started walking to her and Alexa fummed with anger.

“Why is he walking towards here?’ Iris said and Brianna look up.

She wasn’t even paying attention to what’s going on before.

It’s was when he got closer to them Brianna saw us face clearly and her eyes widened.

The same pyscho who she kissed days ago. The same person who grabbed her @ss.

“You….follow me” he said to Brianna, already walking away.

“Why would I?” Brianna replied hotly

Kingston turned.

“Cos it’s a command not a wish!” He replied.

“Then you’ll have to drag me out @sshole….I’m not leaving here and it’s my wish” Brianna said and Kingston couldn’t believe his ears

“Did you just refer to me as @sshole, do you know me from somewhere before?” Kingston said.

“You might have forgotten so soon….I’ll never forget this junkie face of yours!!” Brianna shouted at his face


“Junkie face? This is getting more interesting!!” Kayden smirked and pushed the girl beside him aside to watch the scene

“Do you know who you’re talking to?” Kingston yelled

“Who cares? As long as you don’t own the 9 planets, are you Jupiter? Or you’re an Aliens I have to be scared of you,, you’re just lucky I got over what you did or else….” Brianna walked out and Kingston kept standing there.

“Don’t worry Mr President,, I’ll get you out of here…..you won’t be humiliated this way!!” Kayden said and broke into laughter.

Kai also joined him

TBC ♡︎

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