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{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.

CHAPTER 11&12?

Written By, Lisa.




❄︎ •~{??? ?? ?? ???????}•~❄︎


“How is she??” Adrian asked as the Doctor finished treating Sabrina.

“She is getting better, She passed out because of the stress… she’ll be fine after waking up” The doctor assured

“Thank you!!”Adrian smile

The Doctor nodded, then left afterwards

Adrian walk up to where unconcious Sabrina was laid and he sat next to her, admiring her eyes

Even while unconscious, she’s still so much beautiful.

He suddenly got lost in her eyes and didn’t notice when Mrs Wealth entered.

“Adrian!!” Her voice brought him back and he quickly stood up.

“Mum” he tried to hug her but her attention was on Sabrina Instead. She walk up to her and glance through her whole body

“How do you say you met her again?” she turned back to Adrian

“I told you I almost hit her on my way here mum!” Adrian explained.

“I’m sure she run over your car on purpose,, like just take a look at her….such a gold digger,, who knows she might be after your money….” Mrs Wealth scoffs

“Mum….she run over my car?? No one even know I’m a wealth…Can’t you be at least happy I didn’t hit her ” Adrian said

“Whatever ,just make sure she leaves as soon as she wakes up…” Mrs Wealth said and matched out angrily

“Gosh…” Adrian turn back to Sabrina and was surprised to see her awake.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Who are you and where am I?!!”



“Calm down,, I’m sure she didn’t mean it!” Kai said as Kingston kept boiling in anger

“I know right…but surprising,, Have you guys met before?” Kayden said

“Hêll no…..” Kingston hiccuped

“Did you just hiccuped?”

“But…I.. really don’t know her??” Kingston stuttered

“You might have forgotten,, try and recall” Kayden said

“But to be honest…. You’re still trending on the School Blog,, The girl is really a badass…. how can she do that to the whole president?”Kai laughed and Kingston raised a brow

“Honestly, she really made my … I love her,, I wanna date her” Kayden smiled, glancing through the comments

Kingston grabbed the phone from him and gritted his teeth as he checked the comments.

Most of it was praising Brianna about her courage. No one as ever talk to him like that not to talk of insulting him.

*PRESIDENT KINGSTON IN THE MUD AS A NEWBIE TOMBOY GIVE HIM BACK TO BACK” Kayden read out the comments and he began laughing with Kai again.

“Is the Mr President in the mud for me!!” Kai said, admits laughing

Kingston glared at him

“Is the back to back for me!” Kayden said, still laughing hard

“Even you?” Kingston said in disbelief

“Sorry….I can’t help it” Kayden muttered

“I mean why will you walk up to her like like that and ordered her around.. you must think all ladies are after what’s is under short!!” Kai said

“What if she is and she is only pretending?” Kayden said sarcastically.

“I swear she is never getting away for this,, I’ll make her pay dearly for this…. she’ll regret ever talking back” Kingston said seriously

“What are you going to do?” Kai and Kayden asked at a time

“Just wait and see…I’m still Kingston Wealth afterall!” he said with a creepy smile

Kayden and Kai exchange glances



“Why don’t you just get a place and stay in the school instead,,, it’s must be really stressful for you!!” Finn said as he walked both Brianna and Iris out of the school

“I’ll think about it,, I’ll have to discuss it with mom first you know that woman cannot do without me” Brianna said and they all laugh

“I really miss her!” Finn muttered

“I doubt if she remembers you,, it’s been five years!” Brianna replied

“I know right”

They resume walking in silence

“Havanna actually stayed alone….” He added

“I’ll tell you my decision tomorrow….Bye!!” Brianna took Iris hands and walk fast

“Why does it look like you’re not happy to meet him again,he his your crush….”

“Com’on Iris, were still very young back then…I’ve move on, beside I don’t want to have anything to do with any guy for now,, or maybe forever….I can’t handle heartbreaks” Brianna said

“That’s sad, why do I feel he still have feelings for you” Iris pouted

Brianna just smile

“That’s reminds me, have you met Kingston before? The way you speak to him earlier is like you’ve long grudge against him” Iris said

“That’s his name? That Junkie face?”

“Tell me what happened….I’m really curious”

Brianna explained everything to her

“Whoa,, you kissed the almighty Kingston Wealth?” Iris said

“Stop!!! I’m still mad about it”

“But from your story,, you kissed him first”

“Whatever!!” Brianna rolled her eyes.

“You won’t deny he his handsome and hot right?” Iris teased

“No way!!”Brianna snapped.



“Finn….are you in?” Havana peeped into the house from outside. But no response came.

She entered fully since the door was not locked. She met no one in the living room so she went to his room directly.

“Finn!!” she called again.

“Where could he be?” she muttered and walk back to the living room,sitting down.

Almost immidiately,, The door open and Cole walk in.

Havana immidiately frowned upon seeing him.

“Babe…” Cole made to touch her but her cold face stoped him.

“Are you still mad at me??” he sat next to her and she shift aside

“I’m sorry,, I promise to always protect you from now on….” Cole said, in a pleading tone.

“You know I can’t stay mad at you for long and you always used that against me!” Havana said and Cole smiled

“Does that mean you forgive me already?”

Havana nodded

“Come here…I missed you so much!” Cole hugged her and she hugged him back too.

“Me too…When are we trying my brother about us?” Havana said.

“Not yet Babe….”

“Why?” Havana broke the hug.

“I’m scared,, he might broke my leg…” Cole said and Havana chuckles.

“He won’t trust me, he has to understand I love you…..”

“Love who??” Finn said, coming in

They quickly disengaged.

“You….Finn,, we were talking about you,, Right Cole??” Havana grinned and Cole nodded.

“I told you stay away from him, stop coming her without informing me first” Finn pulled her up, talking her to his room already.

Cole sighed.




Brianna rushed out of her room after finish dressing up, she got to the living room and was surprised to see Sabrina sleeping so sound, her head resting on Isadora’s thighs.

“She is back?” she asked surprisely

“Someone drop her off last night, you were already asleep…” Isadora said.

“How is she? Is she hurt anywhere?” Brianna asked concernly

“Gladly she is fine,, I just hope she wake up soon,, she as a lot of explanation to do!!” Isadora said

“Mum…can I ask you something?”

Isadora raised her brows

“Do you get into trouble again? Have you finally kill someone and I need to be prepared for the worst to happen….”

“Mum….no, I just want to ask if I can stay in the school instead of coming home always,,it’s really stressful expecially now that my car is faulty…” Brianna said

“No… I don’t trust you Brianna,, you might do something stupid…”

“But mum, I’m old enough to leave alone.”

“My answer is still no,, I’ll think about it..” Isadora replied.



“Guys Kai is not picking my calls and I don’t understand this text!!” Daphne lamented as they walk out of thier dorm.

“Don’t you know he his getting tired of you already” Alexa said and Daphne shot her a glare.

“She is right?” Hailey spoke

“Shut up!!, you know nothing” Daphne rolled her eyes and began walking faster.

“The truth is always bitter…” Alexa said and turned to Hailey who has been smilling secretly

“What’s up with the smile?”

“Nothing” Hailey replied,, still smilling.


••~K4 DORM~••

“You go first” Kayden said to Kai and Kai rolled his eyes.

“Why will I? Aren’t you the one that said you want to check up on him?” Kai replied

They are both in front of Kyle room, They actually heard his wince.

“Why are we even scared…..he his a guy like us right?” Kayden said and Kai nodded

They’re about to open the door when they heard a voice..

“What are you both doing?” They both heard heard Kingston voice from behind and they both turned.

“He has been whimpering,,I don’t thinks he’s fine” Kayden answered.

“Just let him be,, he must be having..”

“Having what?!” Kayden and Kai ask at a time.

“Nevermind,,, let’s go to school?” Kingston said

“That’s unusual” Kai immidiately said

“I have a reason to go to school now!!” Kingston replied and walked out

“What’s is he talking about?”


The lecture was ongoing and the students was quite, except for Alexa who was busy applying make up .

“He the hell are you following,, just give me your notes when we’re done” Brianna said and drop her pen

“So lazy!” Iris Scoffs

“At least I have an hardworking friend” Brianna smiled

The students suddenly began murmuring and they look up.

? It’s the K4!!!

? They are all looking hot as usual!!

?Where am I not seeing my Kyle

?I miss him

Brianna rolled her eyes with the way they keep on hyping on the three guys.

“Good morning sir” Kayden greeted with his usual silly smile.

Kingston and Kai didn’t even bother to greet. They walked to the back of the class

“Get lost” Kingston said to the group of boys sitting there and they immidiately stood up for them

They all seat.

“You can continue Mr Clark” Kayden said as soon as he seated

Mr Clark sighed not knowing what to say, nevertheless,he turned back and continue his lecture.

“So arrogant” Brianna Snarled from her seat, she actually saw what happened.

Kingston eyes fell on her and thier eyes both met, he smiled at her and Brianna rolled her eyes before looking away.

He continue staring at her and Alexa fummed with anger from her seat.

Daphne already find her way to Kai,she is currently on his lap,making out as usual

Hailey can’t get her eyes off Finn but he wasn’t even noticing at all,he was also staring at Brianna.

“Gosh…..This is so boring…” Kayden said and tugged his airpud in his ears, listening to music.


“That’s all for today…. class rep meet me on my office for your group assignment name distribution” Mr Clark said and walk out

The class rep immidiately followed her.

“What’s wrong?” Iris turned to Brianna who was squeezing her face somehow

“I think I have to go!!” She replied and rush out of the class.

“Anna!!!” Iris made to go after her but someone grabbed her hand

She turned to see Finn.

“What’s wrong with her?” He asked

“Don’t worry she will be fine” Iris replied.


Brianna pulled of her pants immidiately she got to the restroom,as expected she was all soaked with her own blood.

No wonder she’s having cramps.

“Brianna,, how could you be so Stupid and forgot!!” She cussed herself

She wore her pants back and squirmed,holding her tummy

She walked out and was surprised to see Kingston standing bay the door

“Hi!” He smiled and she raised her brows

“Did you… follow me here?” She said calmly which was unusual of her

He was even taken aback

“Why do you seem to hate me so much, I don’t remember seeing you before” Kingston said

She rolled her eyes and made to walk away but he blocked her way.

“Can we be friends?!!..”

TBC ♡︎.

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