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{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.

CHAPTER 13&14?

Written By, Lisa.




❄︎ •~{??? ???? ????}•~❄︎

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Brianna said almost immediately.

“I want us to be friends!” Kingston repeated

“Are you kidding me right now? Be friends with you? Why will I do ?” Brianna said slowly.

“Just friends,, I don’t think there is something wrong with that?” he replied

“I would rather be friends with a turtle to someone like you!” Brianna hissed and make to walk away but he blocked her path again.

“What did you want from me?” she yelled unknowingly.

She felt a fluid beneath her clothes and she gasped. she was not supposed to yell.

She pushed him out of the way and run off before he comes of say more word.

“Why is she running?”



“Why am I paired with a fool like him?” Alexa shouted, checking the board there names were pasted.

“Relax Babe,, not like we’re going to do it…and he dares not make us repeat the same course or else he don’t want to live” Daphne said beside her.

Hailey was quite as she check her name. she was paired with Kayden but Alexa was paired with Finn.

That’s making her jealous.

Daphne smiled as soon as she located her name.

“I love Clark…he really knows I and Kai are meant to be” she giggles and Alexa roll her eyes.

“Wait a minutes…who is that Ugly Duck paired with?” Alexa suddenly said, using her eyes to trailed Brianna’s name.

“What the hell…” she shouted angrily

“Clark is so gonna get it from me for doing this!” she yelled and matched out angrily.

Daphne and Hailey checked it too.

“Alexa!!” Hailey immediately went after her.

Daphne went to Kai who was already walking out of the class and hugged him.

“When should we do what?” she whispered into his ears.

“Anytime…as long as you are ready” he whispered back.

They both left the class.



Alexa badge into the office slamming the door loudly.

“How dare you?” Alexa shouted angrily.

“What’s the matter again…Alexa!!” Mr Clark said.

“How dare you paired That good for nothing B*tch with my Kingston?” Alexa demanded hotly.


“I did care what are name is, I want you change her position to mine Right now”

“I’m sorry…I can’t do that..”


“I’m done being a nuisance to you Alexa…if you’re not fine with it, then don’t do it, you want want to fund out what happened next” Mr Clark said and turned his back to her

“Uncle…” Alexa suddenly said and Mr Clark eyes widened.

“Did you just call me Uncle? did I hear you right?” Mr Clark said In disbelief.

“You know how much I love Kingston…just help me please”

“My answer is still no”

“You’re sure gonna regret this..I swear” Alexa gritted her teeth and storm out angrily.

“Are you okay?” Hailey rushed to her. she has been standing by the door.

She only nodded.

“Alright…Call me when you’re Okay and take care of yourself” Iris said and hang up.

She suddenly bump into something and she look up to see Alexa and Hailey.

“Alexa….”Iris stuttered in fear.

“You think you can get away from me,, Your friend dare hit me because of you, did she knows about what I did for you? huh?” Alexa shouted

“I’m sorry…”

“Warn her to stay the hell away from Kingston…what’s mine is mine,, I don’t share..or else you’ll be the one to pay for it” Alexa said and bumped into her shoulder purposely almost making her fall.

Hailey also shot her a glare before walking away too.



Adrian stared at the big frame in front of him and sighed.

His phone suddenly beeped and he smile immediately he saw the caller ID.

“Hey Sugar!!” he smile

“Hi daddy” a voice of a kid came up on the phone.

Obviously from his voice, you would detect it’s a boy.

“What’s up Sugar? Did you miss Daddy already?” Adrian said, sitting down on the chair.

“Yes…when are you coming back to pick me? I want to come to New York and meet your families too,, Especially Uncle Handsome!” The boy said.

“Very soon son…I’ve to tell them about it first Okay ” Adrian said.

“Alright…I can’t wait Daddy…Talk to you later,, I’m off to school ” he said and hang up.

“I miss him already…” Adrian muttered as he pocket his phone.

“Miss who?” Mrs Wealth said from behind.

Adrian raise his eyebrows, wondering if she heard everything.

“Dad…I wish he was still here with us” Adrian lied.

“Blame your inconsiderate brother…if not for him..”

“It’s his fault entirely,, I wish he didn’t stop singing” Adrian said.

“Never…he will have to bury me before singing again” Mrs Wealth snapped.


“Let’s stop taking about him,, I have something to tell you” Mrs Wealth cut his off

“I also have something to tell you?!” Adrian muttered


“Cassandra is back,, she want to meet you…”

“Don’t tell me you’re planning any arranged marriage” Adrian said before she could landed.

“No..you know I’ll never do that to you, what did you want to tell me?”

“It’s nothing, forget it” Adrian said.



••~K4 DORM~••


“Kill me with it…”



The room was filled with The moans if the b*tch Kayden was banging hard.

He pulled out of her and she inhaled loudly.

She made to kiss him but he declined.

“I really cared a lot about my mouth hygienes” he smirked and the b*tch groaned disappointedly.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to his rode.

“Suck it!!” he said and she immediately get a whole of it in her hand.

She was just about to shove it in her mouth when the door flung open and Kingston came in.

“What the f**k,, are you shooting a porn?” he covered his eyes and turned his back.

“As if you’re any different” Kayden hissed and get off the bed.

“Get lost!!” he said and the girl walk out nakedly.

“I need your help” Kingston said as Kayden wore his shirt.

“B**b or @ss? Wide or tight?” Kayden said.

“I’m not talking about that? how can I get a girl to like me?” he said and Kayden blinked.

“Like you?!?, Don’t tell me… Kingston!!” Kayden fake a tears, rubbing his face.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t tell me you fall for a girl? Is this how we both planned it? how dare you fall in love without letting me know about it?” Kayden said dramatically.

“Are you insane? Who is falling for who?…I just want to get her to be my friend and have my way…”

“Don’t tell me you’re really pushing through with your plans? You are after what’s under her skirt..isn’t it?” Kayden ask

“What did you think??” Kingston smirked.

“You’re so bad Kingston…how did we became friends?” Kayden shook his head and hit him.

“No one messes with me like that? Especially someone like her…she is so ugly…not my type at all” Kingston said disgusted.

“But she look sexy though…”

“Who cares”

“I know someone who is really good at stuffs like this, she might be of help, should we go now?” Kayden ask and Kingston immidiately nodded without thinking twice.

They both left his room.




Brianna opened her eyes weakly immidiately she heard a knock from the door.

She get off from the bed and went to open it.

Sabrina entered.

“Sweetheart….How are you feeling?” She asked worriedly, checking her body temperature.

“Honestly, It’s getting worse I don’t know what I have ever done in my past life to make me have those kind of cramps,, I don’t think it’s normal anymore,, I hate it when I’m weak” Brianna pouted sadly.

They are both sitting on the bed.

“It’s fine Anna!!, It’s just for days anyway…it will soon be over and you’ll be back to your usual self” Sabrina pat her back.

“I badly want to go to school but mom won’t allow me” Brianna added.

“She is right,, what if you passed out like the last time…” Sabrina said

“I won’t I’m not that weak….beside I’m worried about Iris what if those morons are bullying her again….”

“You really love your friend, don’t you?” Sabrina smiled.

“I do,she is the only one I have aside you and mum” Brianna replied

“Okay this is what you will do…_ Sabrina pulled bee closer and whisper into her hearings.

“I love you, please don’t ever die and leave me alone,, or else I’m coming with you” Brianna said and Sabrina chuckles.



“You have been quite, what’s wrong?” Cole look up from mis phone and turn to Finn.

“I miss her” Finn muttered.


“Someone you don’t know about” Finn replied.

“Whoa….are you keeping something from me now?” Cole said and Finn eyed him.

“I should be saying that to you, You have a girlfriend I don’t know about, when are you planning to tell me who she is?” Finn said and Cole blinked.

“I’ll show her to you.. very soon” Cole said.

“Whatever…as long as it’s not my sister” Finn said and walked away fast.

“I’m really dead ..” Cole ruffled his hair.


“Guys I’m back” Kyle screamed as he dashed out of his room.

“We’re you dead before?” Kai said

“What really happen to you and why are you keeping it from us? We’re friends right?” Kayden said.

“It’s nothing…where is Kingston?” Kyle said looking around.

“Here in my nostrils, come and pull him out” Kai said and Kyle throw a pillow at him.

He run off before it could hit him.

“Come back here!!” Kyle yelled and turned back to Kayden who was already staring at him.

“What?” Kyle said.

“Take off you clothes I want to check something” Kayden said


“Take them off of you’re really not hidding anything”

“You’ve finally gone crazy!” Kyle rolled his eyes and went back to his room.

“What’s his problem really?!!” Kyle said, holding his chest


Brianna walk into the school unnoticed than usual and the few few students who saw her can’t go but notice her weak movement.

She is always walking as if she is some giant and bigger than he tiny body buts it’s the opposite today.

She look total different…she was not even woring a cap.

She walk into the Hallway and it’s was very quite. From the look everyone has resumed class already.

She continue walking silently when someone suddenly jump in her front.

She squeezed her face immidiately she saw who it is.

“Hey are you stalking me?” She asked calmly

“Is that how to say a good morning to a friend?” Kingston smiled.

“I’m not your friend, stay away from me!!” She shot and resume walking.

He went after her and grabbed her hand.

“But I really want to be your friend..”

“Please…let…me…go” Brianna squirmed, trying to took her hands from him but she was too weak to do so.

“I won’t until you agreed to be my friend” Kingston said stubbornly.

“Aaah!!” She suddenly winced and grabbed her tummy.

“Are you faking this so I can let you go”

She looked up and her face were teary already, shocking him.

“Hey!! Are you okay?” Kingston said and let go of her hands.

“Please hold me!!!” Brianna sniffs and fell on his arms.

TBC ♡︎.

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