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{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.

CHAPTER 15&16?

Written By, Lisa.




❄︎ •~{??? ???}•~❄︎


Brianna was still unconcious on the bed as the nurse attends to her. Even without opening her eyes,her whimpering could still be heard softly.

Kingston stood by the door watching everything with his hand in his pocket.

The nurse finish giving her pain relieving dose before walking out. He did not bother to ask what’s wrong with her as he watch the nurse leave.

He stood still watching her for some minutes before walking to her bed side. He then sat on the chair next to her.

Now that he was looking at her closely, she’s actually beautiful…even with the short hair and her tomboy look.

Was it because she was always woring Caps??

Why did he even brought her here when he can easily took advantage of her weak state and go on with his evil plans.

He snarled and continue staring but he was not staring at her face anymore if not for her big b**bs caged in her sport bra.

“Why would someone this endowed be a Tomboy??” he said out loud.

He tried taking his eyes off but they were not obeying him. He suddenly felt the urge to touch when….

“Anna!!!” Iris rushed in and he quickly withdraw his hands and stood.

She rushed to her bed and Brianna slowly opened her eyes surprisely as if she was what’s she needed to get well.

“What happened to you? Why did you suddenly pass out?” Iris said worriedly

“I’m….fine” Brianna managed to said.

“You’re not, why did you even come to school when you know very well you’re in….”

“Iris.!!” Brianna snapped

That was when Iris noticed Kingston presence.

“I heard from the nurse you brought her here, thank….”

Kingston walked out before she could even landed and Iris raised her brows.

“So arrogant..” she hissed before turning back to Brianna.

“Let’s skip class …I’ll take you home”Iris said

No answer from her.

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s fool carried me…I hate it that I have to be indebted to him,, Like gawd, I don’t even want to think about it, I’m such a fool…I should have ignored him…”Brianna groaned

“I see you’ve gotten your strength back for you to be speaking ill of him again,are you saying he should have left you on the ground without doing anything? You should be greatful to him” Iris said.

“Whatever I still hate it…”



••~S • T DORM~••

“Babe you need to see this!!” Hailey rushed out of her room and showed a pics to Alexa on her phone.

“What is this??” Alexa said with wide eyes, her hands shaking as she held his phone.

“What does it look like, I think you’re going to loose the love of your life to some Tomboy without her even tying” Hailey said.

“No!!!!!” Alexa yelled and smash the phone on the ground angrily.

“Lexa!!” Hailey gasped.

“He his betronned to me and we’ll be getting married soon, he said he loves me, he does not lie….” Alexa screamed, fumming with so much anger.

“I don’t think so, you need to act fast” Daphne chirped in, she was just coming out of her room.

“I hate her so much,, I wish I could just kill her” Alexa said hatefully.

“Tommorow night, it is” Daphne said and Alexa looked at her.

“Right?? At the FLEX house, everyone will be there for sure…” Alexa smirked

The FLEX House is like a mini game house in the school for all students to have fun and relax from school works. It’s always opened on Saturdays and Sundays only.

“What if she didn’t come?” Hailey said.

“She wouldn’t decline if he best friend as her” Daphne said and Alexa grinned.

“I knew it,, you’re the best” Alexa giggles.

“Don’t worry I’ll tell you the plan when I’m back” Daphne said, rubbing her lips gloss while pouting.

“Going somewhere? This late?” Hailey said.

“I’m working on the assignment with Kai tonight, or should I say till daybreak” Daphne winked

“B*tch” Alexa rolled her eyes.

“I took after you”

“I’ve never f*cked anyone except Kingston!”

“Your bad, I’m off…..bye!!” Daphne catwalked out.


••~9PM~ LIBARY~••

Havana walked into the Libary while hugging her books to herself. She look around before settling down.

She actually planned to meet up with Cole tonight so they can work on thier assignment… luckily they got paired together and she couldn’t be more happy she will get to spend time with him.

ALONE, Without her brothers watch.

She was smilling so much,hoping he would just showed up right away when her phone rings.

She checked the caller ID and frowned.

It’s Finn. Probably to ask where she is and who she is with again.

She took the phone then switch it off immidiately before dropping it.

She opened one of her books to start reading but her mind was thinking of Cole. She closed it and sighed.

“Where could he be?!”

Cole showed up at that minutes.

“Cole!!!” she spranged up at once

“You should have acted surprise, I was going to surprise you”Cole said, sitting beside her

“Oh sorry I was just too happy to see you, what was the surprise? It’s not too late right?” Havana pouted and he chuckles.

“How can I say no when you’re just too cute?” he pulled her to his laps and immidiately claimed her lips.

She reciprocated immidiately kissing him back in the same pace, Cole hugged her body to himself and deepened the kiss, it was as if they were going to eat each other up.

He finally broke the kiss and Havana frowned.

“Not enough?” Cole asked and she nodded.

“Fine….I miss your lips so much anyway..” he kissed her again, more intense than the first one.

His could feel his grone haddened as she move her @ss on it. He broke the kiss and drop her.

“Why?….” Havana frowned again..

“Finn…I’m scared of what he might do once he find out…”

“Them let’s tell him quickly I don’t want to hide it anymore….i want everyone to know we’re dating, he can’t choose whom I’ll love for me” Havana said.



••K4 DORM~••

“Guys….I think Vincent will be winning the best singer award for this year too,, check it out” Kayden showed his phone to Kai and Kyle and they both gasped.

“What did you expect….he didn’t quit like Kingston” Kai said.

“You know it’s not his fault, he lost his dad on the same day, how do you expect him to perform?” Kyle pouted sadly.

“I wish things didn’t turn out like this, I miss seeing him sing….” Kayden added.

The three all sighed at once as if planned.

“What’s the matter with you all?” Kingston said, coming in.

“Kinston!” Kyle said surprisely and quickly hide the phone.

“Hey” Kai said simply.

“You’re back” Kayden grinned.

“What’s with the unusual aura,, Are you all keeping something from me?” Kingston raise his eyebrows

“No!!” They all said at once.

He gave them one last glare before going to his room. He climb on his bed immidiately closing his eyes.

His mind suddenly went to Brianna and he opened his eyes, sitting up.

“I’ve clearly seen her before, but where?” He said to himself.

He closed his eyes again to recollect where he had seen her, his mind drifted to the day he got drunk and how he kissed an unknown girl.

Her face became very visible and clear and his eyes widened.

“It’s her!!!!!!”




Derek kept gritting his teeth as he worked on something on his laptop. He still couldn’t get the location of her.

“F**k!!” He grabbed the laptop angrily then smash it on the floor, shattering into pieces.

“Where could she be?” He graoned in his usual husky Voice.

Just then, two of his guard came in and he faced them coldly, they both bowed…avoiding his eyes.

“Any news?” he asked.

“We….still… couldn’t…find her” One of them stuttered.

“You’re all bunch of fools, what did I tell you? Never come back her without her or else I’ll bury you all alive” Derek said seriously

“Y-yes boss” They rushed out quickly.

“Styles sets of human being…..

“When will you ever stopped this your acts and act nice to your men’s for once?” Someone’s voice said and Derek turned at once.


“Long time no see pal” Adrian grinned.



Brianna walked out of her room only to met Isadora standing in front of the door

“Mum!!” She exclaimed, holding her chest.

“Planning to sneak out again?” Isadora said

“Mum….I’m fine, I’m sure of it…” Brianna quickly said.

“Like you were yesterday and ended up passing out ” Isadora raised her brows

“But I’m really fine now mum, it’s stopped coming and I’m back to my normal self again….” Brianna smiled.

“I don’t trust you….I need prove” Isadora said


“Show it to me?”


“Your Undies….

TBC ♡︎.

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