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{ Head’s Over Heels….}?

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.

CHAPTER 17&18?

Written By, Lisa.




❄︎ •~{???????!}•~❄︎


There’s was long silence after Adrian entered, Derek didn’t utter a word untill Adrian broke it.

“Why are you acting as if you just saw a ghost? Did you miss me that much?” he walked to the chair in front of Derek, sitting there.

“You punk..how dare you think of showing up after all these years? Do you know how much I miss you?” Derek said and hit him.

“Me too…but you know I can’t leave Craig” Adrian said.

“Why did you leave him in Washington though? I thought I was going to meet him for the first time” Derek said, sitting next to him.

“You didn’t want expect me to bring him here without telling mum about him first, she didn’t even know I had a son” Adrian sighed

“So..you’re not telling her? You can’t hide him from your family forever, especially when Elsa is still nowhere to be found…”

Adrian expression immidiately changed at the mention of Elsa

“Stop talking about her please…”

“Don’t tell me you still love her?” Derek asked.

“No!!!… don’t mention her anymore” Adrian replied.

“Fine!!” Derek roll his eyes.

“How are the Mobsters….Did you discharge them all already?” Adrian said, looking around.

“Trust me, I want to leave a normal life from now on…being a Mafia is a long to handle” Derek said

“I know right, I miss those days…

Derek phone suddenly rings and he picked at once.

“Found her?”

“Not… yet”

“Don’t come back without her or else I’ll break you legs” he yelled and hang up angrily.

“Looking for someone?” Adrian face him

“Yes…she owned me a loads of cash, and refuse to pay…the next time I set my eyes on her I’m killing her” Derek gritted his teeth.

“Can I see her pics? Maybe I can be of help”

Derek showed a picture to him on his phone and Adrian eyes widened.

“It’s her?” Adrian said out loud.

“Do you know her?”

Adrian shook his head.



Kingston checked the door for the upteenth time and sighed.

“Why is she not here yet?” he muttered to himself.

“Waiting for someone?” Kayden whispered to him.

Kingston just glared at him without a word, he was not even listening to the lectures.


The class ended and the lecturer left Immidiately. Some of the students are already starting to leave.

Kingston made to walk out of the class but Alexa rushed to block his way.


“What?” he said codly.

“What have I ever done to deserve this so much hate from you? We’re supposed to be couple, we are engaged right?” Alexa said.

“With yourself cos the damn engagement is not going to happen, not under my watch” he said and walked out.

Alexa went after him quickly and grabbed his hand…

“I love you so much Kingston…I cane do without you anymore, I swear I’m going crazy” Alexa shouted and all the students passing stopped by to watch the scene.

?️Did she just confessed her feelings?

?️I’ve always known she liked him?

?️I hope he said yes

?️They actually look good together

“Stop this madness Alexa…how many times do I have to repeat that I don’t love you and I never will” Kingston said and everyone gasped

?️Poor her!!

“Is it because of her? Answer me?” Alexa pointed at someone and Kingston look back to see Brianna.

She has actually been watching. There eyes met and she quickly look away and walk out of the place.

“You’ve been acting strange since she got here, you even carried her in your arms, do you perhaps have feelings for her?” Alexa yelled and Kingston turned to her angrily

“I don’t owe you any damn explainations…think whatever you want to think” he said and began walking away like that…

“Aaah… Kingston!!” Alexa grabbed her hair and rough it angrily.

He didn’t wait.

“Come back here when I’m still talking…” she yelled ok top of her voice again.

He still don’t stop walking.

“I’m going to tell dad about this…”

He finally went out of sight and she fell on her butt, throwing her legs in the air like a baby.

The students keep watching her as if she was some kind of a movie.

Daphne and Hailey was just coming out of the class with Kai and Kayden when they saw her on the floor, sitting thier while clampsing her fist.

“Alexa, what are you doing? Hailey was the first to rushed to her.

“Stan up Alexa” Daphne tried taking her hands but she didn’t give in.

“Looks like someone’s candy got stolen…did you need me to get you another one?” Kayden laugh

“Stop laughing it’s not funny….” Daphne roll her eyes.

“I don’t ask you to join me, you know I’ve always hated you….the only reason why I’m still trying not to hit you is because you and Kai are yet to break up…

“What rubbish are you saying? Break up with who?” Daphne glared up immidiately

“You’ll soon know” Kayden chuckles and left.

Hailey was still trying to get Alexa up.

“Babe….what’s nonsense is he talking about?” Daphne faced Kai.

“Just ignore him”


Brianna finally stopped in front of a thier lecture room and walked in, she met Iris speaking with Finn and she walked to them.

“Bess…” she called and Iris turned and once.

“Anna!!” Iris rushed to her and they hugged each other warmly.

“I’m invisible right? ” Finn spoke and they broke it to face him.

“Hi” Brianna said simply.

“I miss you too, don’t I deserve to be hugged too?” He said and Brianna chuckles.

“Stop joking around?”

“I’m sincere, I couldn’t eat or sleep” Finn said.

“Well I’m back now, you can sleep now” Brianna said and they all laugh.

“So should we all grab lunch together?” Finn said.

Iris phone suddenly got a text, it’s from an unknown number so she squeezed her brows.

‘Come to our Dorm and let’s work on the assignment’

She thought for a while before getting who it’s from.


They are both paired for the project.

“What’s wrong?” Brianna asked, noticing her face.

“I’ve to go..I have to work on professor Clark assignment with Kyle” Iris said

“You’re right, I haven’t done mine” Finn muttered

“What assignment?” Brianna asked Confusedly

“Sorry…I forgot to tell you about it, it’s a two paired grouped assignment and we’re submitting tommorow” Iris pouted.

“What?!! Why are you just telling me now? Who am I paired with?” Brianna asked

“You didn’t know?”

“Know what?”

“It’s Kingston” Iris said.



Finn went to his dorm immidiately her left the class with Brianna and Iris.

Iris already went to met Kyle while Brianna went looking for Kingston. He raised his brows immidiately he met Havana and Cole together.

They seems to be doing something before he came in but they stopped immidiately they saw him.

“What’s going on here?” he asked, suspiciously

“What does it look like? We’re working on our assignment”. Cole replied and Havana nodded.

“Then why are you staying so close to each other?” Finn said again.

“You don’t expect us to stay 30 mitres away from each other” Cole said and Finn gave him a confused look

“We’re just working brother, nothing more” Havana chirped in.

“I’ve nothing to do anyway, I’ll watch over you till you’re done” Finn went to sat in between them and they both exchange glances.


Brianna sighed tiredly as she made her way out of the hallway for the tenth time . She has search almost all the building but Kingston was not in sight.

“Where could that fool be?” She muttered, getting angry already.

“Aish!!!, should I just leave it undone?…”

“But I don’t want to repeat this course, Mum will kill me” she said and bring her phone out.

Even if she want to call him, she did not have his number.


She made to pocket it but it’s suddenly rang. It’s got disconnected before e could picked.

It’s rang immidiately again and she swipe green at once.

“You can come to the library if you want to pass” The caller said and hang up before she could even talk

“What the hell?” she snarled when she sensed who it is.

She asked a student the way to the library and she run to the place quickly, meeting Kingston waiting already.

He waved at her from where he was sitting and she furrowed her eyebrows before walking to him.

She sat on the seat next opposite to him.

“Hi Duck” he said with his usual charming smile.

“Duck?!” Brianna raise a brow

“You don’t like it? Well you wouldn’t tell me your me so I stayed up all night finding a perfect name for you….Duck!! You love it right?” Kingston said and Brianna just have him the “Suit yourself” look.

“Don’t I deserve a thank you for what I did…

“Thank….you…Happy?” Brianna quickly said before he could landed.

Kingston smile.

“Stop smilling that way, its doesn’t suit you” Brianna roll bee eyes.

“Aren’t you saying the opposite? You find me charming right you won’t want to deny it..”

She brought out her books and began writting.

“Answer my question….”

She said nothing so he just stared at her.

“Stop staring or I swear you’ll be loosing your eyes in any minutes” Brianna said, still not looking up from her book.

“Let’s be friends…”

“That’s not why we are here” she look up and hand him the book.

“Here…do it” she said and he collected it.

He started solving it brilliantly and Brianna just rolled her eyes every minutes as she watch him.

That was when she got to know they were the only ones in the Libary.

“Why are we the only one here?” She asked.

“Cos I rented it” he replied.


“To spend time with you alone” he looked up and thier gaze locked. He winked and Brianna blinked.

“Let’s just round it up quickly….it’s getting late” she said and he chuckled before resume working.




They just finished working and Kyle excused himself and went to the restroom.

Iris stood up and streched her back, she suddenly saw a painting on his wardrobe. She smiled and rushed to it.

She touched it but the door on its own…all his clothes fell off and her eyes widened at what she saw…

Nevertheless, she started packing in a rush but Kyle walked out of the bathroom at that minutes and his eyes widened.

Iris turned to him and blinked.

“I didn’t saw anything….”



It’s almost 9 and they are still working.

“Finally….we cross the line and extract the yolk from it, is that understood?” Kingston said but got no reply.

He look up to see Brianna already sleeping so sound, she was jolting her heads around in a funny way and he count help but laugh at it.

Her hairs makes its looks funnier as it move as her heads flew around.

He checked his time before turning back to her.

“It’s not even 10 and she already fall asleep…”

He went to sit beside her and her heads immidiately fell on his shoulder.

“What the…..Hey!!! Duck!! Walk up!”he tap her but instead of opening her eyes , she adjusted her head on his shoulder, Turing her face to him.

“Are you serious right now? Hey….” He tapped her and she pouted her lips as if she was chewing something.

His eyes went to the moving lips and he remembered the kiss they shared that night.

In his entire life of being a bad boy, he has never kissed someone like that before and strangely he want to feel it again.

He find himself leaning in and just when he was kissing her, Brianna opened her eyes and he quickly withdraw his face.

Brianna Spranged up and face him.

“We’re you trying to kiss me?” She snapped angrily.

He didn’t responded.

“Answer me? Or don’t tell me you kiss me already?..

“Why making a big deal out of it? We’ve missed before right?” He said and Brianna eyes widened

“Are you surprised I remember? Is that why you insulted me that way that day? I remember you are the one who kissed me first….but I can’t remember what happened next, can you tell me?” He said…

They were Interrupted by a loud torrent lightening from outside.

“What, it’s going to rain today….why don’t I know about this?” Brianna packed her things quickly and rushed to the door, only to find it locked.

“Why is this not working?” she mumbled silently, twisting the door knob more.

“Why aren’t you going out?” Kinston walked to her.

“It not working” she said.

“Let me!” Kinston pulled her out of the way and tried to open it but it’s was still not working.

He twisted it and kicked it constantly but it was all pointless. He let go of it and heaved heavily…. sitting on the floor.

“I think we’re trapped…” He said and Brianna eyes grew wide.


TBC ♡︎.

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