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*Shades of Marriage 😭*

Episode 1

Family is considered to be one of the most
important association of every individual. A
family is where warmth is felt, tears gets wiped
off, bruises gets tended to and loneliness gets
tackled. But is this true for all families???

I sat in the the bus melancholic and somewhat
depressed. I wish I had a choice to decline
embarking on this journey.

“How do I tell my husband that I don’t feel like
traveling to his parents house?”.

My husband is the first child of 5 children, three
boys and two girls. They are all married except
for the youngest daughter who will be getting
married in two weeks time. This explains why I
am traveling.

My mother in-law insisted that I travel down to
the village two weeks earlier to assist with the
marriage preparations.

The Bride herself was still in the city because of
work but my husband and his family wants me
to travel to the village for God knows why.

I sat on this 18seaters bus wishing for heavy
traffic so I won’t get to the village early.
Unfortunately, the road was unusually free that

I alighted from the bike and met my mother in-
law seated at the front of the house with two
other women chatting.

“Good afternoon Mama. Good afternoon ma”. I
knelt down as I greeted my mother in-law and
her friends.

“Welcome”. My mother in-law said coldly.

I entered the house and saw everywhere messy.

“Not again”. I said grudgingly.

I took my luggage to one of the rooms and
retired there. I Love Coolvalstories. I laid on the
bed to rest for a while. I was so tired and didn’t
know when I slept off.

I woke to my loud ringtone. It was my husband.

“Hello. I forgot to call you..”. I said.

“You got to the house and started sleeping
without doing anything. Now mama is
complaining that she’s the one in the kitchen
preparing food for you to eat. Does it make any
sense to you?”. My husband shouted from the
other end of the call.

I didn’t know what to say so I just kept quiet.

“Let me hear any complain about you again.
You won’t like what will happen”. My husband
said and ended the call.

I checked the time and discovered that I was
asleep for only less than 30mins. It wasn’t even
my intention to fall asleep. I was just tired.

I rushed out of the room and saw mama and
papa already eating. I greeted papa who didn’t
answer my greetings.

I entered the kitchen and saw that there was no
food for me to eat. Mama only prepared food
for herself and papa.

I resorted to washing the dirty plates in the
kitchen so I wouldn’t be useless. I was still
washing when mama walked in.

“Please leave my plates. Go back to sleep”. She
said frowning.

“I am sorry ma”. I said with my head bowed

“Why are you sorry? Am big enough to be your
mother-in-law? Please o.. I don’t want trouble,
go and continue your sleep”. She said as she
forcefully removed the plates from my hands.

I couldn’t leave to my room. I just stood there as
I watch her do the dishes.

“Why are you still standing. It’s like you are
looking for my trouble. Get out of here!!! Good
for nothing woman”. She thundered.

I had no choice but to go back to my room.

I laid on the bed and began to cry. I began to
miss my mom like never before. She died while
giving birth to me.

I don’t know what it feels like to be loved dearly
by another woman. I grew up with my father
and my stepmom. It was hell.

I always thought getting married would make
me feel loved but here I am being treated like a

I know my mother in-law is not wicked. I see
how she treats and respect my co-wives.

“Why does she hates me?”. “Am I cursed?”.

With a heavy heart, I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up hungry. I looked at
the house and I saw it needed intense cleaning.
I had no choice but to get to work though I was
seriously hungry.

I cleaned all five bedrooms in the house. By the
time I was done, it was already 11:15am. I was
already exhausted.

“So, if I don’t tell you, you won’t know you
should have to paused and prepare breakfast
before finishing up with the cleaning?”. My
mother in-law said to me while I was trying to

I stood up immediately.

“I was just looking at you to see if your sense
will remind you that you need to cook. You don’t
seem to surprise me at all”. She said shaking
her head.

“Take this money and go to the market to get
things for Banga soup. if you like sleep there.
It’s not like I have any expectations for you”.
She said and handed me some money.

I changed my clothes and moved straight to the
market. I was so hungry and decided to buy
food from a restaurant before proceeding home.

Thank God I ate in the market because it was
from one work to the other. I didn’t rest the
whole day.

It continued till few days to the wedding when
everybody started traveling home.

That was when my eyes began to see even
worse treatments.

To be continued

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