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Shades of marriage 💑

Episode 2

Three days to the marriage, my husband’s
immediate younger brother, Obioma arrived the
village with his wife and their two kids.

Mama couldn’t hide her excitement. She was all
over Chioma, Obioma’s wife.

“My sweet wife! Asam! Omalicha!”. Mama kept
on eulogizing Chioma.

I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I can’t remember
the last time mama praised me like this. I just
kept on watching the show of love with so
much pain and didn’t even realize tears were
already dropping from my eyes.

I quickly got hold of myself and joined them in
the palour.

“Welcome sir”. I said kneeling in front of my
brother in-law.

“Thank you”. He said patting my back.

I went to where Chioma was seated and greeted
her. I played with the kids for a while before I
excused myself and went back to the kitchen.

“Where is this girl? Don’t she know she’s
supposed to carry your luggages to your room.
This is why I don’t like her. She can’t think with
her brain. Elizabeth! Elizabeth o. LIZBETH!!”.
Mama thundered angrily.

I couldn’t hear her because I was pounding yam
in the kitchen and it was so loud.

Mama walked into the kitchen and took a bowl
and filled it water. I continued pounding the
yam hurriedly because I thought she came to
complain that the food was taking forever to get

Mama walked to where I was and emptied the
bowl of water on my body. I was livid.

I have never been that angry.

“What’s the meaning of this Mama?”. I asked
angrily without processing the question before
letting it out.

“You must be stupid. I have been calling you
nonstop but you intentionally kept me quiet.
Who do you expect to take the luggages inside?
Must I tell you everything?”. She asked angrily.

“So you poured water on me because of that?
Can’t Chioma take their luggages inside? Am I a
slave that will…”

I was still speaking when Obioma walked into
the kitchen and slapped me on my face.

“Where are your manners?”. He asked.

“My manners are where your wife kept hers”. I
charged at him.

Mama gave me another slap.

“You must be out of your mind. Leave my
house immediately”. Mama said and started
pushing me aggressively.

She fell during the process. This worsened the
whole situation.

Obioma pounced on me and started beating me
for falling his mother. I had to run out of the
house to save my life.
He came after me but some good Samaritans
intervened on my behalf.

“I will never allow her into my house. She must
leave my house”. Mama insisted.

“Please let me get my clothes”. I pleaded

“You mean those rags? I will bring them to
you”. Chioma chipped in.

One by one, Chioma began to throw my clothes
on the floor and mama even joined her.

I told her where my phone was and she brought
it outside and threw it on the floor. The screen
on my phone broke a little.

I bent down and picked every of my properties
with tears.

I checked my phone and saw my husband had
called over 9 times.

I packed my things and staggered out of the
compound. I began to walk around the whole
village like a vagabond.

I got tired and sat under one tree to process the
next step to take. I couldn’t think of anything. I
placed my head on my palms and began

“Don’t do that okay”. A man said.

I was taken aback.

“I have been following you around but you
didn’t notice. I saw what happened. Those
people don’t deserve you and they don’t worth
your tears”. He said smiling.

I hissed and carried my bag. Without saying
anything, I just started walked out on him.

This man kept on following me. I got pissed. I
turned back and shouted at him…

“If you follow me again, I will shout that you
want to kidnap me. Respect yourself”.

I stopped a bike and told the bike man to take
me to the park.

From the park, I boarded a bus to my base. It
was a night journey.

I got to my house around 5:45am.

The first thing I saw in front of my house were
my boxes, with my clothes littered everywhere
on the floor.

I was destabilized. I knocked on the door
severally without any response from my

I just sat on one of my boxes waiting for the
Boss of the house to come out.

Around exactly 6:18am, my husband came out
of the house and poured a bucket of water on

“You dare show your face here? I give you
20mins to get these trash from my compound.
Just 20mins”. My husband said.

“What is my offense? What did I do wrong?”. I
asked with tears.

“It is not your fault. The fault is mine. I got
married to a nonentity who can’t even give me a
child talk more of respecting my family. You are
useless to me Elizabeth! Leave my house if you
don’t want to die”. My husband said and went

I packed my things to my neighbors side and
pleaded with my best friend, Faith to come pick
me up.

To be continued

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