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Shades of marriage 💑😎😍

Episode 3

I was still crying inside my neighbors house
when Faith called me that she was outside

I cleaned my eyes up and went out to meet her.
My plan was to carry a bold and confident face
and not show weakness but immediately I saw
Faith and her husband, I broke into tears.

Faith hurriedly came to where I was and buried
my head in her arms.

“Cry it out baby. Don’t fight the tears, let it all
out”. Faith said.

I burst into a very loud cry. I couldn’t control it.
The more I tried to control, the more louder it

“You deserve the best baby. I know it for sure”.
Faith said calmly.

She allowed me cry for over 20mins while her
husband waited patiently inside the car.

“Let’s start going, I don’t want to keep your
husband waiting”. I said whilst trying to hurry

“Calm down. You know Chidi is the most
patient man on earth”. She passed a loving
glance at her husband.

“Are you trying to make me jealous?”. I said

“You know it’s a fact”. Faith said and we both
started laughing.

“It’s good to see you joke around and smile
baby”. Faith said smiling.

“Stop jor. Let’s carry these loads inside the
boot”. I said and carried one of the boxes.

“Don’t stress ladies, I will do it. Just get inside
the car and wait for me”. Chidi, Faith’s husband

I wanted to protest before faith dragged me into
the car.

“You too like stress”. She said teasingly.

“I am not used to this kind of treatment o. It can
never be my husband”. I said.

“Thank God you left. I hope you won’t go back
to him? I won’t be pleased o”. Faith said.

“Hmmm… Let the will of God be done “. I said
and quickly changed the topic.

Chidi came into the car and drove us home. He
insisted we go inside while he offloaded the
luggages in the visitors room. I couldn’t stop
thanking him.

“Welcome my Lizzy”. Faith’s mom said warmly.

“Ahh mama I thought you have gone back to
the village. Good evening ma”. I said and
hugged her.

“Your lazy friend don’t want me to go home”.
Mama said and we all burst into laughter.

“Breakfast is ready, come and eat”. Mama said.

We all went to the dinning and sat down.

“Thank you mama for the food. Thank you my
dear wife “. Chidi said after praying over the

I couldn’t help but appreciate his calmness and

We all ate cheerfully.

After breakfast, Faith took me to the visitors

“Manage here my dear friend. You can stay till
you are ready to leave. Take your time and
heal”. Faith said.

I held her hands and rubbed mine against hers.

“Thank you so much Faith. You are a life saver.
You don’t know what you have done for me “. I
said appreciatively.

“I have done nothing. I have always wanted you
to leave that narcissistic family. I am happy you
are free at last”. She said and gave me a long

When she left to attend to her crying child, I just
sat on the floor and wrapped my arms around

I began to reminisce about my life and
everything. After I was done thinking, I promised
I won’t cry anymore and told myself that I
deserve to be happy.

After a week, I decided to go open my shop but
met it empty. I was shocked. Everything in the
shop has been taken away. I met the shop
opened. Something I locked properly before I

“What’s going on here. What happened to my
shop?”. I started shouting.

This attracted the attention of my neighbors.

“I don’t understand. Your husband came here
last week and said you people have relocated
and you won’t be coming to the shop anyone.
He packed everything and left. Were you not

I just sat on the floor and started weeping. I
called Faith and told her the situation on

“Calm down babe. Don’t give him the reaction
he is expecting. Come to the house please “.
Faith urged.

“I am finished. This man has killed me Faith “. I
said crying.

“You are not finished. We’ll see what we can do.
Please come to the house”. Faith said.

I stood up and dusted myself. I thanked my
neighbors for their concern and left.

I was walking home without thinking straight. I
was lost In thought that I even tried to cross
with a car speeding towards my direction but
got rescued by one man.

“You dey crase! You dey find who go kill you,
Waka!!”. The driver said and zoomed off.

“Be careful”. The man who rescued me said

I looked at him and discovered that it was the
same man who was following me around in my
husband’s village.

“Jesus! Who are you? What do you want from
me”. I screamed and freed myself from his grip.


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