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Shades of Marriage 🥰😊😔🥺😭..

Chapter 4

“I mean no harm honestly. I am Austin by the
way”. He said while offering me his hand for a

“I don’t care and I don’t want to know about
who you are. I have been going through a lot
and I don’t want to add to it. Please let me be”. I
said and walked out on him.

“Please don’t leave me like that… I came all the
way from the village just to look for you”.
Austin said as he continued Walking behind me.

I paid no attention to him and continued to
wander around.

After trekking for a long time, my legs began to
shake. I wanted to enter a bike but noticed
Austin was still following me around. I decided
to give him ears.

“What do you really want from me?”. I asked

“Let’s at least look for a decent place to talk”.
Austin suggested.

Luckily, there was a restaurant close by. I
suggested we make do with the restaurant and
he obliged.

We got into the restaurant and had our seats.

Austin beckoned on one of the waiters who
came almost immediately.

“Give her whatever she’d love to eat”.

The waiter turned to me and gave me an
askance stare.

“I am fine with just water”. I quickly placed the

“no no… you need to eat something. please eat
something”. Austin pleaded.

“Please I am fine. I don’t think I have the ability
to chew anything right now… I am fine with just
water”. I repeated.

Austin didn’t push further. He ordered for water
as well.

When the waiter had brought the water, I took a
glass of it and believe me, I needed it. I felt
rejuvenated and refreshed. Austin watched me
with keen interest. I just sat down wondering
who he was and what he wants from me.

“So what do you want from me”. I demanded
from Austin.

“No long talk, I want you! I mean all of you “.
Austin said assertively and firmly.

I was wowed by his boldness and lost my ability
to speak for a while. He continued;

“I met you first on the day you arrived at the
village. I was just passing by and got captured
by your beauty. I loved the way you greeted your
mother in-law with so much grace and respect.
At first, I thought she was your mother and I
decided to always pass by to see if I would be
able to get your attention. I never knew you were
married. Whenever I pass by that compound, I
always see you work your ass off and always
felt pity for you. I came to the conclusion that
you can’t be their daughter and that maybe you
were adopted. I only got to know you were
married to their son on the day they did that to
you ( He was referring to the day I got kicked out
of the house by my in-laws). Since then, I
haven’t been at rest. I made inquiries about you
and followed you down to PH. I got directed to
your shop by one of your neighbors who told
me what your husband did to you. On my way
to your shop, I told God that if were destined to
be together, I will meet you there and I did
although I met you in an awkward moment.
long story short.. I want to marry you “.

I was just crying listening to him. Hearing my
story from a stranger made realized I went
through hell in that marriage.

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