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Shades of Marriage 🥰😊😔🥺😭

Chapter 5

I just sat down crying as Austin declared his
intentions to me. He looked so serious and
sounded resolutely.

“You know my situation I guess”. I stuttered.

“Yes, I do”. Austin answered.

“I don’t even know my status at all. I don’t know
if I am still married or not. You saw what my
husband did to my shop right? He is just like
that. He is very swift to anger and won’t stay
still until he leaves you frustrated. I appreciate
your feelings for me but I don’t think I can
entertain it for now”. I said firmly.

“I am not forcing you at all. I don’t even expect
you to accept me immediately. I just wanted to
let you know. I don’t want to ever miss my
chance of being with you… I want you”. Austin
said assertively.

I just sat down staring at him. My husband
sounded like this when we first started if not
better. He was all over me and was very caring.
We were both in love and I thought what we had
would last forever till he he took me to see his
parents and everything changed.

“Thank you so much sir but I can’t promise you
anything. I don’t think I have the strength for
anything marriage. I just want to be alone”. I

“I am ready to wait for you. I won’t rush you.
Let’s be friends for now at least. Please give me
your number”. Austin said handing me his
phone for me to insert my phone number.

I was hesitant for a while but later gave in.

“Thank you for making my day”. Austin said

His smile was so funny, I didn’t know when I
started laughing.

“It’s good to see this beautiful laughter once
again. Please laugh often”. Austin said.

“Stop jor”. I said blushing and we both burst
into laughter.

We left the restaurant smiling and giggling.

He booked a ride with an Uber driver who came
to pick me up.

“I will call you”. He said while the Uber driver
drove off.

For some weird reasons, I felt relieved. I wasn’t
sad about my shop that my husband has
hijacked. I wasn’t bothered about anything. It
was really nice speaking with Austin.

I finally got to the house and met Faith and her
mother in the palour watching a TV programme.

“Babe what took you so long na. I was so
worried about you”. Faith asked concernedly.

“It’s a long story. Good evening mama”. I said

“Good evening my child. I heard about what
your husband did. Don’t be sad about it. They
want you to come begging before them. I pray
you don’t give in. Some men would go an extra
mile to make sure they break you completely.
Ndo!”. Mama said.

“I needed to hear these words. Thank you so
much ma. You’ve always cared for me like your
own. You will live long for us”. I said with

“You are all my children. God will help you”.
Mama said patting my back.

I felt like a baby.

“Babe gist me… Your husband really carried
everything from the shop?”. Faith asked.

“Na so I see am my sister. I don’t even know
what to do. That man is so wicked. I can’t
believe I was once in love with him”. I said

“It is well my sister. I will put words with my
husband and see how we can help you “. Faith

“You have done enough already… Please don’t
stress that man for my sake. I am good”. I

“What are friends for? You know I can do
anything for you right? I will talk to my husband
“. Faith said with finality.

My phone started ringing, it was Austin. I didn’t
know when I started blushing. Luckily, nobody
noticed it.

I excused myself to take the call.

To be continued

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