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Shades of Marriage

“Hello Elizabeth”. Austin said enthusiastically.

“Hello Mr. Austin, good evening”. I replied a bit

“Have you gotten home”. Austin inquired.

“Yes, I just did”. I replied back.

“I am glad to hear that. I can’t believe I finally
got to speak with you today. I have always
longed for this I am not going to lie. Thank you
so much Lizbeth”. Austin said appreciatively.

“Thank you for your kindness Austin”. I said.

“So where do you base currently? I don’t mean
to be rude or invade your privacy “. Austin

“I am actually putting up at my friend’s house.
She’s married with a kid. She came through for
me. I can’t even imagine what would’ve
happened if not for her”. I replied back.

“It’s good to know you have amazing people
around you. Where is the place at?”. Austin

“Hmmm…. I shouldn’t be disclosing my
address to you since I don’t really know you that

“I thought we’ve gone past that? My intentions
are genuine Lizbeth. I am not a kid, I know what
I want. It’s okay if you don’t trust me enough…”

“I live with my friend faith at Number 19, Chief
Jagbandi Street. It’s close to a Redeem church
“. I blurted out.

“Thank you for trusting me Lizbeth. I promise
you won’t regret this “. Austin promised.

“You haven’t told me much about yourself
though”. I asked.

“Ohhh… My name is Austin..”.

I cut in and we both started laughing.

“I am from Enugu, same village with your ex
husband. I base in Abuja. I am a business man.
This is me… A simple man who wants to enjoy
his life “. Austin said.

“Are you married?”. I asked.

“Never been married. I almost got married seven
years ago but I lost her in an accident a week to
our marriage day. It was devastating… since
then, I haven’t found a replacement until I met
you “. Austin said.

“I am sorry about your loss’”. I said

“I am good dear… You don’t need to be sorry
for me. Let me let you rest. I will talk to you
tomorrow”. Austin said.

“Thank you for today. Take care “.

I said and ended the call.

I sat still for a while. I jerked back to reality
when I heard Faith clear her throat.

“Madam who was that “. Faith asked curiously.

“Abeg leave me jor. I dey hungry, wetin dey
house?”. I tried to prevaricate from her

“Stop jor… Who was that na”. Faith asked

“He is a friend… We just met. It’s nothing
serious before you start planning asoebi and all
that. I know you”. I said and we started

“Tell me na.. what does he do for a living? Is he
fine? Hope he is wealthy? Is he igbo?”. Faith
went on and on with different questions.

“Free me jor”. I said and ran out of the room.

Faith ran closely behind me still asking me
series of questions about Austin.

She left me alone when her husband returned
back from work. I was so happy. I don’t have
strength for Faith and her questions.

I ate dinner and went straight to bed went I was
done with the dishes.

I was about dozing off when my phone started
ringing. It was my husband.

I just sat down frozen and watched my phone
ring till it stopped ringing.

It rang again almost immediately. This time I
picked it.

“Hello Elizabeth… Hello.. can you hear me”. My
husband asked in his usual authoritative tone.

“Good evening”. I replied coldly.

“Where are you? So it has gotten to the point
when you no longer care about your husband.
How come you didn’t call to ask about your
shop? Are you seeing another man?”. My
husband went on and on ranting.

“I don’t have strength for your problem. Good
night”. I said and ended the call.

He called back almost immediately. This time
around, I just turned my phone off and went to

To be continued

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