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Shades of Marriage 🥰😊😔🥺😭

My husband kept on calling my phone nonstop.
When he saw I wasn’t taking any of his calls he
started sending me series of text messages
threatening to end my life or make me
miserable sooner or later.

I just avoided his calls and messages like he
wasn’t existing.

Austin on the other hand was still head over
heels with me. There is no day he won’t call at
least twice a day to check up on me.

At first, we spoke for 10 to 15 minutes in each
calls and gradually graduated to speaking for

Little by little, I started getting fond of him. I
began to enjoy his company. I started getting
excited whenever whenever my phone is ringing
and its Austin calling.

This went on for about two months. Austin has
long travelled back to Abuja. I was still
squatting with Faith and her family who really
treated me with so much love and warmth.

One morning, I had just finished bathing when
my phone started ringing. It was Austin. I picked
the call almost immediately.

“Hello Lizbeth. Good morning”. Austin said in
his usual soothing voice.

I was just grinning from cheek to cheek.

“Good morning big man. How was your night”. I

“Ofcourse I slept well since your voice was the
last thing I heard before going to bed”. Austin

“You have started again Mr. Man”. I said
feigning anger.

“I’m sorry queen Elizabeth. Are you free
today?”. Austin asked.

“Hmmm.. Do you want to take me to Paris Mr.
Man?”. I asked jokingly.

“Just say the word my Queen and see it
happen”. Austin said smiling.

“You’ve started o. I will be free though “. I

“Just come to your junction by 11am please.
Please don’t ask questions “. Austin pleaded.

“Hmmm okay sir. 11am then”. I replied back.

“Byeee.. let’s talk again later “. Austin said and
ended the call.

After the call ended, I was left in total confusion.
I just kept on thinking about what Austin was
planning. I couldn’t wait for 11am to reach.

I jerked back to reality when Faith came to the
room and dragged me to the palour.

I sat with her and mama chatting for about one
hour. I excused myself and went to the room.

I wore a free gown and applied some powders
on my face. I took my purse and left for my

I called Austin and told him I was almost there.

When I got to the junction, Austin was already
there waiting for me. I just couldn’t stop smiling.

“You are full of surprises you this man”. I said.

“And you are an epitome of beauty”. Austin

He opened the car door and asked me to enter.

“Where are we heading to”. I inquired.

“I want to surprise you”. Austin said without
saying anything further.

He stopped at the front of one fenced
compound and asked me to come down. I was
thrown into confusion.

“Follow me inside. Don’t be scared, I won’t kill
you”. He said smiling.

I followed him into this well furnished
apartment and couldn’t help but admire how
beautiful the apartment was.

“This is your home Elizabeth. Please manage
this place for now”. Austin dropped the

I just stared at him in disbelief.

“What are you saying”. I asked confused.

To be continued

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