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[ # 1 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark’s libary 2022


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogant , billionaire , Age gap , Marriage contract .

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” Go upstairs Grace ! I spat and Watched as she ignored me .


Didn’t she hear me ? Or she now has hearing problems that I know nothing about.

” Grace I said ….” I trailed and she caught me shot .

” Oldie you didn’t bring me downstairs , I Seriosely don’t get what makes you think you …can ask me to go upstairs and I’d run off like a scared little puppy ” she said and everyone stared at her like she’s lost it .

It wasn’t normal for anyone to talk to anyone of us like that without fearing the fact that they may loose their lives .

Grace is just out of this world with her madness .

” Max is this how you’ve become ? Just any girl can walk up to you and talk trash ? mom asked Angrily .

I turned to address the matter and …

” The names Grace ” she corrected mom who glared daggers at her in return.

” Mom that’s enough ” I said and she smirked at mom .

” Let’s go…..”I said gesturing upstairs .

” I’m not going anywhere …! She said and I ran my fingers in my hair .

” Okay okay …I’d handle this …” Kristov said as he got up from his sit and Sergio joined him .

” Let’s go grace ” he said and she glared daggers at Me .

” Fine …I’d leave only because it’s my guardian angel and Mr smart pants. …but don’t you dare think this is over ” she said to mom and i then walked away with them .

” Massimo what nonsense was that ? Since when has she been staying here ? Why do you still have her around if she’s not Gina ? Mom spat angrily .

” Because we need the familia to believe we still have her in our custody … letting them know she’s grace and not Gina would further complicate things ” I said and looked at Marcella .

” Go to bed Marcella , we’d get your flight back to your father tommorow morning ” I said camly .

” Yes Don ” she answered and walked back upstairs .

” Max …” Mom tried to complain.

” Mom ” I said and she sighed in defeat

” Now don’t tell me you want to marry that grace girl because her look alike stole the The Files ” she spat angrily and I looked at her .

” Don’t you get it mother ? Those files contains every f*cking detail that keeps the gang together …,!

” Those files have been since grandpa and dad’s reign . Those files in the hand of the Russian mafia would be our doom and you know it ! I spat angrily and she calmed down .

” I know okay …and I thought you said Even the Russian mafia do not know her whereabouts ? …

” She was working for them mother , Sergio thinks Gina is daughter of the Russian Boss ” i replied .

” WHAT ?

” So what do you intend to do with Grace ?

” Since Gina is on the lookout …they’d think grace is Gina ….they’d come after her to get the information … ”

” What if they’re just look alikes ? Frederico asked whilst sitted on the couch .

” They can’t be look alikes son , it’s preety obvious Lauren is playing a fast one on us , what she doesn’t understand is the fact that we know ” Dad said and I sighed

” Have you told grace about the wedding ? Dad asked .

” She’d rather die father , don’t you see the way she acts around me ?she’d never agree to marry me willingly .

” That’s crazy ” Emelio laughed walking in with a grin .

” Shut up ” mom scolded as he chuckled .

” So you’re gonna force her ? He added .

” She’s gonna walk down the aisle with me ” I said camly.

” Grace ? Walk down the aisle with you ? That sounds not just crazy but almost impossible …I mean that guy keeps you on the edge Everytime you’re around her …” He laughed .

” Here” Rico said as he threw an envelope on the table .

I stared at him in confusion before picking it .

” Masquerade ball ? ” I asked curiously .

” We where invited …” He said smirking and when I saw the name on the envelope I looked at him .

” This is a member of the Russian mafia ” I trailed .

” Right after the Boss ,…Gina might come there …she always plays hide and seek with us remember ? He asked and I rubbed my forehead .

,” I swear I won’t let her go this time around until she pays ” I spat angrily and Emelio laughed .

” Funny enough you have her exact image Making your life a living hell ” he laughed .

” Go on , rub it off on my face ” I said with a scowl on my face and mom chuckled.

” Where did they even take grace ? I asked immediately remembering she’d left with my younger brothers ”

” Hahahaha ” Emelio laughed as the two idiots walked in sluggishly .

” Where’s grace ? I asked immediately they walked in .

” Well it was Sergio ” Kris pointed .

” What ? Bro that’s a big fat lie , Kris decided we should let her stay with her friend ” Sergio said after seeing the anger on my face I was boiling .

” You took her where ? I asked Angrily .

” She’s with her friend at the girls quarter ” Sergio answered immediately.

” Girls quarter …you let her hang around the escorts ? I spat frustratedly.

” She’s not a kid Massimo maybe you should let her live a bit ….” Kris was saying and as his eyes met mine he swallowed down nothing .

” I’d f*C*ing send the both of you to the other realm …! I spat Angrily.

” Don’t pull out the gun” Sergio said hands up and Kris his behind him .

” Don ” dad called and I calmed down .

” You’re both getting on my nerves and this is not the end of this ! I spat as I walked over to them ” kristov immediately threw the keys he was holding at me .

I picked it and turned to leave .

” Where are you going Massimo ? Mom asked worriedly.

” To get my woman ” I said immediately.

” Woman ? She asked shocked as I walked out Angrily .

They where all getting on my nerves …Grace, my mom ,my brothers and that Gina girl ….!

I Drove like a mad man all the way to the yard .

The security looked quiet shocked to see me there as they bowed

I matched in .

” Where’s grace ? I spat Angrily and madam Simona ran all the way to me .

” Don …you’re welcome ..,do you want a girl for the night ? She asked curiously .

” I want Grace ! I spat Angrily and she looked hell confused .

” Grace ? Sir which particular grace cause I have many grace is she fat or bulky ? Thin or shapeless …? She asked smiling and I glared daggers at her which immediately wiped the smile.

” Don …” Philipi said immediately ashr bowed .

” I’d lead you to her ” he said and I walked behind her as we walked towards another hall .

” Grace ! I called and he pointed The Door .

I ignored him and matched towards the room. I badged in without knocking .

Grace looked to see me …I stared at the plates on the floor where she was sitted .

” OLDIE ! She called in shock .

” WTF are you doing here ! I spat .

” Don ” the other girl greeted .

” Stay away from her ” I said and she gave a nod immediately.

” You can’t talk to her like that , because you act like bitter gourd it doesn’t mean sweet people like me won’t be privillegged to have friends .” She spat .

” Shut up and move before I move you ” I said and she acted like I wasn’t talking to her .

” Grace I said walk ! I said Angrily.

” The legs belongs to me , I do what I want with them ” she said and I walked closer and carried her in bridal style .

” Massimo let me go !

” MASSIMO DE LUCA ! …!! ….let me go ! You’re kidnapping me again! She screamed whilst scratching my arms with her sharp nails.

” You think your Stuborness would make me stop ? Theh I think you don’t know who I am ! I spat .

” Let me go ” she said and scratched me. I…felt her fingers dig into my neck .

I pretended not to feel it even when drops of bl**d stained my shirt .

The guards opened the way as I got into my car one of the drivers got into the driving sit as I sat in back tying her with scarf .

” Massimo let me go ! ….she screamed at the top of her voice .

When we got to my room, I threw her untop of the bed and pointed at her .

” You’d not succeed in making me run mad ! I said pointing at her .

” You’re already mad ..Massimo you have an innocent girl in your custody because you believe she’s your wh*re …! Your ego is too much you can’t bear the fact that Gina and grace are two different people ! She spat angrily and I laughed .

” I know they’re different people Grace , I know you’re grace and not Gina ” I said smiling.

” Then let me go …you’re just so sick” she spat angrily…my k*tten

I got untop of the bed with her .

She Chrinked backwards as I moved close .

” You’re Defiance …attracts me grace …it makes me curios , makes me wanna break you !

” You would be my wife ! You would bear my children ” I said and she glared at me.

” I’d rather d*e Massimo ! I’d never marry a man so heartless …a man as emotionless …who doesn’t even love me ” she cried .

” Love huh ? You still believe in love after George ? I asked and her eyes widened.

” How dare you invade my privacy ! She spat.

” It’s not my fault that a grown up girl is as foolish to leave her phone without password ! I spat and she tried to pull her hands off where she was tied .

” I will tame you k*tten , you’d want nothing but me …you belong to me !

” I’m not yours …go look for your Gina Massimo …! I’d never be yours …this is madness ” she said glaring daggers at me.

” You would be my wife …you would please me …, You would Grace my bed ……!

” You would bore my children! I announced .

” I will never …I’d rather die !

” We’ll See k*tten ..”

” I’m not A CAT ! ” She screamed Angrily .

” We’ll see ”


Fire on the mountain




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